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Too bright , shot around mid day .such a delicious girl and such a mediocre set.

Another great outdoor shoot by Paromov shows off a fabulously beautiful model.Jasmine is a eoeal beauty,and I love the linagerie.Paramov and Jasmine A both get a 10++++

There is something innocent about JASMIN when you look at her for the first time, but when you gaze at her eyes carefully you realize this girl is so naughty and able to tease and torment you that you will not be able to escape her sexy and sweet clutches...terrific prison.

Jasmin is hot, I'd love to see more of her, but the photography was about a B- in my opinion. Not bad, how can you complain about naked pictures of such a gorgeous young woman? But as I went through the set, there were no "oh WOW" or "OMG" reactions. Maybe I'm spoiled...

If you are spoiled, then so am I. Much the same impression as you and hip.

The lack of WOW and OMG in his presentations is par for this artist. He seems obsessed with everything except the models and their natural charms. And yes we are all spoiled here at Metart. It is why we are here!

OMG. How the sun lights right where she sits.

I see OMG
Along with too much tree.
Not much variety.

A stunning beauty and a mediocre presentation.

Nice nails.

There was more to do with that derrière in those clothes. Nice posing on the ground.

This is a very pleasing visit from beautiful Jasmin!

I really appreciate Jasmin's; beautiful face, delightful eyebrows, enchanting multi-colored eyes, freckles, smiles with dimples, hair long enough to tickle her beautiful butt cheeks if she chooses, shapely breasts complete with mini puffies and glass cutters, innie, translucent skin, downy hair, hourglass figure, amazing inner labia, puffy outer labia, matching color for finger and toe nails, slender and well-defined legs, and part-time ribs.

“They” say it's all pink on the inside. Visual proof of that would be the only improvement I could suggest for this delightful gallery.

Many thanks to both Jasmin and Paromov for this visit.

Thumbs up to ya.


okay. I really like this set. A naked woman outdoors? Love that. Her face is not that of a classic beauty, but attractive and interessting. Wish she smiled/laughed more often but was ok.

Very uninspiring and boring

Do note the effect of the lighting where our model has seated herself on lucky stump.

Very uninspiring and boring


Apparently you were so uninspired and bored that you decided to bore us TWICE!

Beautiful model, very uninspired set though.

Very attractive girl in a truly detestable presentation! As good as yesterday was is how bad today is...for me...:o(

The discarded rifle brass makes the set.

You were obviously bored if a single rifle casing caught your eye!

Better than an old fishing lure catching your eye, I guess.

Wow she is absolutely stunning, beautiful face, killer body, firm ripe perfect breasts, and that gap between her thighs, oh my

Why turn girls round, when they drop their panties? I would like to
see their front at first.

it is a classic pose - to keep your interest. The best comes last.

I love the contrast in expressions shown in this set on lovely Jasmin's face. There is such a difference between her serious look and when she is smiling and laughing.
I would like to have seen more detailed shots of her lovely labia in a seated position from the front. She seemed somewhat reluctant to show that pose, sadly.

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