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Tasteful and classy set, of the equally tasteful and classy Izabel. She is the apotheosis of Classical beauty of the female form; this set conveys that exquisitely. Both aesthetically beautiful and highly erotic--the description "goddess" can be applied to Izabel without hyperbole. What a stunning and sweet young lady!

cock is well hard

one sexy ass

Mums? If my vision of Izabel must be blocked, I would prefer a bit more botanical interest. How about the butterfly pea (Clitoria mariana) instead?

You rock, Mag!

Izabel is attractive, but the photos have been extensively retouched so it's difficult to know what the real Izabel looks like.
I understand that nearly all photos are photo shopped to some extent today, but I've seen models who are almost unrecognizable when photographed by different photographers because of this practice.
I'm not being critical of Izabel, I'm simply stating that it's impossible to know how she really looks at this point in my opinion.
I do wish that all photographers would show us women as they truly are instead of as the flawless paintings that no one on earth actually resembles. I've read though that some models want to have any imperfection "corrected" before their image is published, but why? If the "corrected" photo is not who they truly are, then how can they look at themselves in a mirror and still wish to model if they are so unhappy with their "real" appearance?

Boring and repetitive, net score: zzzzzzzz

I just adore Izabel.

I don't know what it is about sunglasses on top of a woman's head that looks so damn sexy to me, but Izabel rocks that look.

Beautiful young lady.

Too many boring, redundant photos.

Izabel izababe!

Beautiful girl, hot body, well photographed.

"Too tame"? Not if you actually enjoy "nekkid pitchers" of beautiful young women.

Would be heaven if we could get some closeups of her beautiful pussy.

Very pretty young lady named Izabel. Izabel has a gorgeous feminine body and a very inviting face. Nice. Slava Ukraini.

Too tame...

That's why the set was shot for a pupil's magazine ............... ;-)

Also "too lame"!!

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