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beautiful young model. Do more sets :-)

Good she got rid of the piercing through her nipples...! -

Please consider opening up your labia in some of the shots, that would easily make you one of my favorites. It's just wrong to deny us the 'aroused' version of your beauty.

I think Paramov has taken over my most frustrating photographer crown. A dubious honor indeed. An erotic photographer in name only. There is nothing erotic about his work at all. His work is more suitable for an R rated style rag than an erotic site. It is doubly frustrating because he has some excellent models but since he doesn't take anything but scenery shots they are totally wasted.

I don't like to put labels on photogs, but I think what you've said is deserved. I have had an elevated frustration level on several of his sets, all with lovely models, which makes it all the more a let down.

Paramov is to be congratulated. He has made a perfect outdoor set of Jasmine on the Black sea. That looks like a Cypress tree, and they don't grow on the coastline of the Czech Republic that I ever heard.( My geographical master is William (big willie) Shakespear)Jasmine looks great outdoors,she likes it according to her bio,and in general,this is good ai gave both a 10+++

That tree is driftwood... could have come from anywhere! ( :

It looks like she has a very nice pussy. Too bad I didn't bring my binoculars.

His normal mode I'm afraid, I think he is afraid of girls, or at least there girl parts! :0

Jazzy is classy!

Puzzling tan lines

Maybe that's from pasties.

I very much appreciate lovely Jasmin's eyebrows and eyes, light dusting of freckles, luscious lips, engaging smile and dimples, shapely breasts with glass cutters and tan lines, nice navel, delightful derriere, clitoral hood, great inner labia, and strong legs.

Jasmin has many striking physical attributes; surely enough for Paromov to continue to photograph her and for K to schedule her more often than semi annually. Those who agree know how to make this happen!

The tree is found art and I am very happy that Paromov incorporated it!

Many thanks to both Jasmin and Paromov.

I'm glad that the sand is off Jasmin's beautiful body throughout most of the set.

Perfect example of beauty wasted by a poor photographer...

I felt that the beauty of the model and the beauty of the setting were complimentary to each other.
That being said, I would have preferred another indoor set of this gorgeous woman... ( :

Indoor, yes, or at least get a little closer a few times in the shoot.

If the photographer intended to introduce big ruined tree, his trial should be called successful.
-Tokyo Sukimono-

No close-ups?

Seldom from Paromov.

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