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pic 2. Seriously. No need for the rest (I did look at the rest of course... but pic 2 is 'teh win')

She has the most perfect underarms.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Janelle is very cute in that outfit!
Love the wildness of her sexual (body) hair. Strangely enuf, it goes with sex... :-)
And I love how she seems to know it :-)
Just like you don't have to shave your head, you don't have to shave your pussy (among other things :-)
Imagine a world where everyone shaved their scalp. We would be shocked to see a full head of hair!
That's where we're at today with unshaven pussies...
I can understand why armpits are shaved, since they are seen in public and women's fashions don't tend to flatter hairy ones. But vulvae are another story. They look much better unshaven, and are healthier too.
You don't call it a "healthy" bush for nuthin' :-)

Lotta 10s here, with many good portraits.
99 -- you don't have to shave the fringes -- the wispy tendrils would be charming :-)
100 -- very sweet :-) 101 -- dozing beauty :-) 103 -- very pretty :-)
Beautiful shots in the restaurant.
Don't think I've seen Janelle this attractive.
117 -- I like the combination of rich color and sharpness plus high-speed grain...

  • Ajax
  • 6 months ago:

You look more beautiful with your clothes on. Also plz try wearing black heels in your nect set.


Women look gorgeous with or without hair. Love Janelle's feet in this set!

I've no idea why Rylsky always must cut off Janelle's legs while performing the best poses (-> Pics ## 86 - 89 & 101 - 106).

It's always the same: Rylsky mostly refuses to shoot pictures in landscape format!

Janelle: 10/10
Rylsky: 3/10

I've no idea

the best poses (-> Pics ## 86 - 89 & 101 - 106).


It's always the same: Rylsky mostly refuses to shoot pictures in landscape format!
yep, especially when we know that you say your first word in comments on MA 3 years after this set was made.

Janelle: 11/10
uuusssee: ass uuusssuuuaaalllyyy

You need to get over this 'cropped photo' issue you have, it is going to happen, get over it!

uuusssee - time to get some new material. The landscape format thing is sounding like a broken record. I know you don't like Rylsky, but obviously many of us here do. At least be respectful when you comment.

The 'portrait photo' issue is also tiresome.

None will be merry
till tattoos are hairy

...or, at the very least, have the imagination and tact to be creative about asking, like Magwich. A request tends to go further than a demand.

A late Christmas present, from the look of the first images. I like the wrapping. Wrinkled pink fabric upon a field of pink. I just wish I knew what that fabric was. Just one photo for reference would have added a great deal. Too long for a skirt. A dress that wraps beneath the arms?. Lots of opportunity for peeking and selective exposure there.

A fine bit of trickery is achieved by our photographer artist:
Pink as a relief from pink. Without the hint of clash -an achievement with pinks. #76 is proof enough of success.

I would not have been offended by more screen space filled with three shades of pink. Horizontal landscape orientation works much better for me.

A small bit of chopping off small bits. 37, 75, 81, 86. [insert sigh sigh of resignation here]

NO SUFFOCATION BY SCROLLING! What follows is ONLY observation, not negative criticism. The amount of hair is just enough to prevent highlighting the mons.

Not quite a round up to 10 with the chops and vertical portraits. I may change my mind. It seems I like pink tricks. And the dark amongst the pink, the blond, and the pale skin is a nice effect.

I would prefer a more frequent and closer display of dark framing pink. Thus I am caught. But not for GREED. (see my comment below)

Drats. Missed opportunity: "small bits of chopping small bits off". Well, like the South, opportunity shall rise again.

p.s. anyone watch season 3 of Game of Thrones? Poor Theon. Considering some of the imagery on this site, I keep fearing to see pictures of him here.


Good gawd, there goes the day.

Now I've got to get that image out of my mind.

Sorry. All thumbs up for this reply to Birthday Cake may be considered thumbs down for my comparison using the fate of Theon.

... she is perfection.

  • Gary
  • 6 months ago:

Wow! This is art! Janelle is super-hot, gorgeous and erotic with her unshaven underarms and bush. She has a great attitude and this set is superbly done by Rylsky. on beautiful women, the unshaven European look is so much more interesting than the alternative. Sets like this one are why I pay the money. More please!

"Interesting" would desert us without alternatives. Let's have them all.

Thrill-o' the Brillo!! ;o)

Lay off the vodka.

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸"I'd like to Check her for ticks"¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ - Brad Paisley (2007)

Rylsky, Janelle... nothing compares. Heavenly.

Can I be bold and request 1) more of the beautiful, natural Janelle, and 2) a set or two in places like the shower, bath, beach.... Her sets where she's in water drive me crazy.

2) No. Magwich grants permission for boldness when requesting lake or dock, boat or bayou. Or a pool in a nice landscape, if you must.

