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  • Yves
  • 11 months ago:

Absolutely perfect !!!

Beautiful....a feast to all senses!!! I would even kiss your shadow, Jotzen

There is no doubt : Jeff is on top of every league :! beauty, seduction, constant alertness . I am astonished at the quality of her presence throughout each exercise, at her will to please and conquer, which she manages wonderfully .

Help me.

Incredibly beautiful.

Could there be a more perfect girl? Words like stunning, gorgeous, adorable, goddess, angel, just don't seem to capture the reality.

she knows what we want. METART'S best ever pussy gallery.

what a pussy!!!! I fell in love with her

This might be the sweetest photo set I've ever seen on Met Art and it's no doubt because of Jeff Milton. It also may have caused the most damage to my heart. 112 is probably my favorite, with the rest coming in 2nd. I hope I don't go to hell for all the lustful thought running through my mind as I sit her admiring this beautiful model. Thank you Jeff and Rylsky, you made my day.

She is delightful...



  • 2 years ago:

So nice to see two sets of her come out in such a short period of time, here and on Rylsky Art. Of the two, I think I like the one on RA better, but they're both very good (and Jeff Milton, as always, is an incredible beauty). I hope she continues to get a lot of work on both sites with Rylsky behind the camera.

It's all been said already, this set rocks! They could use these pictures to revive heart attack victims, they are that amazing. If this set doesn't get a guy rock hard, then nothing will.

Rylsky, your photography here is impeccable.

I'm in love with a girl named Jeff!!!

GREAT SET!!!! Jeff looks so adorable (love to see her ass and feet). Please create many more angelic sets like this one. I'll give this set a 100%

A charmer.

Unbelievable Jeff Milton.
Sweet cream puffs, absolutely female.

Incredible Rylsky.
Art with the most uninhibited unscrupulousness.
Perfect. I have no words.


Truly spectacular! J has the ability to leave one not only speechless but breathless... If Rylsky is the one that discovered this jewel, he's elevated himself to hero status with me! Her appeal is simply off the chart!!

Jeff Milton is a perfect 10 as far as looks and figure, and is shot against a perfect background by our consistently top photog. As for her stage name she can call herself anything she wants to, it helps keep the trolls away.I gave Jeff and Rylsky both 10++++ each.

I am becoming completely addicted to this young lady.

You are in good company I assure you.

The wonderful thing about Jeff Milton is how she simultaneously evokes feelings of girl-next-door innocence and cuteness, and yet fully adult womanly sexuality and sensuality, and is indubitably the master of her own sexuality.
One feels that being with her would be marvelous fun in a childlike way during the day, while, by night...

I agree with all of the above comments . She is a BABE . But Jeff ? I call her Milly .

According to Rylsky, she picked the name Jeff. I call her Angel.

What a babe, what a body..!

A wonderful explicit set of the excrutiatingly beautiful er...Jeff?!

She has such a great natural "mischievous" look related to her adorable features, I wouldn't mind if she "took it off" a little slower :)

Jeff Milton is the definition of cute.

We sure can complain about lack of closeups. I would have liked to see more standing rear shots of the lovely butt but that's picking nits. She certainly has a pretty little kitty. That is gourmet stuff for sure.

?? !! ??

Can't complain!

Our girl Jeff is perfectly wonderful. She is as cute as cute can possibly be. She is as precious a she could be. And she is as beautiful as any darling young lady could be. She is so very precious, so very sweet and so very sensual. A perfect little delicate porcelain doll. A pearl of truly great value.

You won't get any argument from me!

Jeff Milton seems to have cornered the market on adorable. She has the cutest face imaginable, and it comes with one of the most lickable bodies in the hemisphere. That's a lethal combination. I love it.


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