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I recommend to reduce the using of retouching in ALL photos, especially when you are taking so great model like Jeff.

When Jeff Milton appears on Met Art I am seriously in danger of splitting my jeans. How could anyone rate this gallery as less than 10?

The more I look at pictures from this set, the better it gets. The combination of the model (of course), the hair style, the lighting, the makeup... I hope Rylsky shot 7000 sets that day.

I hope Rylsky shot 7000 sets that day
Since 2006 it was 1000 sets from Rylsky online on MA (8 years)... 7000 sets per day? for ...years of updates?

7000 sets of Jeff, from that day, delivered straight to me all at once.

Well, I can dream, anyway. :)

I already answered this request many times: J.M. will be updated for years on RA.

In all seriousness, I think this is the most gorgeous Jeff has looked in all of her sets. My compliments to you and your crew, you really captured an amazing beauty in an amazing way.

The question of taste, sir. We all have some preferences and love different details, colors, etc. Let me say that my own favorite photos of her are in different sets and of course something absolutely unique was (and will be) presented on RylskyArt.com only. And we will update her backstage photos on RA, you'll see something (hidden side of J.M.)that was never seen before.

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: Blissfully adorable model, wonderful range of poses covering all the things I adore, great hair and m/u, just spot on wonderful. 10/10. Jeff has that intoxicating mix of sweet/innocent/cute with incredibly sensual and erotic, all blended in a perfect balance that is just so completely charming, disarming and HOT! And yet ... this set had a very natural, not-over-worked feeling that made it all very approachable and enjoyable. Skill is at its best when it doesn't FEEL like there was intentional control, but all looks so easy and serendipitous. Excellent, simply excellent.

EVEN BETTER FOR ME: darker sheets ... while the light and exposure for Jeff herself is perfect (and big, big thanks on that!!), the blown out white of the sheets in many shots is distracting. Studies have shown that the viewer's eye is drawn to white/light tones (darnit!), so we have to watch this as shooters. It's a curious photography thing ... when we get the subject completely right, and in this case, JUST right!!!, but introduce a distracting element unintentionally. Easy solution? Darker tone sheets. Better contrast that way too.

So, what am I saying, that there's something better than "A truly AMAZING set of Jeff"? ONLY "An amazing set of Jeff, with no distractions." :)

Best set by both photographer and model. Thank you!

One thing for sure, we need to have more and more of this delious woman!!

Oh who really cares! Jeff is a hottie! Thanks for the wonderful pics Rylsky! You Rock!


Please give us some pictures of Jeff in panties. I have looked at all her sets here and your site and no panties to be found. I am sure Jeff wears panties.

Or starting off in her favorite bikini. Based on her tan lines, I'm sure she wears one, and it's probably adorable.

No ! Panties are strictly forbidden ! ( Or should be ) .

Now that is just the silliest thing to say, ever.
Panties can be enjoyed for the opening shots and then removed; that way, EVERYONE gets to see what he likes. ( :

Fair comment. I stand suitably chastised.

we'll do

Yes please.

Yes, please... ( :

I can't recall Jeff and Rylsky producing a sub-par set. Pic #30 - Lollipop Toes!!

This has to be one of my all time favorite sets. What a sweetheart she is!

Rylsky might say download it twice and Jeff is twice as nice. You know a set is so outstanding when you can't pair it down to your 20 favorite shots or even 50 out of 121. Too hard to pick, every picture is inspiring. Why even try?

Two eliminate any of these would be a crime. There is no photo of Jeff that is not worth keeping.

Jeff Milton is not terrestrial.
Its beauty and her being completely uninhibited are from another planet.
Jeff where you came from?
Rylsky not let her go away.

I think the word you're looking for is "ethereal".


i LOVE you Jeff.......oh gosh, what did I just say?

Cutest nose ever.

Well I have to congratulate you on finding a part of her that had no yet been mentioned. 8^)

I know you loved details and that's why i bet you have "PP" folder right after "PN" which contains Caesaria as well.

The only thing better than waking up to Jeff, would be waking up NEXT to Jeff!!! However...IF an angel could fall from heaven, does anyone really believe she would display herself on the 'interweb'...;o) Who needs "angels" when we have Jeff!?? Besides, if Jeff is an angel, that would make Rylsky GOD! since he brought her to us.. Are we ready for THAT!? (lmao!) Really nice set! Really yummy girl!

Jeffie's face is as fresh as a spring daisy!

Nice set! Jeff is soooo cute! Need a lot more pics and a vid or two please.

Request accepted

- "yes" for more sets on MA.
- we have signed contract for 3+ years of monthly updates on RylskyArt.
- videos of J.M. are in process, but only on RylskyArt.

