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Such a sweet, radiant smile! The last photo of this set belongs in a time capsule.

Beautiful girl, perfect body! Would love to see her grow out her ARMPIT HAIR and go all natural! Please ask Janice about this?

Oh after all he seems to be a dentist,not a photographer!Come on,we are
expectant!Give us a lecture on dental adhesives,implants or whatever technical aspects of amalgam fillings.We are always willing to learn from
the real multi-faceted artists.

well, yellow toenails are a good sign that something about this girl is not right. Lo and behold, her teeth are yellow....

Feet tell a lot about a girl. Her overall 'maintanance' for example.

This page of comments and replys/wisecracks etc. is long enough to rival those on Twistys!! I hope the comments and verbal intercourse here at MetArt stays a bit more civil than some of those were/are(?)...

Janice is a dream girl in the true sense. Someone mentioned she had yellowis teeth? I only noticed she had a lovely pink pussy and was wanting to see some closeup shots of her sweet tasting and smelling pussy! White teeth are nice, but on my list of wants, it is pretty far down the list... :)

Just my humble and horny opinion...

She definitely belongs in the top 10 on any list. It's pretty tough to find fault with this angel. I would like to have seen more intimate shots though. There are no real pussy close ups and that is a shame because hers look awesome.

Been in love with Janice from the day I got here! None surpass in beauty and elegance, but I'd like to see if Catherine could find something better to pose her on than a CHAIR! This chair thing is getting old Alex! This one makes four in a row... And before that a couch! Get her back in a bed please...
I'd love to see Janice in a remake of "Date With An Angel". She's a natural for the part. Maybe MetArt would be up to something like that...? huh? huh? ;o)

I don't understand the delay in 'some' comments being posted. It makes for a LOT of repeated comments when you think that you forgot to "post comment". I went and looked at another set and posted a comment and it 'posted' immediately. I return here to see if my comment posted yet and it had not. So I type the whole thing out again, as best I can remember what I said the first time, and when I "post" it, the first one suddenly shows up. Please fix this!

Copy your comments before posting it...!

But really...all that saves is the typing, not the duplication when the delay with posting it is so long.

I've done that in the past, but got out of the habit... Better get back IN the habit I guess... Thanks for the reminder ;o)

What about your Internet connection --- does it run well...?

Well...it runs.. No symptoms elsewhere but it IS AT&T DSL... ;o)
So I wouldn't rule out a 'burp' in my connection, but I've seen the same thing happen to other people here and suspect a glitch in the "new" comments app... but wuddu I know...lol and thnx for the suggestion.

Been in love with Janice from the day I got here... None surpass in beauty or elegance, but i'd sure like to see if Catherine could find something besides a CHAIR to pose her on..! This chair thing is getting old Alex! This makes four in a row... At least the pics are good...;o)
I'd love to see Janice in a remake of "Date With An Angel"... Maybe MetArt is up to that...? ;o)

Het teeth are fine. it's simply the over use of filters.Ruins many a photo set in my opinion.......

this problem with yellow teeth seems pretty universal with the eastern European girls. I think the tooth whitening fad has not reached this part of the world. The other problem is that smoking in this part of the world is rampant. I would prefer to think these lovelies don't smoke but sadly I fear that many do.

Your first line of defense against plaque is, of course, regular tooth brushing. To prevent plaque buildup, you need to brush at least twice a day for a minimum of 2 minutes with fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush, paying close attention to all surfaces of the teeth and your tongue. Strokes should be short and vertical -- but you shouldn't use a lot of pressure while brushing. When you're done, rinse your toothbrush well, shake it out and let it dry thoroughly.
It doesn't matter if you use a manual or electric toothbrush as long as you use the proper brushing techniques.

Ohhhh...a dentist huh? Listen to what this man(?) is saying or you will end up like me, eatin that pussy only after removing the full dentures...and man is it GREAT!! ;o) lol

....take a closer look at pic #115 --- what do you see?

I see a beautiful set of teeth that don't have to be glaring white to be attractive. Bleached teeth look "unnatural". And I also see a bit too much make-up. Janice is too pretty to have that much paint on her face.

Your mouth is the only part of your body that doesn't have a natural mechanism for shedding its surface. This makes it a perfect hangout for bacteria, and lots of it. As you read this, a whopping 600 species of bacteria are lurking in your mouth, many of them clinging to the surface of your teeth.
If you don't physically clean off all this bacteria within 24 to 48 hours, it'll turn into the pale yellow substance known as dental biofilm, or plaque. Plaque creates acid that slowly eats away at your teeth -- and if you let it hang around for several days, it hardens into tartar, which you'll need a professional to remove. Your saliva acts to neutralize the acid, but it'll have a tougher job as the plaque and tartar start to build up. The longer this goes on, the greater risk you run of developing gingivitis, tooth decay and periodontal disease!

Janice is lovely (she has a "10" rating in my notebook) --- and she looks EVEN better without dental plaque...! :)

I couldn't agree more with your entire dissertation on dental hygiene, but weren't we talking about "bleaching"? lol

LOL I guess that was only me talking about bleaching! Apparently this was about "filters"...which was pretty funny...and yellow teeth. Good stuff here...lol

She is a joy to behold!!!!

Beautiful girl, sexy and sweet. I would like to see closeups of her smooth shaved pussy.

Boy, I feel sorry for her in this series. Could the studio not afford any heat? She's just a giant goose pimple from start to finish. Looks great, but freezing doesn't make the best pictures in my opinion!

Seems like ISO has been a little too high this time, Alex --- Janice's charm has to compensate for technical deficiencies (PS: Janice....you'll look even better if you're able to bleach your teeth somewhat)!

....take a closer look at pic #115!

And, ah... upgrade those tomboy hands to woman's hands with some feminine nails!

Ooops, I did it again.

....she plays with 'ur heart (Brit)! :)

A true Russian Goddess! Janice never fails to impress. She has the most awesome body one could ask for. Fantastic legs and butt, Oh heck! her whole body is perfect. Her face is that of an angel and those eyes could melt a heart of stone. This is proof that angels walk this earth.

The photographer let us down somewhat because he failed to give use any close in shots of her lovely kitty but otherwise did a fine job.

My favorite shot? #49 The body of a ballet dancer!

She is absolutely lovely. I would like to see her in a Sex Art girl on girl shoot with Nastya or Susana C

Some things are best left to the imagination. Why taint her lovely innocent image.


This creature of God asymptotically reaches for perfection! It´s a pleasure staring at the light that such a woman emanates despite any


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