My my my.... look who's put on the crown today... ( :

Mom's been sayin' that for thirty years.

OMG I am so in love! What a perfectly beautiful lady.


Wonderful set of Janelle. She is absolutely gorgeous! Would I be greedy in asking to see her monthly???

Greed? With seven to choose from, I might chose one of the other six.

Nice allusion....

(Concerning a lady like Janelle, Gluttony would seem preferable... )

I'd go for weekly, daily... Monthly sounds like a fair compromise!

Absolutely gorgeous model, not a fan of the 50's bush and especially the hairy armpits

Now I will have to go back and review mid century topiary.

Might you 'ave a shrubbery?

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

"...not a fan of the 50's bush..."
Most hilarious comment on this page! :-))))

Wouldn't expect him to like the period armpits either :-)

  • Neil
  • 6 months ago:

She's blonde again! No matter, Janelle is absolutely beautiful regardless of her hair color. Yes, beautiful and so very sensual and seductive. I like the photos at the beginning and end of the set. Very nice.

I like this job from Rylsky!!! Janelle blonde, Janelle red, Janelle brunette... She's in every color a living Sweety, and we enjoy this Beauty from Head to Toes:-) Thank You to show us Your dream Body and thank You to make our lives so Sweet Janelle:-):-):-) Kiss kiss...

Shaven, unshaven or with her pubes dyed green Janelle is simply gorgeous, I can't get enough of this beautiful girl.

Light green, with coiffure to match? Or punk pink, perhaps?

Hmmm. Can our photographic artist do Japanese cosplay?

Well, cosplay doesn't tend to fly very smoothly around here, even when done well. Witness the reaction to every single Paromov set...

Dayglo's the only way to go. ( :

Blond, brunette, red head? It doesn't matter. Janelle looks good no matter what and I must say each color looks natural on her. She is a Chameleon each color changes her whole look and yet they are all wonderful. I really like the fully dressed shots. It is so nice to see the girls this way. Not to mention Janelle is sexy as hell in those jeans and leather jacket and bare midriff. For me this makes a set seem more complete.

Janelle has the perfect bush. Long and silky soft and it hides nothing!

Nice work guys

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

A clear whiff of progress on the pussy hair front! :-))))

Definitely in the PP list! Hair or not!

The PP club has room welcomes all who belong regardless of grooming style. I was actually gonna pose the same question, but Hip beat me to the punch. The times seem to be a changing regarding shaved vs natural. I think that it's indisputable at this point. Should make Doug a very happy man.

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

I'm 2 weeks late!
Of course I am glad to see Janelle this way. And she looks good blonde, but I think her "real" color is a shade of brown. I would really like to see her as a true "nature-girl", maybe outside.

Yes, hipshot is kinda picky as far as body hair goes, but I do sense a slow but sure liberalizing of his policy. I think it's a matter of time before he sees more beauty in more bushes (and even hairy underarms :-)

Not changing, there are exceptions to every rule and Janelle has been on that list for a looooong time!

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

Rules are meant to be broken :-)

Now looking for exit signs. If you are gonna pose regarding the same question, I am running for the nearest door.

I love a Parade.

Here's your sparklers, Magwich! Don't forget to come to the picnic in the park after...
( ;


Very arousing, very feminine - beautiful pictures of her face -
and her bushy pussy. Excuse my "lewd" thoughts but - I wish I could put it in ...

I'm guessing Janelle is not a real blonde despite what her model page says. She IS REAL attractive though.

Radiant blue eyes, long wavy hair, large areolae, nipped in waist flaring to womanly hips, tastefully groomed pubes, puffy outer labia; I surely love this gallery of lovely images of lovely Janelle!

Oh, she's definitely not.
She does change her hair color frequently ~ there are sets of her all around the MetArt universe, and she appears as a blonde, a brunette, with black hair, and with red.

Red-hot sexy Janelle ~ wow! A short but very sweet set.

  • ergo
  • 6 months ago:

What a delicious set ,wow !! breathtaking.

Maybe there will be some disagreement with me on this, but I do like Janelle as a blonde. You look awesome Janelle.

Completely agreed.

I do too. Even though bottle blonde usually looks fake and unnatural to me, it seems to fit Janelle's personality somehow.

My sentiments exactly about bottle blonds but as I said above there are exceptions to every rule and I'll make an exception for Janelle anytime!

Hipshot, I think we must conclude that Janelle is exceptional in every way! ( :

Just delicious! There are some lovely portrait shots here, too.

Queen Janelle, thanks to be with us again.
Rylsky, thanks for having brought her, to us, in a exemplary set.

Very beautiful photos of Janell dressed as we would have been able to meet in a shopping mall

EXCELLENT! - PERFECT! (Specially the pubic sweet little bush below...)

A matter of perspective. I would say above.

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