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LUCKY BASTARD IS RIGHT: HER BACKSIDE IS NICE BUT FAILED TO BE SHOWN. Thanks to the photographer for the ruining so nice model. Close up is over used, the model's figure is nice, but what's the use?? She was not shown head-to-toe.

I'm sorry to be somewhat critical, but it's the truth. Without all of the photo shopping and enhancing I doubt Izabela would even be recognizable.

Love the body suit, shame she gave her self a wedge before she gave us one shot of her hot little ass in it.

Another dull and boring set tossed in the trash can. This model has a beautiful backside which the photographer failed miserably to show off in an erotic and sensual way.

Izabel is absolutely stunning!!

Nice job! Izabel looks so sweet, yummy and edible! Need a lot more of her please.

Oh, Izabel! You are wonderful!

Izabel izababe!

Izabel looked quite scrumptious in the black leotard. However, the poses in the leotard were quite conservative, by and large. It would have been really nice to have seen more shots from behind and below, as the nude poses in the last 20 - 30 images, but in the leotard, without it being pulled up or distorted.
It was also interesting to note how her expression stayed fairly neutral or tame while the leotard was on, but she seemed to open up once the leotard was off... ( :
Either way, Izabel is gorgeous and I can't wait to see what comes next from her and Matiss... ( :

Izabel has a super body with that pretty face and tits.Her labia and anus is awesome.

My heart leaps to see another Izabel set. I've been worried that the crisis in Ukraine would cause us to see less and less of our favorite Ukrainian beauties, so I'm happy to see this lovely young woman today.

It's a really great day on Metart! Four stunning girls including the fantastic Isabel.

Many thanks to all involved :)

A stunning set of pictures. Izabel you look amazing.

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