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985 in set 6 is breathtaking. Janice reveals every delicate fold of her pussy and the goosebumps of the surrounding flesh. And the eye moves down tofeeast on perfect starburst of her asshole.

Janice, where have you gone? Please, Please come back to us!

I feel the same way DUTCHMAN. Janice is extremely attractive, an absolutely gorgeous woman, and definitely one of my favorite's. I am happy to see that she is in the top 10 (often the top 5), but a little amazed that she has held this high a rating considering it has been more than a year since her latest set was published. It would be nice if the content manager had a couple (or even more) unpublished sets of Janice that somehow were overlooked:-)

Det. Headlopper was searching the streets of Met-Art for defiant wench's with boots that where made for walking. On every street he searched he kept finding this defiant beautiful blond wench. But alas their were no boots present in the evidence he searched. All he kept finding was this beautiful blond wench with no boots made for walking. Every street and their she was looking for somebody to buy her a fruity little drink.
I hope she won't carve her name in the seats of my pretty little four wheel drive, alas fooled her , I don't have one. She trying to save the next girl a problem. I can teach her how I shoot a combo. She in position for my pool stick trick shots. Blond wench combo shots my specialty. Don't want her to shoot the whiskey anyway. But she can sing karaoke with me anytime. I wonder what song she going to sing when I shoot my combo shoots on her. I really want to play some pool with her, kitchen table, dinning room table, coffee table and gosh I guess if she wants even a pool table. Love her beach blond trim too.
Janice A. aka The Defiant Blond Wench
Rack the balls, Give me the cue ball, she all over the table now
From the files of Det. Headlopper

smooth56 was searching the galleries of Met-Art looking for a space to exercise his artistry at prose. "Ah! There's one!", he cried, frantically scanning his keyboard to make sure Caps Lock was off. "I think I'll do a bit about shooting pool.", he thought, "But I have to make sure to use a lot of spelling and grammar errors when I write. Punctuation? Who needs it?! What's an apostrophe, anyway? Above all, I must use a multitude of sexual innuendoes to excite my readers' imaginations! I know, one day, Met-Art will take all these wonderful stories I've written on this site and publish them in a book!" Then, as he sat back, admired his work and enjoyed his 15th cup of coffee, he mused, "Well done!"

smooth, you do have a knack for writing. I actually enjoy some of the drivel that comes out of your brain, but some don't (notice the "thumbs down" icon). I'm sure some of the other members would like to tell you what can do with that pool cue.

But keep it up! Like I said, I enjoy some of it.

What a sweetheart. Pretty pink panties covering that sweet ass, nice touch.


Everything on Janice is just right, and Alex S. does a great job of capturing her beauty in a variety of poses. This is good stuff!

Don't let's argue about it but Sailor has got it right - no fourteen year old trims her nails that neatly. Another girl nearly perfect.

Whenever Janice has a new set I always save it for last. It's like dessert. And this set is yummy as always.

Janice is always a delight – probably the prettiest blonde on MetArt. She is always beautiful and delivers excellent photo shoots time after time. Whilst her fingernails are not the prettiest, it is hard to quibble with her delightful smile and superb figure. One can never complain about another set from Janice. (More of a 10 than a 9?)

Janice defines 'perfection'. This model/photographer never miss the mark!

A breathtakingly beautiful young woman. More please.

Janice is a luscious, utterly feminine delight. She deserves at least a 9 every time out, even when the photographer forgets to take off the lens cap. And BTW, her nails aren't chewed to the quick. They're clearly trimmed short on purpose. I'll take that any day over the tacky, French-manicured talons we see all too often.

The chewed to the quick nails are a perfect addition to the fourteen year old tomboy look she has going.

Can she play catcher?

Jealous you´ll never get a piece of that cake,Birthday 0)

Jealous you´ll never gett a piece of that cake,Birthday

The seller

What's the matter? Jealous you're not allowed to play pitcher? Let's face it, you're never getting anywhere near THAT mound...

Gorgeous young woman!!! Great posing, and the photo quality is excellent!!!

So sexy sweet & innocent looking...

I adore those spread-leg shots this angel specializes in, like # 100. Completely, totally, luscious.

every inch of her is beautiful

Janice is a cutie! I like the fine, downy, hair that is visible when the lighting is right. Great love handles too.

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