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she's fuckin dope! another lovely lady to make me pee pee go,,,, BOING DOING YOING! like the eminem song. what a pretty face and she's not scared to show that ass. she gets my approval. good job baby!

I'll never understand why people think that soft, flawless nipples can be improved with steal; but other than that, Jasmin A is pretty darn close to flawless.

This first exposure of a lovely example of womanhood, my treat to view. There is much to expect from this beauty as she becomes more confident in herself. She indeed has perfection and supreme attribututes as displayed in #61; contours of her femininity, from head to bottom arouse more thoughts than can be explained.
In my personnel opinion and likes, she is adorned with perfect proportions and structure, my what a figure!!!! Her smile and twinkling eye tell of mischief which might issue forth from next time she appears. Let us hope so......

I really do like toe nail art :-)

I'm glad she finally found the bed before the shoot was over - her ass must have been freezing.

id keep her ass warm ;) all night and day, id hug it, with my face and fall asleep in it, that ass would never be cold if i was involved with it. lol

Delicious oyster!

How can this set be a less than 8 rating????? I cannot believe these ratings!

I would guess that intelligent users of this site understand that trying to equate eroticism with numerical ratings is a bit childish and just don't do it.

My first guess is that the Paromov haters out voted the Jasmin fans?

Sadly, we do have hatas here. ) :

Love the shape of her body..reminds me of my ex..no lie either..it also reminds me of Sasha Grey:)

Wow, my heart feels like it's going to beat right out of my chest (like in a cartoon). What beautiful poses; 39-44, 57-60, 72-79, 89-98, all have brought me to my knees and have me tongue-tied! And then that face, Jasmin your beauty is breathtaking.
Beautiful job Paromov.

Jasmine is totally lovely in linagerie, and even better without .Paramov is another photog that is very good when he takes the time to do it right instead of just throwing something together. I give both Jasmine and Paramov a 10.

Soft, firm, all of the above. Jasmin is a sexy woman. Agree with others that the choice of attire in the beginning is wonderful.

Gorgeous face, perfect body, and incredible tits. I love her nipple piercings. Only criticism is that her hair needed to be kept out of the way, pulled up or back. Too many shots were wasted by her hair being in the way.

Oh to be 18 and beautiful. Jasmin welcome to Met and I think your first set here is great. Pictures #40 and #101 are my favourites.

And the winner is..... Us because we get to be here for this debut! What a lovely woman and what a fantastic choice of attire for the beginning. I have a hunch that K was listening yesterday when we commented about liking them. This cami looks fantastic on this lovely woman. It highlighted all her feminine charms just like I like it! To me that is almost as sexy as nude. ALMOST. The choice of color worked magic against that creamy complexion and I really like the form fitting material and the sparse use of lace. Now that's just plain sexy. I like to see a model seduce us before the clothes come off. Gives us a chance to admire her day to day appeal before delving into the details.

When Paromov focuses on the model instead if the gimmicks the results are 10+++ This is the way to intro a new model.

Jasmin is a winner and so is this set.

Bravo to her, Paromov and K for this very special treat.

Just a quibble, hipshot... that's a teddy, not a cami. A cami is a sleeveless undershirt, no bottom to it. ( : It can be very sexy too, it can be made of a nice fabric like silk or satin, and have lace... ( :

Note to K: This ones a keeper!

Image # 80 is just adorable!


Agreed; opening shots are stunning. More please.

I just love those pierced nipples. The simplicity of poses 46 and 102, 103 get me very happy, and the halo of less tan around those lovely nipples is exciting me a great deal. Please more of Jasmin as soon as...

Yummy!!! More more more!! 61 blew my socks right off!! The face of an Angel...

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