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In fact Jackie doesn't spread her legs more often than in this set.

Whilst I agree with comments about this photo set and other sets with beautiful girls not spreading their legs and showing their pussies (I hardly ever download them) I don’t think it’s fair to say its Leonardo’s fault. Some of my favourite photo sets over the last 6 years have been by Leonardo and just looking in my MetArt recent downloads folder it only took me a second to find some excellent photo sets by him of beautiful girls spreading their legs e.g. Adelia A - Dirupo 01.08.12, Anna AJ - Rite 23.12.11 and Candice B - Filtro 17.09.12, these were just the first few I came to, if I looked through all my downloads from the site I’m sure I could find many more.

I think Leonardo’s contributions to the site have enriched it and to remove his photo sets would be a loss. I think I would say the same thing about all the photographers on the website too.

Anyway I have always had the impression that it’s more the models choice about how candid or shy she is about revealing herself to us in a photo set, although some photographers certainly seem to have a knack for getting the more revealing poses, I really do think it’s mainly up to the model, you can see the shyness in their faces sometimes (which can be a real turn on). Some girls seem happy to spread their legs and show you 90 percent of their pussies but like to keep the entrance at the bottom (the bit we really want to see) covered with a sheet or by sitting on the edge of something. Sometimes it feels like they’ve come to an agreement (maybe an unspoken agreement?) with the photographer like “ok you can photograph me naked but I'm not going to spread my legs and show you the entrance to my pussy so that guys can fantasize about making love to me”

But hey if a model doesn’t want to spread her legs that’s fine, it’s her choice, and it’s our choice wether we download the photo set. Some girls are so beautiful I have to download the set whether they spread their legs or not but of course every one’s idea of beauty is different so you can’t please everyone all the time. Either way I love MetArt!

Unfortunately Leonardo did not tap his and Jackie's full potential.
Not his best set but Jackie is sensational as usual. In my opinion Jackie is by far MetArt's best performer.

I am finding myself more and more reluctant to look at sets by Leonardo it is obvious that he is not concerned with what the viewers want. Artists are like that. They tend to do what they like and not listen to other peoples opinions. I would say that the comments on this set are pretty uniform in their content so the message is clear but I don't think he even bothers to read them.

There are artists that read these comments and some that even respond but not all that is for sure.


Jackie I think you are so sexy, I could kiss your body all day long. You should try another photographer because another photographer could show you off in many more different ways!!

Yeah....this is NOT one of Jackie's better sets.

Leonardo if you care to improve your photographic sets to please the paying members of this site, please study the sets of the shooters that get high marks and make some changes to your sets.

In particular to this set, none of the sets of this girl show any closeup shots of her pussy and that is not what I pay for. I want to see her pussy up close and in focus. Got a problem with that, then don't pose for or photograph erotic photography.

I think a lot of these photogs and editors are either gay, terrified of women, or they used to be fashion photographers. Those are about the only reasons why you would not want to get close up to these beautiful women.

ILUVSEX - Your remarks are spot on. I have already made a number of previous comments relating to other models on other photo shoots by this photographer. However it seems that only two, may be three, photographers ever reply to remarks about their work in the comments section at the bottom of the set. I assume therfore that either most of the photographers do not bother reading the comments and thus no reply and carry on regardless, or some actually do read the comments but do not reply as they also intend to merely carry on as before.

Thanks tintin, I really don't understand how the same lame sets get published, same boring poses, and what a waste of sweet,beautiful girls who have the assests, but hook up with the wrong shooters and therefore are limited in their success.

Thanks.That´s exactly what i was going to post,more or less...

Photographers aren't necessarily also members and don't automatically get a right to reply.

I doubt that. However, regardless member or not they should be able to deduct that if some shooters are scoring high marks and they are scoring poor marks, look at the other shooter's work and compare that to what they are doing and it would be obvious on how to improve.

I don't see what everyone's problem is; maybe I am a philistine but a series of photos of a woman such as Jackie can never be boring!

There is no variety, no erotic poses, no close-ups, nothing alluring about this set.

Jackie has one of the most perfect bodies. Everything about her is to die for. Nobody is disputing that. However, this set just does not do her justice. I am a fan of Leonardo (Voronin) but am noticing what others are complaining about with his work more and more as of lately.

Jackie is gorgeous and I luv her hot little body!!! Some pussy close-ups and better rear view poses would have made this set a lot hotter!

Pretty girl! Beautiful smile! Would like to see more creative, alluring poses of Jackie though.


My eyes are half closed too. Jackie D is beautiful and able to keep my eyes open enough to hope the next page would have been better than the last!

Monotonous.,a big yawn.

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