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Janelle peluda, amo a esta mujer!

Way better with the blond hair !! But less bush would be better !

Like woman with pubic hair, just need more wide shots too many closed shots hope to see her again.


Oh what a difference hair makes! Janelle is a stunning beauty, with a great attitude, and her unshaven arm pits and bush make her highly erotic. Great job by Rylsky, especially the lighting. More please!

Which lighting, Gary? It changes drastically from 39 to 40...

Shaved please Janelle...

Love the fact the set includes Janelle stretched out, reaching as high as she can, but wish she didn't have the garment around her waist.

I personally rather enjoy this version of Janelle; blonde and in full-fur!!! Something about a thin unshaven pale girl that really is naturally and simply great! Hits a basic primitive drive.

Rylsky deserves a Nobel Prize for delivering this set to us and for another set of the beautiful Janelle blonde and unshaven. I didn't expect to meet her again like this!

I hate these sessions where the model starts out naked or semi-naked and then proceeds to be fully clothed only to take it all off again.

It's idiotic !

Start them off fully clothes and then show us the progression until they're naked as the day they were born.

I speak for the shaven prefered group, please! Otherwise Janelle B is spectacular...

All that hair is......deliciously primal.

Love the sequential presentation of pics; "sexually dressing oneself"? Uniquely presented by the Maestro!

I see Janelle is exercising her woman's right to change her mind without notice concerning grooming and hair color. sssShe is still beautiful, and Rylsky has done his usual genius type photography,so all is well, and everybody gets a 10+++

It is refreshing to see a sexy woman in her natural (unshaven) beauty.

Bumper crop!

A different look for Janelle in more ways than one, but I like it and it is still shot by Rylsky, so all is well.

Doug, I expected to see something from you praising this beauty's natural body hair!

I like this beautiful girl a lot, but this is just sad....

Gorgeous Regardless of Hair Color. Perfect in Every Way. Heavenly. The Most Delectable Pussy Ever.

WHAT A BABE..! Waouw...! it's a relief to have a real woman with her bush showing...! More-more-more...

Wonderful girl ... and marvellous hairy sex :o) !!! Thank you for this very high quality set !!!

What's not to like about this set. I like Janelle as a blonde (I like her as with her natural hair colour also). I love the full bush, I love the underwear Janelle is wearing, I love those glacial blue eyes, I love those boobies, I love Janelle's legs.....I could be here all day, you get the picture.

I think Janelle just plain loves being a woman and an erotic model. She can pull off any look. Blonde, brunette or even raven black, this woman can make it work. It is fun to review her photos. Exciting!

She looks so much better with the natural hair color or the red tint. Bleach blonds are so not cool. I am not a bush man but this one is nice as is all the rest of Janelle.

I have to agree somewhat.

Blond looks good on a lot of women, but Janelle's face looks much better with either red or brunette or black. Pretty much every colour that is not blond.

Janelle has a pussy to die for and I hope she never gets rid of that delicious bush .

Janelle is here in disguise (sort of) this month. First, she's a blonde again; still beautiful, but I miss the red hair. Second and more important, she's sporting a full bush around that world-class pussy. Even her armpits are unshaven. This set is obviously addressed to those who favor that sort of thing. As for me, my obsession with Janelle's nether parts isn't affected by a little hair. Bring it on—as long as she comes with it.

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