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That is a beautiful lady

Janelle has such a cute pussy and a pair of cute feet to match.

Awesome pussy!!!!!!!!!!

Aka Janelle B is a pretty, lovely woman, yes ?
Love her tiny pussy, the harmony on the back - ass and legs.

But seems shy. All she can express in her beautiful smile
the feet expression make it null.

I believe a different scenary/light may enhance her qualities.

You are a brillant photographer and that's the challenge!

Kisses to her !

You are astonishingly beautiful with brown hair. Marry me, Janelle!

Awesome work! Janelle at her best and Rylsky too. I love the moist closeups of that delectable pink flower. Most beautiful pussy on Metart? Certainly one of the best for sure. Is there any such thing as "The Best"? That is a matter of taste. Speaking of which, this one sure makes me want to taste!

Janelle is lovely from head to toe. I personally think this is a much better hair color for her. When mother nature give a girl her hair color she makes many subtle adjustments to her for that hair color. Simply changing the color to blond does not make her a blond. This looks so much more natural.

Her grooming is spot on! Nothing to distract or hide her lovely moist jewel.

Awesome set guys!

Janelle, she is not the prettiest girl around. But she makes her face 'work'.

How cares about the pretty girls if you have that... I don't know a fitting word. In German: Sie hat den Blick.

Here's Janelle, who, to my taste, looks even more interesting with brown hair, and Rylsky, who's my favorite photographer; the setting's good, the dress works well, and everybody is on their game. What could there possibly be to complain about? Well, evidently I wasn't imaginative enough ...

Great fun to watch Rylsky swat flies, though.

Please say in other words to me the meaning of "swat flies", please.

Beautiful face,sexy legs and pantyhose,Rulsky at the best!

Janelle Is doing the perfect strip, and had the perfect background to do it against.It fits her coloring of hair and skin. Since she is not a blonde,I don't see the need for it. Fake blondes you can get anytime,beautiful women who understand what makes them beautiful, are scarce,although many seem to wind up on Rylsky's pages. You will notice she is perfectly groomed, waxing the undercarriage and trimming the rest, so that she both looks like a model and an adult woman at the same time.

  • 2 years ago:

Nice set but can we go back to blonde Janelle?


1. click on her profile page with all sets listed.
2. choose a cover with blonde Janelle.
3. Enjoy.

Almost the entire set shows the half stripped pantyhose. This is neither chic nor sexy but rather stupid.

Dear u3s3e2,
I was impressed so many times how regularly visit photographer Rylsky who is so bad for you. At the same time you have your favorite artists here. I just can't understand what you trying to do? Trying to make me want to work as your favorites (thanks, I will go my way anyway)? Or make yourself unhappy day by day with watching my photos? Very strange way to get lucky.

But we all know what BDSM means and now I can see 100% clear that "M" is yours. OK. If it is your pleasure - you got it. YW!

I agree Rylsky, I don't understand why uuusssee chooses to torture himself just to critique your photography?
Ryslsky, your photography is always among the best. You (and everyone else) will always have critics. You can't please everyone, so you have to please yourself.

I know and I have many times wrote about "the more people know you - the more people hate you" - I wrote it in many ways. But also I have many times asked for useful critique. It is always welcome even if sets are mixed and maybe in 1 week you see my sets of 5 years in any order.
Anyway, I agree that I do what I like to do and this is main thing, it is a chance that someone see the things just the way I like it myself.
I only can say that if I was Met-Art member (I know Met - Art since 2000-2002) and if I have a choice as member now with 2600+ models, millions images and 100+ photographers - I have no idea why I must waste my time to see and comment photographer who I will no chance to enjoy? We are here to enjoy, not to hate. The only reason for "public hate" comments is when you are absolutely alone, sitting in room without fresh air, make fart every minute and hate all the World 24/7 because you have nothing good in real life and cannot make people see you and love you. The only happiness in your life - make somebody see you exist even if it is fart in any form (including comments).

You're absolutely correct Rylsky, I especially like your fart analogy:) Have a great day!

Thank you, have a great day for you too, smile often, think positive and... enjoy Met-Art.

39 and 100 are fine examples of two of the kind of poses I like.

Is there a more beautiful pussy anywhere on Earth? That's a topic worthy of serious research. But my money's on Janelle from the get-go. That vicinity of her body is incredibly delectable—and the rest of her ain't bad, either. This wonderful set displays all her tasty virtues in glorious abundance. She is sexy, fun, seductive and adorable. 10 from me, as usual—with thanks to Rylsky and the beautiful lady.

„Is there a more beautiful pussy anywhere on Earth?“

ROFL - „Nice“ will be OK

EG look to ANNA AJ - especially „LADI“ (131 - 139)

If every member here will answer about "more B.P.A.o.E." with a link - this gallery will quickly contain 1000+ comments. At the same time it could start World War 3...
Another idea is start topic "blondes vs. reds vs. brunettes" and finally "shaved vs. trimmed vs. unshaven".


The question was rhetorical, and the second sentence was pure hyperbole, though I stand by my opinion. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right or wrong, I'm right. v-man_ger is also right, and has a firm grasp on the important stuff. Highly intelligent dude.

there is no discussion.

Redheads rule. The rest does not matter. Black, blond, brown, green, blue hair. It is all the same.

But red?
maybe even with green eyes?

uuuuuuhhh... *shivers*


Danke, Herr V-Man

Very pretty, Janelle. Great job on avery nice set.

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