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Great!! Absolutly beautyfull Girl and really fantastic erotic gallerys

All Jeff's photos are edited TOO DARN MUCH. I would say her beauty was practically ruined by over used photoshop.
Rylsky needs to learn how set proper photo lighting instead of using of photoshop.

WOW, Amazing young lady!!

To Tunatown.

Sir, are you talking to me? What did you make thinking that I hate this site? I love it. In fact, I am a patriot of Met-art much more than I am a patriot of USA.

First of all, criticizing doesn't mean hating. Just in opposite: a critic is much more useful than an admirer. Of course, people love admirers much more than critics. But I'd say critics are leading this world forward, not admirers.

Here is a good example. Rylsky's fans were worshiping him no matter what he was producing. It caused dramatic decreasing of his photos' quality. Other people, not me, OTHER PEOPLE said that he started producing of repetitive and boring sets. I didn't try to be the Mr. Nice Guys and said straightly: Mr. Rylsky, stop making bullshit! Yes, Sir, it was rough, it was unpleasant... But look at his last sets! They are much more creative than before. Criticizing helped, didn't it?
Now my aim is helping Mr. Rylsky to stop making of unnatural "electronic" photos.
Dear Sir, I believe you are satisfied with my explanation.

Alex, I would hope you that realize many of these sets are months...even years...old when they are published.
I doubt very much anything you (or any of us) say (criticism or praise) has any bearing on Rylsky's (or any other photographer's) work.
The next set we see of Jeff Milton could be (and quite possibly is) actually shot prior to this set or any of her former sets.
The date a set is published has nothing to do with the timeline in which it was shot.

Very sexy lady. I must repeat. If you hate this site, please go somewhere else. Why would you subscribe and bitch about it ad nauseum?

Jeff, you are the best!!! You are just the best!! Please never be involved in any kind of porno bullshit. Respect yourself.

Dear Mr. Rylsky,
you see, I am not the only person who criticizes your overused retouching. Other people want to watch model's natural beauty, not your "faked" photos. (Read Yose's comment)

Jeff is one of the nicest Met's models. Imagine how fantastic her sets could look if you show her naturally, not in "electronic versions".

I am wondering if Jeff can be photographed by Goncharov, who produces natural looking photos, unlike Mr. Rylsky.

i hate both photograpers

The photos are far too touched-up. I want the model's natural beauty to show, not an electronic version thereof.


Words that have never before in the history of Jeff's been arranged in a sentence, part 3:

Jeff looks great in that see through nighty.

Jeff is a very beautiful girl.

I want to father Jeff's children.

Maybe not said but I am sure it's on a lot of members minds. Especially the last line ;)

Hey Doug, Check out the new girls video today. You should like this one.

Do not believe there would be many complaints if K granted an exception to the once a month rule in the case of Jeff. IMHO of course.

Nor would I.

I sure wouldn't complain.

This is a rare and boundless beauty in a very petite package --

We must enjoy it while we can.

Killer cheek bones.

Breathtaking model and photography

Jeff Milton is one of the most beautiful ladies in the Met universe,total innocence and beauty. She works a lot on RA,you should check it out. She is in MY opinion, as beautiful as some of the other Met ladies,Ariel N (AKA piper fawn), Danae and her special friend, Antea(AKA Altea), Indiana (AKA Belle) and of course our lady today,Ms. Sofi.As far as I'm concerned,she can call herself anything she wants to. No sane woman puts her real name and address on the net, as MSN can stand for many single nutters as a Welsh friend used to say. Also, as Rylsky has pointed out, many girls leave modeling because they are being abused as sex workers(a few are like Angel or Caprice but that's their problem. They can always quit, or at least switch to girls like Ariel N did.)

But to us who cares?

Watch with caution.
Forbidden for the faint of heart.
Jeff Milton is a bomb of youth, beauty and joy.
Jeff Milton is a bomb of shameless femininity that forces you to look down.
Jeff Milton is "joie de vivre".

.... and Rylsky?
He makes you see her jewelry.

Typical Rylsky, WHAT THE HELL IS THE POSE IN PIC 18?! IT'S NOT SEXY!!!!!!! Get it through your head Rylsky, we do not want poses that look like the girl is about to crap on the floor! STOP IT!!!!!!

Having said that, 77 is incredible. You can obviously take amazing shots Rylsky, so why not just do it all the time and spare us the pics that look like freeze-frames from the worst modern dance performance imaginable?!

Woooo that butt! Funny the name jeff used to make me think of.goofy guy not gorgeous girl.

Jeff: a convict of jail?
A blond angel.

What a starting page! #5 so innocent and lovely then 11 trough 13 are an open invitation. A few more close in and sexy shots then 73 through 76 melted my heart looking at that lovely face and into those mesmerizing eyes. Then the OMG moment when you reach 115 where those eyes grab you and suck you into the set followed by 3 more fantastic portraits. What more need I say Jeff is a master of the mood change that lovely face is her magic. IMHO it impossible to look at that face and feel anything less than AWE. At 18 she has won everyone's love and awe and I see no way for us to free ourselves from her spell. After all, Why would we want too?

You describe very well the impact that Jeff's eyes and face make.

She does have a beautiful face a pretty eyes.

Wow, everyone is posting early today.

What an outstanding set picture set of the lovely Jeff, you hit the nail on the head with this one. Jeff you look awesome.

Miss Jeff Milton is always perfectly wonderful. So very cute, so very sweet, so very beautiful and so very sexy. She is the perfect little doll.

And you have perfectly summed up my very thoughts exactly. No need for me to comment on this one now :-)

Lovely Girl. Very nice set.

Such a lovely young lady. So many lovely smiles.

The head shot on page 4 is darling and the ones at the end are like icing on a muffin.

Ry has Jeff in I think 6 sets RA two of his set "Titles" describe her perfectly. Precious and Little Treasure. Because she is both. And just 18. By the way, she probably wont comment here but she is a blogger on Ry's site. wish she would "tease" us with her words as well as her body here. And another set title says it all for me "Dreaming of Me" My dearest Jeff, I will tonight.

Oh yes, and I can think of no one I would rather dream of.


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