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It was a sincere pleasure to see her with her natural hair color. I have never liked brunettes with blond hair. It doesn't go well with dark body hair. A brunette will always be a brunette, even if she has blond hair.
I would have preferred her without shoes. I really hate to see shoes on a nude model, especially gawdy high heel shoes. I don't understand why so many men like it. They distract from her natural beauty.

Much better with the darker hair.

Gorgeous and delicious!!! I luv Janelle's beautiful pussy!!!

The new heair colour looks nice, but I think you suit blond better.

Thank you for the close up of the armpit

Blonde or brunette, hairy or shaved, Janelle is absolutely gorgeous. She has a timeless, beautiful face, a great body and an absolutely perfect vagina.

I hope we continue to see much more of Janelle.

The correct term is vulva, not vagina. The vagina is the beautiful shiny pink birth canal that we do not see here at the Met.
I love a beautiful vulva, but fewer than 10% of all adult women have a pretty vulva - what a shame.

Very pretty girl. Very sweet body. I like the hair color better than the "bottled" look she had. I have(and love!) all her sets. She's way too sweet to leave any behind.

I agree that she is better in the blond look.

I love the more natural hair color! Lovely lady and presented well. Would love to see her in a more elaborate setting though.

not impressed, to much clothing, cheap looking set and non inspiring poses.

Very pretty with the current curly brown hair, stunning with the previous straight blonde hair. Good poses.

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