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A recent note from 07 Nov.2014

Pictures 52 to 57 are possibly the MOST fantastic I ever found on a web site.
Thank you for those pictures to Jeff Milton and to Rilsky !

I never felt my heart accelerate so much, then I felt many tendencies, among which lots of tender hugs and kisses, and then of course
the desire to kiss Jeff Milton On and INSIDE all her body,sofly, while I could hear moaning quietly....

Don't you think that photo shop in this set is slightly over used?

I loved this set. Jeff is beautiful, sexy and adorable!

Waiting to see this lovely girls video/movie, with Rylsky's awesome camera work :-).

This has turned into a blog... I'm sure J would appreciate it...
Time to turn the comments off!

When you propose something for all of ppl - start to follow this rule by yourself.


I am wondering, if this fantastic model can be photographed by Goncharov??? He doesn't use editing, and models on his photos look alive and natural.
I don't mean to hurt honorable Mr. Rylsky by saying that, but I would like to watch this model as an alive girl, not as a Mr. Rylsky "wax doll"


you didn't hurt me, you just let me know your way of thinking and your knowledge about your relationships with the girls.
BTW, please let us see links to photos where skin texture was lost and over-edited.

Dear Mr. Rylsky, try to get the point from these comments instead of getting mad. Your photos are really over edited. The models on all your pictures don't look like alive girls. That is a common problem in all your sets.

Answer please:

1. what if she agreed to pose only for Rylsky and the retouch is one of the reasons she agreed to pose nude here for you? Erotic photography is sometimes psychology, not a way of moneymaking.
2. why do you think many models pose only for 1 photographer? because photographer catch her in his house as in a jail?
3. models are not whores, right? only whore could do everything if ANYBODY paid her, right?
4. Did you download fullres photos or mid and low only? use only hi-res to judge on retouch. All lower sizes are made automatically and ALWAYS reduce quality and TEXTURES.

Think about it every time when you see model who working only for 1 photographer.

Thank you in advance.

Jeff is an angel! Didn't care for the last half of this set.

Rylsky's art at it's best. You have portrayed the lovely Jeff Milton at her stunningly, arousing best. Her beauty is flawless, and you have captured her perfection as few others could. Thank you both for a perfect 10 set.

Jeff? Tell her to put on some clothes and go back to school. A few sit-ups wouldn't hurt either.

A girl doesn't have to look anorexic to be attractive. I think that J M is a very lovely young lady with a wonderful body, and I am very grateful that she took off her clothes for us!!

Hear hear, hunter!

Keep shopping, trilobite... I'm sure there are sets here that will please you better than this.

Ah Jeff, angelic and yet naughty at the same time. If I get to heaven, can I have one just like her?

I wasn't aware the girls had blog pages. So much to learn, so many choices in life! I'll check that out in my spare time, ha ha!

Jeff has a blog page on Rylskyart.com.

OK, thanks

With great our pleasure is came back soon (Jennifer?)
small bombshell of sex-appeal of the Rylsky firmament.

She says: 'I want .... show all of me :)'
And it does so with great malice and without inhibitions.
Seconded by a sly Rylsky.

Standing ovations

Words that have never before in the history of Jeff's been arranged in a sentence, part 2:

Jeff has great tits.

Jeff's nails are very feminine.

Look at the ass on Jeff.


Ry, kilroy has posted today on another set, "three of the four sets today just didn't have much pizzaaz". He was being kind. Finding Jeff here was like finding a real diamond in a pile of costume jewelry. They others may be pretty but only Jeff was the real thing. Wow she is so young, and with you as her mentor who knows her limits. I hope we see a few movies of her. She poses beutfully, I can't wait to see her move.

what a stupid name...and she looks about 5 yrs older in the first set.

Same example about Russian word:
"Fuckal" (yes, sounds like this!) is a football club based in Voronezh - big city in central European part of Russia. just imagine that club will win Russian League and will visit Britain in UEFA Champions League - most watched TV Sport show in Europe...

i will not discuss is it stupid or not to use "hammertime" as name, but you can easily call this model "J." (jay) - this will not disturb you so much, right?
if you want another example about how words sounds for different people - let me inform you that nobody in Russia laugh or call "stupid" the name of US President Mr. Obama. But in Russian "Barack" is a "cheap building used in Gulag for 100s of arrested people". NOBODY laugh about ANY names. It is the way Gentleman must accept any word from any language if he is not in stand-up comedy club.

Hi Rylsky, I wouldn't waste your time responding to comments like this. The vast majority of members really appreciate the fantastic photographs you take and the amazing, gorgeous, wonderful girls that pose for you. Please keep producing your superb work and you can be sure that it is hugely admired and valued.

thanks for compliments. I just want members to understand me better outside "looking at Rylsky's pictures" area. Some day I will not post on MetArt my thoughts and answers anymore or I will do it rarely, but anybody will see my point of view to many questions without asking. That's my main idea why I wrote so many comments on MetArt.
Very soon my main project will take all my time, you know what project I mean.

Thank you once again.

Jeff's first photoshoot was published on Rylsky Art. about two months ago. She is new to modelling but is learning quickly. A rose by any other name will smell as sweet. She chose her own name.

Maybe the other set is 5 years old:)

Jeff Milton is incredible, with a beautiful face, perfect skin, great figure, and lovely butt. This last is very important to old men.

I am an old man and concur that Jeff has a lovely butt. I am certain that her bubble butt is appreciated by viewers from all age groups.

