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But I give her a 10 anyway, because she is so beautiful and has such a hot body.

She has not the intelligence, desire or freedom of expression to be an erotic glamour model. Send her home!!

Forget it, Jackie will never reveal her goodies in explicit full disclosure poses. Has always been one of my pet peeves with her, because she is so stunningly beautiful. Maybe an insecure boyfriend is the cause?

That's a thought. So why is she here? No bruises in sight if there is an insecure boyfriend......They generally put their foot down with a very heavy hand, especially with the girlfriend.......too spineless to face the photog.

Jackie's a beautiful girl, but she IS a bit conservative compared to other models here. I've only saved two of her sets, mainly for this reason, but I do think she's very attractive and hold out hope that she will loosen up a bit over time...I just hope I have enough time to wait...;o) She has the potential to do some dynamite sets!!

Gorgeous young woman with a great ass and stunning eyes.

More poses suggesting submission with her lover would go a very long way though.

On her back, legs spread wide, both arms over her head would be a nice start.

Show us photo recreations of what her lover sees of her.

Leonardo's one of my '10' photographers. I can't complain about the photo quality here, but I have to wonder if the camera ever moved. We need more camera angle variety.

Let's see - 120+ sharp, well-lit pix of one of Met-Art's sexiest faces and most perfect bodies, 60+ full nude, healthy percentage of full-frontal. Yeah, I'm okay with that.

Gynecology is fun, but not always necessary. I've seen enough of her naughtiest bits to know that I'd enjoy what Jackie has to offer.

I don't know where you're getting 'her naughtiest bits':) Care to share??

"Gynecology is fun, but not always necessary" Agree. I'd rather the emphasis be on quality of models not seen elsewhere photographed with artistic flair, rather than being just another explicit site with mediocre standards. You can't be too prescriptive if you want creativity to bloom. Sometimes a series that meets none of my normal "must-haves" becomes a favourite, but I agree that fully nude generally beats any clothing.

Let's ask a question - in response to your post. "Gynecology is fun, but not always necessary....." Says Whom? You? Sir, with respect, this site is an Erotic/Glamor/Soft Porn site.

As beautiful as Jackie D is, I have no reservations, nor argument on that. The lady is Stunningly Beautiful. She is Glamour to her painted toenails. But Erotic? Never, not in your Wettest dreams!! Soft Porn - like as in Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck and Blondie (from the Dagwood comics).

Here's another word I've never used in any blog. Cunt. But here's the truth, Jackie keeps her CUNT, locked up tight in a cocoon. Just like a butterfly's chrysalis, Jackie manages to keep her cunt out of sight. ( I do HATE that word, but something has to bring this boring bitch to her senses!!:_((

First of all, Rich, if you had paid attention before shooting off your misogynistic, contemptuous drivel, you would know who said, "Gynecology is fun, but not always necessary". It was bibblefuss. justagigolo quoted HIM, as is obvious from his punctuation. You directed your diatribe at the WRONG person! They both make very good points, agree with each other, and I agree with them both. I'm sure there are MANY others who do as well, whether they bother to post or not. So WE say it! Gynecology is not synonymous with eroticism, glamour, or even porn, soft or otherwise. It CAN be a part of it. But it's NOT NECESSARY!! Got it yet?

Erotic is "tending to cause sexual desire or excitement". Obviously, then, Rich, eroticism can be different things to different people. You find only pictures of "pussy" exciting. Many people find just nudity erotic. That is just a fact, your totally absurd comparison to Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck aside. And Blondie is sexy!

You can have your ignorant, pretentious, narrow-minded opinions and without much challenge, but when you start directing abuse at a model in an ugly temper tantrum just because she won't show you her pink (oh, boo hoo!), then someone needs to set you right about ALL of it.

You don't hate the word "cunt". You reveled in using it. A beautiful, glamourous, erotic woman does us the favor of revealing herself to us for our pleasure, but she holds something of herself back. That's all it takes and you're calling her a "cunt" and a "boring bitch" who's taken leave of her "senses". SHAME on you!! You obviously hate women - why are you here "where flawless beauty meets art" of women?

It's the proliferation of such comments as yours on this site that makes me wish this feature was never started. I'm done with it!

A few more side profile shots, such as pic #65, would be nice, highlighting Jackie's long legs and toned tummy.

would be nice to see her real skin color

Met-Art's most beautiful model/performer & Met-Art's best photographer.

Nevertheless I agree with iluvsex' comment. In fact Jackie's photosets could be little bit hotter.

Anyhow Jackie is my all-time favourite!

uuusssee You and I DON'T agree in this instance. Jackie D is fuck-all except for a pretty face and nice tits.

