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The model is perfect, unfortunately she looks pale and bloodless due to retouching.

Got my "10" for the day.

Personally, I like her just the way she is -- no need to change a thing. And I imagine her boyfriend likes it that way, too.

... wow, I just said holy shit out loud. Just when you think it's safe to go in the water, damn.

Rylsky, you have a winner here for sure. J.M. is so damn cute and I love everything about her. I dare say this could be my favorite set of the week and I don't say that lightly given that it has been a great day and week at MA.

I need to get over to RA and see more of her, I have a hunch that what is posted at MA is just the appetizer.

Rylsky, you da man and Jeff, you da woman!

Baralamma-jah-jah-jah, man... man... rastaman

Jeff Milton and Rylsky - what a winning combination!

Thanks a lot to both of you for this wonderful set :)

Oh to be a table lamp now that spring is here....
Jeff is eyewateringly beautiful..deserves far more than 10!
Wonderful set

As usual with Rylsky's photo shoots of Ms. Milton, off the chart. I wish he would take a photo of her that I could rate something other than a 10!
Love the "long lines" she creates with her lovely long legs and then everything else with all the other poses... :)



Woman, you own my soul.


If she hasn't already, I expect J will be presented with many opportunities to move on to bigger and better things. She's too beautiful for that not to happen. And don't bother to ask for clarification. It is what it is.

Your attempted prohibition is akin to farting and jumping off the elevator just before the doors slam shut.

Clarification please.

I assume (could be wrong of course) that rachsback feels Jeff may have offers to join a club that includes Caprice A, Katherine A, and a few other girls.....at least that what I make of his "It is what it is" comment.

Hmmm, maybe. . .

Succulent nipples and yummo cookie...❤ all 3!

Well, if the bone-o-meter is any indication, this set is up there with the best!

Jeff is such an angelic-doll! I like the way she likes to show her cute pussy. Would love to see more pics from behind, please and thanks.

Would love to see more pics from behind

Show me links with requested examples, please.

Jeff is adorable. I just want good things for her always.

Jeff Milton is a goddess and she knows it. And Rylsky is a genius for finding her and for such amazing photography.

This one knocks my socks off, so much pleasures in viewing great beauty like her; definitely more of her please, Thank you, thank you!

My Dear Jeff, you are absolutely Delicious!
Every set, whether here or RA, leaves me wanting more but I guess that is the point, huh?
Perfection Personified!


Jeff Milton is so pretty she even has pretty toes. and that takes some doing in the prettiness department. As for the name she chooses to use,that's totally her choice, whatever keeps the flies off, as grandmother used to say specialy with all the problems going on. I absolutely am forced to give Jeff a 10++++.Also she is confident as a model,she starts the set nude.

Not even dreams are up to the beauty of Jeff.
Jeff beautiful beyond all words.
Happy encounter with Rylsky that of her beauty makes sparks of fireworks.

I've never been jealous of a lamp until now.


Sensational model, supreme photography. Superlatives abound and are fully warranted.

I love that the model is naked from the outset, making all the set about the glorious naked figure of Jeff (such an unfortunately masculine name for such a femme) with just the one diversion with the lamp......

we have J.M.'s blog where "the name question" was already answered.
somebody said about names: "the name will always be MY LOVE".

Jeff is just so beautiful and cute. And she gets more so with each new set. She isa very special remarkable young woman. It is always so very nice to see her. What a doll.

I must say that I do not like the venue for this set. Many of Rylsky's models have been photographed in this room. Indeed today's set on RA was done in this room. In my opinion, the pale orange wallpaper, the red carpet and white furniture with powder blue cushions just do not go together. It is all too busy. Sorry Rylsky, but you have so many better locations.

No sorries needed, Neil!
You are welcome with any criticism, because it is an example of respectful (and detailed description) criticism

It's always a special occasion when Jeff Milton poses nude on Met-Art. One of those days you really look forward to.
Unbelievably cute, so pretty, wonderful smile, a beautiful body and some lovely poses. I hope she graces the galleries of Met-Art for many years to come.

for years on MA? possible.
for years on RA - be sure.

Hopefully a video soon?

videos are in process, but now only for RA.

I have been straining my brain to think of something to say suitable to the outstanding nature of this set. I got nothing except I think this may be Jeff's best set yet. Pure sugar. ( :

best set yet or best set HERE?

Best set here. I think her first and second sets on RA are better yet. ( :

we all hope the best is yet to come

...I can't figure out why images # 35 & 36, and 44 - 47 are particularly stimulating to me... ( ;

#1-120 caught my eye...and I know why!

the winner comment for today. take your special prize from J.M.

You are a man and Jeff is a very pretty young lady. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Welcome back Jeffrey. We have missed your lovely cuteness.You should be wearing ankle strappy high heels though. It would look much nicer.

Cute and yummylicious!

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