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Happily surprised to see Janice give views of her pink pussy and her exquisite pink asshole in the first set. The poses 717 and 944 in set 4 in which ,Janice, legs reaching skyward and with a big smile on her face, reveals her pink pussy and what must be the perfect asshole in breathtaking detail.

Janice is such a sweetheart, and so desirable in so many ways. I too especially enjoy the early photos with the stockings. Her legs, like every other aspect of her appearance and persona, are beautiful of course; but the stockings draw attention to and emphasize her so-beautiful pussy, these photos become especially erotic.

What a lovely lady, and great photography. I like the kind of pin-up style used here. Janice's smile is so sweet, it just melts your heart! Keep up the great work.

I don't often hand out tens to models or sets but how can one not for Janice? I don't think this girl could take a bad picture if she tried. Totally flawless body and some of the most amazing photography on this site. Well done!

There's a problem with image 70. Only half-display.

Do your nails, woman.

Did you say 'do' your nails or 'chew' them? She's already doing the other.

Short, but I've seen much worse!

Some pics with stockings and some without. That's how its done. Thank you.

Stockings GOOD -- high heels EVEN BETTER !!!!

I can only imagine what it would be like to be in the presence of such a lovely creature... Once again Janice is absolutely breathtaking!! Not a very 'creative' set, but nicely shot and it IS Janice!! I haven't turned down one of her sets yet, and won't start with this one... If this were Sironi's only model, he'd always get a 10 from me. He always does a great job with Janice, and she always appears to be comfortable with HIM.
Excellent set of one of the most beautiful and consistant models on the site! Steady on Alex and Janice!! This 'team' exemplifies MetArt for me!

I don't know why anyone would vote down this comment. I totally agree. Such a simple idea, but one of the most beautiful collections of images. Breathtaking. I wish I took these photos.

Janice is gorgeous, and I luv her beautiful pussy!!! I'm not usually a stockings fan, but she looks great in them!!! Great posing, but a few more pussy close ups would have taken this set off the charts!!!

Amazing Janice, yet another fantastic set. Perfect lighting and posing for your radiant skin.

I fully agree with you. I love the set and I love the lighting. Congratulations Alex

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