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  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Very nice set.* I gave it a 9, but should have just let the average stand a little higher :-)
It shows this can be done with, what, just reflectors?
3: I like the armpit hair, a lot. Must be the white blouse :-)
Think a lot of this set looks better than the Taissia one, though it doesn't have the extremely hot close-ups.
12: has she ever looked better?
Are you using a "full-frame" DSLR?
40: she can be pretty. Begins a charming sequence.
I guess you could call it a hot location!
62: glam shot.
77: a beauty.
89: sexy, period.
102: idyllic.
My advice: if possible, take Kristel here. Has she ever done an outdoor set? I bet she'd like this place. The other girls sure seem to. Does it have good karma :-?

*definitely not just a try-out :-)

- Are you using a "full-frame" DSLR?

Yes, from 2006. Digital backs of mid-format is not possible to use on this type of work, especially in dynamic scenes. Crop sensors (lower than 35mm analog "full frame") are winners in outdoors and better DOF, but they really ruin all the quality of full frame classic lenses.

Yes, reflected light only.
Kristel - no. You know who worked with her, ask it there:)
Yes. This "place" is perfect for working IMO.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

So you do use mid-format too.
Yeah, I think I see an 85mm bein' used here. One of my faves: f/1.8.

That seriously bums me about Kristel.
Would Sironi answer a question about her? I thought he didn't respond to comments, etc.
Can you tell me in some private way what happened? You don't have to go into detail. Did she "retire"? Did some guy swoop her up? That sure as hell wouldn't surprise me.
Maybe it's all good and she's just working with him still?
Doubt it.
She is/was my ideal, in this realm, anyway. I wish I had found out sooner that she was at MetArt.

85mm - yes. but f/1.2
and 35 f/1.4 + 135 f/2 was also used here
I am concentrated on exclusive models. I hope it is easy to understand why.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

It is understandable.
But it shows what I've been trying to get you to understand -- why we want to know something about the models we especially like and love.
Just as you would.
At a certain point, the pics are not enough. You're trying to capitalize on that now, with the blogs on your site.
Speaking of your exclusives, I was just going to write you to have you tell Jeff I really appreciate that Churchill quote she just put in her blog. I was going to apply it to my heartbreak!
Dammit, Rylsky, you got the best shots of Kristel. I'm sorry if -- or that -- you can't work together any more.
And I would very much love to hear the story...or some story, anyway, about her.
If Sironi or even Femjoy is still working with her, that's better than nothing.

Those are fast lenses. I've got 2 35s (one a zoom); they're much slower.
I was going to hazard a guess you were using a 5D on these. 14 MP throws me off. Maybe a Nikon?
Who cares :-?
Want DOF? Try my Canon S100 :-)

i don't want DOF. my favorite technique in erotic photos was and stays the monocular soft focus lens (pictorialism of 100 years ago era) and B&W. It's impossible in commercial erotica

If I ever wanted DOF - i did my job on my phone. Sure I don't. I told you about it is easy with crop sensor take focus when you shoot moves, if you use mid-format - you only can shoot sets with model as wax doll, dead poses and mostly not erotic but naturMORT. I know it is a glance and fashion our days, but I prefer women be alive.

about Megapixels: I dont care and I feel no difference 10 Mpix vs. 36 Mpix. 3 was enough for a4 prints for my wall. 6-8 is very good for a3. World goes crazy with MPIX race of 2006-2010. I love to see it finally ends.

Now the crazy races moved to gadgets (phones, tablets, etc). I like it because it is for the girls, while we can enjoy very good photo equipment without thinking that after 3-6 months we must move it to trash because of "newer, bigger, better" came in shop. Girls are good for Apple and for races, let them think that newest iPhone will make them smarter and happier and some like this... Don't tell them the truth that only winner here is Apple and never customer. Sad taht customers goes crazy and all we see is that world became too childish-mind in this race.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Now you can get your iPhone in the color of your choice :-)
Will it be pink or blue?
Yeah, the main thing is to get a great shot, and you can do that with just about anything. "The best camera is the one you have with you" :-?
Heavy sighing here. All these interesting women are not going to make me forget for long my ideal.
Talk about tantalizing, that I would be chatting about cameras with her photographer -- at least the guy who got those iconic shots.
Life's incredible.
Since then of course I've seen many more of her, and they just add to my fascination.
If only I could just take her or leave her like you :-)
There are a lot of beautiful women in my family, so (the idea of) Kristel fits right in, even if her English isn't great and she's taller (and much younger) than any of them now :-)

BTW, not to take anything away from brown-eyed beauties, but man does it seem blue eyes have an advantage in this sort of photography. Like the advantage a diamond has over other gems.

I will look at these sets. Night, Astrud, Nicky and the rest would be of interest anyway. Takes time to do 'em justice, though -- to really pay attention, and discover what you really think.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Just one more thing about Kristel...
This is the little story I put together from what you say and don't say about her:
She left you. She wouldn't be yours exclusively.*
I don't know why.
But you resent her for that.
I say this because you don't speak of her with any warmth.
You're mad at her, to use the vernacular :-)

I have to tell myself a story, so there it is. Whether true or false, I'm not asking you to say.

*I mean in a "professional" sense, as your model.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Too sweet for ya :-?

BTW, perfect size for this. 12 high-quality megapixels. What'd he use -- a Nikon D3?

* used here = in same type of reflected only light. It is brilliant when we doing our shoots in shadow but on the open air. The model's eyes are not disturbed with sun, we have soft shadows or no shadows...etc.

part of http://members.met-art.com/members/model/lina-diamond/gallery/20130219/LAISVAS/ to see the difference "sun" vs. "in shadow"
http://members.met-art.com/members/model/astrud-a/gallery/20121024/HARRERA/ - on the roof part

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

See my notes to you and Nicky at Stupendo.

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Thanks for the library!

http://members.met-art.com/members/model/night-a/gallery/20120604/SWAY/ is my fav i think in "shadow set" type

Absolutely perfect!

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