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Nice set! Janelle looks soo gorgeous and edible!

Picture #94 is surely one of the best of the year: The sparkle in Janelle's eyes, the soft brown curls falling over her shoulders, and her superb bottom and pussy all beautifully captured against the blue wall. Absolute perfection.

I guess I'm in the minority, but I loved Janelle's blonde look. Not that I don't like her natural look, I just thought she looked great as a blonde. She has a very sexy body too, especially her pretty little pussy!!! Nice work Janelle and Rylsky!!!

The natural hair color on this mezmerizing woman looks much better. I have never liked blond hair on a brunette. It just doesn't look right. It doesn't match the eyebrows or skin tone. Thank you for shaaring your beauty with me again.

the stubble never lies.

Janelle's various incarnations may be tough to follow, especially for latecomers like me. But she is absolutely worth the effort. Her body is the stuff of dreams, and that smile is irresistible. Hard not to give her a 10.

She looks so much better with this hair color. I hate bottle blonds and it never looked good on her. She is lovely and looks great in this set. I love her pale skin tones. She could easily get away with red hair. For my tastes her breasts are a bit to large but she has an absolutely perfect pussy. This to me is the way I like them, pink moist and delicate. No excess here, just lovely perfectly formed delicious perfection. One of the best.

A nice well balanced set with a good variety of poses and great closeups and nice color. A perfect Rylsky set.

Nice set. Nice 'soft' setting with great colors. Janelle looks delicious as ever but I couldn't shake the feeling that she's wearing a wig. This color could take some getting used to for me... I got too used to her as a blond. Either way, she's very appealing and desireable.

I like her (presumably natural) hair color, too. Janelle is fine and this is a very good set of her. Rylsky gives us some good rear shots of her and a nice variety of poses.

Perfect pussy. Love rear views as well.

Oh, that explains that. I thought Janell was a natural blonde. So I was wondering why she is brunette now. She is very pretty and she should keep the brown hair. She did a nice job with the photo set.

I love when a bottle blonde goes back to natural... it's nearly always an improvement, IMHO.
It certainly is in Janelle's case -- while she's hot as a blonde, as a brunette, she's smokin' hot.

Lovely hair and nicer color. Sweet camel toe.

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