First time in my life I've referred to a woman's bust/breasts as 'TITS':-( But this cunt-struck diva has nothing more to offer.

She's too pristine and pure, making too much money showing nothing, to actually become a human being, with feelings and emotions, to extend that to the camera.

As long as dull photographers, perspiring and sweating over her face, persist in hiring this self-centered diva, you'll see nothing more of her than a bloody cocoon.

Let's get one thing straight. I don't hate the girl. I'm disgusted with her, period. She's raking in money HoF and for what? Sweet F A!! THAT'S what. She's about as erotic as Minnie Mouse - if you're old enough to remember her.

The truth is when i see a set by Jackie D scheduled,i get an overwhelming
state of boredom in advance.Then i get to see the photos:same poses,same
pouts,same attitude,same everything,no pussy.I´ve seen dozens of these
clone photosets in nearly three years and I´m fed up.Don´t shoot this model so often,it´s a waste(imho).

I agree but I lay it at the feet of the photographer because he lets her get away with it. This is an erotic nude site. People pay good money to see these girls in full detail. If a girl will not allow it to be photographed she doe not deserve to model here. She is beautiful and it appears that it is a nice pussy but it is clear that we will never see it.

Well now I'm confused... What is that between her legs in 127? I always thought THAT was a "pussy"...hmmm "we will never see it"?
Isn't that a bit exaggerated? We may not see a LOT of it 'here', but we've certainly "seen" it.

Jackie is gorgeous and hot!!! Very under rated IMHO. Focus and lighting are as good as I've seen from Leonardo in this set! Nice work!

This girl needs a proper photographer, like Tony Murano. Leonardo doesn't have any idea what people want to see, and sadly Met-Art don't seem to know either.

Clue: T Murano is the most popular 'tog on the site. Do these clowns really not know why?

Also agree about Murano. When one of his sets come I know that it's likely time to hit the download button.

I agree about Murano - he's classy AND exciting: always shows his models at their most beautiful AND at their most erotic.

Glazar, check out Leonardo's sets of Anna AJ, Divina, Mia D, and most of his other models. Nothing left to the imagination. I gotta put this one Jackie; she's just a little shy.

Don't know where you have been looking. With the exception of those girls he almost never does in focus pussy closeups

hipshot, I agree with you about his focus and depth of field problems, but most of his models pose wide open. Jackie being an obvious exception.

Jackie D hasn't shown her sweet shaved pussy off in any of her previous sets and this one keep that trend going. I would like to see a nice, in focus closeup of her pussy and even a butterfly shot. I understand not showing it 24 hours a day/ 7days a week, but come on, at least let the paying members of this site see what you have between your legs. :)

You have a great sexy body and your ass is to die for, but turn around and show the front.

So do I mate. And let's face it, pussy, butterfly etc - name it as you will, is the most sexsationally educational toy ever invented. A joy to play with and learn from, because they're all different.

Someone said 'she didn't have the lips for it'. I disagree - personally. I don't think she has her mind on her work/doesn't care about what she's being paid good money for.

Any model, modelling in an Erotic Glamour genre, has to enjoy her work, have a great rapport with her photographer and crew, and be focused on how she can best present herself to the paying public.

My opinion, Jackie is modelling for the money only - crap to anything else.

You may be right about the MetArt shoots, but I've seen many pics of Jackie with full-on spreads. Maybe it's just what the shooter asked for. She hasn't been shy before.

You have not seen Jackie D on Met-Art in a full-on spread. Her pussy remains locked in a cocoon no matter how wide she spreads her legs. Long ago I put her in a file 'Emotionally Frigid' with Iveta B. It's a shame. Adding a pussy to this truly beautiful woman would make my day - Sorry Clint:)

There are quite a few pictures of Jackie with spread legs in the set called 'Unico'. Sure there are no 'butterfly' shots but I think Jackie doesn't have the lips for that.

fully agree

Jackie is great, I just love that little pussy. Great set, well photographed.

where did you see her pussy detail?

Which set are you looking at(?), there seems to me that there are quite a few shots of the young lady's private parts here. I suppose it depends what you call 'pussy' (did I mention detail in my original post??).

Anyway, I was making a general comment about Jackie and not the amount of pictures showing pussy or amount of 'detail' shown.

If you are going to reply to comments please read and understand the original post first.

The photos taken of the "rear-end". That's as good as it gets. And she does have one delicious little "rear-end"!

Me too!

I was wondering that myself!

127 was not too bad, best of the set. Leonardo usually gets his models to show it all, so I guess Jackie is just a little shy.

She has been 'just a little shy' for a long time - too long in my opinion.

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