I'm going through J.M withdrawals! Where are the monthly updates and the video of Jeff on RylskyArt?

Where are the monthly updates and the video of Jeff on RylskyArt?
Monthly updates on RA - you got it on RA as promised, video - you'll see it too.
Sorry, I can't understand you...
"Where are the clouds in the sky?" - same question.

Awesome news!

well known news, sir

What a Monday morning treat - waking up with Jeff

This young babe is quite spectacular. Angelic, sexy, beautifully rounded & pale skinned.

Can't get enough of Jeff - love to see her beautiful derriere clad in white cotton panties soon..!

Now there's a yummy thought! One to cheer me up ALL day... ( :

I'd even buy them for her if I knew where to send them. In fact the idea of her appearing in undies that I bought for her would be a dream come true :O)

To all model photographers everywhere, I wish we saw a LOT more shots like 60 - leaning forward, looking in our eyes, breasts hanging forward (as if above us). I'm amazed that the basic angle/gravity isn't used more often, but hopefully this is the beginning of a more frequent trend.

"In other news," Jeff is always great, but this is my favorite make-up look on her in quite a while, that "luminous young angel" look. Altogether looks like my favorite set of the year so far.

Jeff Milton is a perfect beauty, from her lovely face to her cute pink toes.That takes some doing in the cuteness department. in short She is a total beauty. Since a woman cant be beautiful as this without a sweet gentle intelligent personality she obviously qualifies as a total beauty,since personality is a large part,(about 90%) of erotic modeling (That's because 90% of all eroticism takes place in the brain both of model and audience. Jeff Milton and Rylsky both get a 10++++. what else can I do?

100% agreement from me.

Ohh Jeffrey !


When I think of Jeff Milton, I think cute, sweet, and oh-so-irresistibly adorable...
Since her debut in Rylskyland last year, I will never ~ ever ~ think of "Jeff" the same way again. ( :

Jeff, Aza, Colleen. Okay, I get it. It's "Drive the Membership Nucking Futs Day".

Cute and sexy overload.

I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her I love her

I love this comment, Checkers!

at least this is a most unusual comment I've seen here for months.

me too me too me too me too

So do I So do I So do I So do I

....so.... you think she's pretty neat? ( ;

Yeah, she's okay I guess.... ;)

A little OCD there Checkers???.....not a problem, I suffer from the same disorder:))

Well, I absolutely HAVE to agree with ya, Checkers. ( :

What a mighty little bundle of energy! Jeff is always beautiful and cute and sexy, but more than that, Jeff just shines with so much radiant personality. It seems to explode through the screen. Viewing one of Jeff's gallery just makes me feel happy.

I am glad I downloaded this gallery (as if there was any chance I wouldn't).

So many great pictures, but #89 especially resonated with me; #57 would have been a tie if it had been full-length.

Thank you very much Jeff and Team Rylsky for this wonderful collaboration.

Personally, I couldn't possibly pick a favourite photo from this wonderful set. Excellent work from Jeff and Rylsky. Jeff is so sweet, sexy, adorable, cute, and special.

Can one imagine waking up to this face each morning? Thanks to Jeff and Rylsky we don't have to. Each fantasy needs a context and this fantasy is perfectly framed.

Great work!

Agreed, That was the first thing I thought when I saw those first two photos! And #3 puts it right there for you. The only thing better would be waking with the lovely head on your shoulder and her body snuggled against you with the fragrance of her hair in your nostrils! Absolute Euphoria

...and I thought I couldn't dream anymore... ( :

As much as I loved the intimate closeups it was the facials that blew me away. 62 was great but 75 and 76 stopped me dead in my tracks! and the last 8 photos were the perfect climax capped perfectly by that awesome closeup of her picture perfect breasts.

I have a subfolder called "Angelic" where I save her best beautiful-face shots. It already has 193 photos, and it will have lot of additions after today.

I concur. Totally.

cuter than cute, a nice present for this monday, thank you

Spectacular! There is no doubt that Jeff fell from heaven. Such beauty could not be mere human. She must be an angel. Each new set I say it can't get any better but each new set proves me wrong. The master gave us another masterpiece. The combination of pure white and the bright pink is so pleasing and the closeups of that unbelievably perfect pubic area and pretty pink labia is are beyond dreams. Each mouthwatering shot better than the one before. If I could see nothing else I would be satisfied but Jeff's lovely face and those eyes are equally as spectacular. Each new set is a new delight and I am never let down. Jeff is as sweet as honey and even more desirable.

Thank you Ry for some of the most awesome closeups to date and Thank you Jeff for blessing us with you immeasurable beauty and charm. You have my vote for best of the week!

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