Another geezer here concurring with both comments. ( :

Jeff Milton is just as beautiful, as sweet, as cute and as sexy as ever. It is always a wonderful treat to see her. A wonderful set.

I agree completely Neil. She's a little doll baby:)

Hi Browning, if you like Jeff or any other particular model, be sure to go to her profile page and click on her ADD FAVORITE . This tells MetArt that there is a member who wants to see more of her. It is more important than a high rating to keep her busy I think. Its like giving her a rating of 11 or 12.

Thanks Neil....and you too Rylsky:)

The rating system means nothing....too easily rigged and abused:(

As I told Rylsky earlier, I will not give any model less than a 9.....if she's not a 9 or 10 to me, I just don't vote for her at all.
I don't want to "down grade" a model that might be another members favorite.

Let us be correct in details. Ratings means nothing for both of us personally (you and I both glad to see some photos of our favs and to meet with model even without any voting system), but it is very important in general:

- for content managers of site,
- for models who interested to work on a site (it depends in first hand on a ratings of course)
- for photographers who wants to keep model working again and again if it is pure biz and no personal relationships based on non-commercial things and maybe feelings.

you will never see model here many times if 100s of "voters" gave her rank far lower than 9.00

Thanks Rylsky, I do understand what you are saying.

But....it's a shame that ratings can be skewed by members who give a "10" to their favorite, but vote a "1 or 2" for any model that is in competition with their favorite.

This is an example why this system doesn't work fairly;

As I write this comment Jeff Milton is #7. If a member likes Jeff Milton better than Flavia A (currently #6) or Lily C (currently #5) then they could give Jeff Milton a "10" but Flavia A and Lily C a "1" simply to help Jeff Milton move up in popularity.

The current system is too easy to manipulate.

It would be a fairer system if a models popularity was based upon how many "added as a favorite" votes they receive.
This way only positive votes would matter.

All I can do is manage my own project the way I want it taking attention to any details that I feel like useful. That's why (as example) we have 3 special contracts with at least 3 of our models and we will update them monthly based on both MA and RA ratings + hidden stats and friendly relationships. At the other hands - we never know when model will stop her career as erotic model. If we will have 9 of 10 top models who retired - what for the ratings then? And what to do if some models voted 200 times and some models voted 20000 times? and who are the joury? we know who is referee when we play pro-sport. If the fans of home team will take decisions - away team will always be down...

I think hall of fame is only way to present models forever and out of ratings and fan - clubs

many many things that can't be measured, but at least it is great that we discuss all that in public area.

many many thanks to all members who are constructive. we are working for you even if we are not your favs.

Have a great weekend to all

Correct, Neil.

The word for the day: Nubile. Young female old enough to marry. Young female with youthfulness and sexual attractiveness.

I love the way the set opens up! The very cute Jeff, innocently sipping on some tea by the window in just an open shirt. What could be more erotic than this? I also like the contrast of the second half, plain white background, nothing but Jeff. Between the two, a super variety of poses, including full frontals. Definitely the best set of the day. Thank you Rylsky and Jeff.

This girl is absolutely breathtaking, the face of an angel, tight sexy teen body, beautiful bottom, just perfect

A very pretty girl. I love the plane background shots; no distractions.

J. Milton's blog:

Could anyone be cuter than this lovely child/woman? I suppose it my be possible but you would have to show me. I try very hard to not use the words "the" and "best" together about any model because it is always subjective and just a matter of opinion but I will say that Jeff drives me crazy. The sweet innocent face combined with that fabulous body is for me as close to perfection as you can get. One of the things that really impresses me is the ease and maturity with which she poses. She appears to be totally comfortable even in the most revealing poses. I love this girl and I have no doubt that I am not in the minority.

The first half of this set is awesome! the setting, the lighting, the awesome mix of closeups and wide angle and of course the model. It had a comfortable naturalness to it. This is the type of environment that I like especially for Jeff. The second half was definitely a step down. Not only was it to harsh and bland but the white balance was not right and the skin tones were not good either. Please, Jeff should have beautiful things around her, A garden, a sumptuous room, a green and shady meadow. The stark white background sucks away much of her charm and seems cold and uninviting.

Yes, we also think about living in California, maybe we will create donation page somewhere in the WWW to buy some cottage. Russia is much colder.

I imagine an ambiance that, in addition to Jeff, has just colored lights and an armchair

I have best revised the second part of this set.
In response to hipshot131 I proposed the colored lights and an armchair.
Rylsky has removed lights and armchair.
Much better that way.
Newton says, 'simplicity is divine'

Almost exactly like the second part of this set that, I think, even better than the first

You would find it less appealing in real life. It is hot and dry unless you live near the ocean and has very bad traffic. I was raised in California and choose to move away when I was in my twenties. I go back now to visit family but I can hardly recognize where I used to live. Today is is 27C in my old home town. I the summer it is common for it to be 42C and no rain for 2 to 3 months.

The Russians in Santa Barbara, the Americans in St. Petersburg.
Bring me when you go there.

In Russia's European part we had above 20C average only 4 months this year. Coldest year in this century. What? Somebody call it Global Warming?

Dazzling, delightful, divine, delicious!

It's great to see the lovely Jeff back here again, she is a cute as can be.

There is a definite contrast between the first half of the set and the second. I personally prefer the first half where Jeff is set against an 'indoor' setting. The white background is a little plain for me. Great set of pictures regardless Ry.

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