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You are attractive girl.I love you forever.

Too bad the shoes didn't get lost early in this shoot. Otherwise, it was really good! It's just that her feet are too cute to be hidden by ugly women's footwear!

I really would have loved this set...But the ugly-assed footwear needed to get lost. Her feet are too cute to keep inside ugly shoes!

This is Janelle at her loveliest. And Rylsky has done a perfect set, it showcases Janelle's beauty perfectly. I will say again, this is my favorite style of grooming, wax the undercarriage and trim the pelvic area. that way Janelle looks like a adult, without sacrificeing artistic values.

I love it when Janelle gives us that coy little smile, it's wonderful. Great set.

I could have started of with "Typical Rylsky ..." but enough tricks on him for one day. Glad he is a good sport and has a sense of humor.

Honestly, this is a unique and effective dual set, and I am impressed by the creativity and the time it probably took to set it up. I can't decide which half of the set I like better, the first half, dry with the umbrella, or the second half, wet and rainy with amber backlighting. Sort of a common theme of water, the irony of Janelle having the umbrella when it is dry, and not when it is wet. Talk about variety, we have it all here, even some very nice face portraits (56 &57) and B/W shots. As for Janelle herself, she looks as great as ever today, and her beauty completes the appeal in this total package.

A set like this puts the "Art" in Met-Art. Great job, Ry.

Thanks, anyway we missed her standing on her head upside down at least.


"Typical Rylsky ..."
"Usual Rylsky ..."
"Epic Rylsky ..."
"Classical Rylsky ..."

1. masterpiece (send me the same to smoke after you)
2. damn wet set (c)
3. bullshit (c)
4. boring poses (c)
5. ...

Cute ass, lovely delta trim.

This is one of the absolutely best photo sets here at MetArt!
Such a variety of delicious poses!
I'm honestly overwhelmed by such a lot of spectacular pictures!

I only hope to find more photo sets of this quality shot by Rylsky in the future.

10/10 for the model &
10/10 for the photographer.

Gotta watch it uuusssee, rumor has it that Rylsky has a weak heart:)


Thanks for my ROFL, but next time take care please, my coffee is usually hot.
Carlin* did it better.

"*" = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Carlin

Is there anybody here who can trust you?

I think even for YOU it is distinguishable that this set is by far better than all the others I've ever found faulty in the past.

So YOU can trust me!

no way.

Aw c'mon, Rylsky, cut uuusssee a little slack, he's trying to play nice. Maybe he's learned his lesson?

Anyway I hope he is member because of photography and nice girls, not because of photographer's comments or photographer's feelings to him. So it means we can think differently and be members. We don't need to be friendly in comments. As I said, if I call myself Magdalena (or any woman's name) here - will it change member's way of thinking, etc? Yes, if I want to cheat. But I am what I am, I am fair with all of you, feel free to hate me or not.

I had to do a double-take on that one myself.

11/10 for the commenter,
100/10 for the humor.

Lovely Janelle; her lovely hair, downy hair, brilliant smile, camel toe, beautiful derriere, and Rylsky at his very innovative peak! I am happy.

This set is all over the place....what in the hell was Rylsky thinking???
Black and white photos, umbrella, high heels (two different pair), golden surface, water/shower, golden water drops....did I miss anything???

Just kidding!!! I'm not sure there is anything I find more attractive than a "wet" beautiful woman.
INO, Rylsky's shower sets are among his best....and this one is another very nice set.

I rather like the golden water drops.....and I also like a few black and white photos mixed in a set too.

Nice work Rylsky, Janelle looks great.


it looks like today is World Fools Day ? never knew that, here we celebrate it April, 1st

No Rylsky, the only fool is me:)
Have a great day.

Thanks guys!

We all need some day (or more) in a year to became fools or crazy or dancing in weird costume. all bad things here on Earth was made with serious faces. remember that.

so i wish to join this ship of fools and we both could be captains.


You can never have too many captains, right? Especially as long as there's only one first mate.
( ;

You had me going, Browning! That's a 3-pointer!

Phew! Nicely played Browning, you had me going until I scrolled down. Good summary of a good gallery.

Should be "IMO" not "INO".....sorry.

Lucky me, it seems to be "high heels Monday" on MA.... ( : ( :

The environments with the colored rain, reflections in the water, complex lighting are true masterpieces.
Deserve, in law, the label of Meeting with Art.

With light hair as light and shaved like a doll, Janelle gorgeous as a goddess of the ice. (it's cold in Estonia?)
With Titian red hair and other natural curls, Janelle lush like a midsummer night.
With her hair that she likes and other curls molded .... I am forced to say .... Janelle still bella Bella.

We are forced to talk about pubic hair and not of all the glory of feminine beauty.
The latter of the other curls hairstyle is a masterpiece of diplomacy.
Rylsky as Talleyrand?

Ha ha ha! "Talleyrand!"
Better than Bismarck, I suppose... ( ;

And even smarter.

Janelle in the wet studio again, this time with that lovely brunette hair. I love it. Janelle is so very pretty with her brown hair and those exquisite blue eyes. And of course, she is possessed of a stunningly beautiful perfect feminine body. Fantastic!

I think I'm developing a Janelle fetish. More and more as time goes on, whatever body part I'm looking at becomes an obsession. She has, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful pussies on Earth. It's an Estonian national treasure, and it's conveniently tucked next to an irresistibly rimmable anus. (I'm already hyperventilating.) Fetishly speaking (can you say that?), I even have an answer to swplf's shoe conundrum; the sandals display those delicious toes better. (By my count, that's three fetishes so far.) Add those beautiful breasts, that alabaster skin, that luscious mouth, and… You get the picture. These can't be separate obsessions; they have to be wrapped up in one lovely package. I'm a happy man.

BTW, did you notice that as soon as the water started falling, Ry took the umbrella away from our girl. A cruel trick.

"fetishistically speaking" ?

I like it. Lots of syllables.

It kinda rolls off the tongue... even as it tumbles over itself. You know, like clowns out of their little car.

Yeah, trippingly. ;)

Not many Estonian models here, and I think Ry has them all. Very good set and very pretty girl. Nice trim and she displays herself well. One interesting thing. As soon as Ry turned the water on to use the "wet" set her shoes were different. No more cool poka-dot black, white sandal T strap type heals.
Wonder why?

Wonder why?
to make you wanna ask this, sir.

Maybe she didn't want to ruin the polka-dot shoes, but didn't care about what happened to the others?

what happened to the others?


Ditto, and Ry you got me again.

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