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Gorgeous toes. Nice close ups

Very pretty. To me pretty and sexy is the same thing.

I can't believe how hot Janelle is with brown hair! I never liked her before, but now I can't get enough of her. She is one of the most beautiful models on the site. Janelle, please keep the brown hair color!

Janelle beauty is pure perfection and her body is stunning, but her ass is absolutely fantastic. I would love to fuck her in the ass.
I love her ass!!!!

Great photo-set! Number 59 is ... Como el buen vino! ;)

I just wish Rylsky would learn to use his exposure setting and focus controls. Almost every photo I have seen of his is overexposed and blurry, as all of these are. Sure he gets lots of photos of beautiful women, but he is a mediocre photo hack. NO QUALITY!

Examples, please. First I wanna see what was overexposed, because blurry is not so easy to understand all the time. I think that you can pay to dermatologist and get all details the same way that insect see our skin. Microscopes are preferred of course. Only one problem here - model will pose only once, will stop posing naked and will hate you after you will publish this in Internet.


I like "classy" women -- and I'm a "leg man" --

This set is perfect for me! :-)

Oh¡Sí! Me encantan sus piernas, envuelto alrededor de mi cintura!

Janelle, dear, you look FANTASTIC with dark hair!

And, good gawd baby, does your pussy look TIGHT.

Great set.

Thanks, Janelle!

Agree! ¡Sí! Es apretado, pero oh tan húmeda! Ella es apretada, eso es bueno, pero esta dulce, bella mujer es húmeda, caliente y listo! Ver número 59! Asombroso! ;)

  • 2 years ago:

Nice changeup Janelle ... but have to agree your better as a platinum blonde.

Absolute perfection, Janelle is just stunning, her new look is absolutely phenomenal and really goes beautifully with her attire in this brilliant set, the shoes especially look great making her feet look really sexy, and I'm totally not into feet!.

Janelle just keeps getting better and better, one of my absolute favourites and Rylsky has captured her magnificently.

Imho this is the perfect hair style and make up for her face. And then the poses. And her toes.

Beautiful girl and nice set. The look on her face in No.40 is priceless!!
Very expressive throughout. I like the new hair style and color also, but nothing she could do to her hair could turn me off to this beauty!
Rylsky's work seems to have turned a corner lately, and I'm becoming much more of a fan. Excellent job!

Her eyes are amazing, beautiful face, hot sexy body, very nice

I agree with most people posting about Janelle: more mature, sophisticated, natural hair color, poses are hot, I do miss the beautiful bush she used to have

What a discovery, I like Janelle more and more with each set. Esp. now, with a less artificial looking hair color; she now looks womanly and mature. With this set, she officially ascends to "goddess" status.
Rylsky hit on all cylinders with this exceptional set.

Everyone to their own, but I prefered the long blonde hair she had on the previous sets. The hair style and colour in this set is not my cup of tea.

Absolutely stunning. Janelle just keeps getting better with each new set. Excellent use of the dress as a striptease prop. Kudos!

Amazing set of the loveley Janelle. I like the shorter hair style and colour, it really makes her eyes 'pop'. Wonderful body as always and a great set of pictures well photographed.

PS Love the dress.

Love the way she uses that dress, very sexy.

The most likeable feature of this set is the confidence the model has each picture. She's dressed up, hair done, and make up on and transitions to showing more and more of her body with ease and surety. I credit the photographer for drawing out this expressiveness from the model and the model for her natural beauty.

Agreed. She has an almost aristocratic beauty, very self confident, but sexy too. Drop-dead nipples and gorgeous eyes, and I love that cute little bush, too.

I really like her hair in that fashion, that along with her beautiful personality, and her sexy poses and this set is one of the better updates (personally) for today

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