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Izabel is so cute! Please continue.

Wonderful body ! Image 53 - A very good view of one of the most perfect asses on metart. Image 58, A great straight on view of that ass, and a view of her simply delicious asshole , YUMM

3 weeks ago, P_Browning wrote:
"She's got it all....pretty face, dynamite smile, and a great body....I hope she sticks around for a long time.

Thank you Matiss! Please bring Izabel back soon....and often!".

IF HE ALLOWS ME, I'd like to make these words mine,too, as I think EXACTLY THE SAME !
Thank you,Izabel, and thank you,Matiss, with my very best thoughts to both of you from the borders of the Mediterranean in Southern France.
See you soon !!

  • 1 year ago:

I love that we're getting sets of her monthly so far. I hope it continues for a very long time!

Another VERY conservative photo set that leaves a LOT to be desired.

Like what?

I like that she uses other images of beautiful, sexy women as a tool....would like to see that she kept using it throughout the photo set.....there's a *huge amount* that a beautiful sexy woman could use while giving ~instructions~.

Another "Work of Art" by Mother Nature!

One of Matiss' current stars. Izabel is another one of my "active" favorite's.
She's got it all....pretty face, dynamite smile, and a great body....I hope she sticks around for a long time.

Thank you Matiss! Please bring Izabel back soon....and often!

You said it well, in total and complete agreement.


Hey Caprice: see, you can smile, this gal is very pretty...she saved a shitty day on the Met Art site

The only thing "shitty" today is some of the comments....

The only thing I'll give him is the stark contrast implied between this set and the other one he mentioned. But that's all.


Nice work with a nice shirt. Nice bra and panty set.
Maximum number of images with panties for minimum effect. Use 'em or lose 'em.
11 - 18 are marvelous. In #16 shadows along the back and thigh accentuate curves that merit a greater focus of attention from artists capturing our model.
Here is a maestro of color using a sofa with a color that is about as bad a choice as possible for our model's skin tone. The mirror is mostly distracting, as is the glaring white brick.
The smile is winsome and vivid.

You know, it's funny about photo #9. I've wondered at times how close to life-size photos on my tablet are. :)

I started my enjoyment of lovely Izabel with her eyebrows which in turn led me to her beautiful multi colored eyes with their interesting flecks. Next I noticed her long hair and beautiful smile, her slender legs with well-defined calves, and her hourglass figure. Poses 16 to 18 are very nice and all deserve to be full length.

Her breasts with their lovely areolae, nipples and tan lines are very shapely. A hint of ribs always pleases. A camel toe is always nice, especially when it features such a pleasing “extra”.

Arms akimbo images are very nice. Shots of her thong kept in place just above her knees by awkward stance(s) drew attention to the leather furniture, but made me shift my eyes to her calves.

Viewings of Izabel's sweet bubble butt are noteworthy. Full length pictures which showcase her hair, back, derriere and legs would be appreciated.

Memo to Matiss: Izabel is a beautiful woman, and the components of where you wanted our eyes to look were nicely in focus. Sometimes the cropping was awkward. Kleenex and others produce moisturizing wipes with aloe and other such ingredients that are perfect for dry ~ chapped elbows.

I always enjoy seeing Izabel and thank you both, and K, for today's visit.

Beautiful body, but i wonder what she actually looks like once the airbrushing etc is removed

It's always nice to see humorous touches from our models. One has to wonder if she was perusing her past sets on that Ipad?

The only words I can think of are:- Beautiful, Gorgeous, Stunning, Sexy, Sweet, Cute.

Also:- "the", "only", "words", "I", "can", "think", "of", "are"

That's nice. Now, can you make a sentence out of them?? lol ;o)

Sensible sentence assembly is just another of the long list of higher mental faculties severely affected by lack of blood to the (upper) brain. ( :

LMAO! I like that...."the upper brain"!!! )) )) )) )) ))

I was thinking with my lower brain!

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