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Mr. Rylsky ...your technical expertise with Jeff (amongst most others in your repertoire) continue to astound me. It must be quite hard (pardon the pun) to take a bad photo of this dear thing. I especially love (and yes, that's the right word) her pose in frame #17 - it harkens back to the days of early Playboy poses, with the model laying on her back. In this case it's Jeff with those adorable perky young breasts pointing skyward. The only thing I can think of that would have made this shot any more erotic would have been to have Jeff wearing a sheer white dress shirt/blouse, open to the navel, exposing not quite all of her breast but with a hint of erect nipple straining to break free of the encumbrance of the shirt. But I can dream can't I?

Thanks for another wonderful set with this little wood nymph!

Jeff is such an adorable (edible) "Baby Doll"!

Though very explicit pics, Jeff keeps shifting from a girl to being a lady. So much grace and style in her positions and looks that look confident, arrogant and playful. Great set.

absolutely delicious. 10

She is just so cute and kissable , ( not only on the mouth ) .

Jeff is a favorite of many of us, and for good reason. She's amazing! The ratings are sometimes weird, but in this case the high score is evidence that not only is Jeff HOT but we love to see what's behind those lovely lips, and there's nothing as good as natural girl juices. She must taste divine!

Love this girl =)

Got my "10" --

And she need not feel obligated to grow anything to keep it.

Jeff is one of the few who make me keep my subscription going to MetArt, so many way too tame photo sets... she really is a joy to behold!

The table is set, lets eat!

enough salt'n'pepper?

seasoned perfectly, Rylsky

Perfect setting for this delicious treat! Positively adorable!

Jeff serves up a DELICIOUS spread...she's sure to get a BIG tip!!!

Wow. Glad this was released on a weekend. :)

There aren't enough words in all the languages of the world to properly describe how much I adore this little beauty. I love her, я люблю ее, la amo, Ich liebe sie, fi cariad ei, Jeg elsker hende, Is breá liom í, Gustung-gusto ko ang, kanyang, την αγαπώ, ég elska hana, tôi yêu cô ấy.

Beautiful girl, beautifully photographed.

Thank you, Jeff and Rylsky :)

Jeff is very beautiful as she is lying down on that table.Makes you think that dinner is served.

Thank you for this comment!

special bonus for August of 2014: 4 updates of J. Milton on RylskyArt.com

Hopefully at least one is a video that we've all been waiting for breathlessly.

videos of JM? probably yes

Well, there's four days I'll probably be late for work. :)

I'd probably get fired for no longer showing up at work. She'd be almost impossible to leave behind.

Jeff Milton is giving ue her take on the question raised yesterday by Night A,namely "How beautiful can one woman be at less than 100 pounds" I gave Jeff Milton a 10+ infinity and Rylsky the same for keeping such perfect records on the subject.

And don't forget the Petals volume no 1-3. Tassia,Night, nad Vittoria are demonstrating what true petals are,and hopefully the lovely Jeff Milton will too

Our ultrafeminine ultracutie Jeff is back! It sure seems like longer than a month since we saw her last... but this shoot is perfect. Just Jeff in her birthday suit, and a spectacular suit that is. ( : Yummy, pink, curvy.... mmmmmmm.

Indeed she is the most beautiful girl in the world name Jeff i known.

The eternally lovely Jeffa, As sweet and lovely as ever. What can I say that would come close to describing her charm. She has us all on a leash and totally in her power. the little lady with the strange name is forever etched in my brain and resistance is futile!

Imagine finding a young woman like Jeff on your dining table. What a great feast. Rylsky did an excellent job at setting the table. Jeff is as beautiful as ever and still as cute as cute can be. Such an adorable little sweetheart.

She's delicious.

Definitely throws a new light on the question, "What's for dinner?" ( : Rather, dessert....

Don't forget to say grace.

Oh, TRUST me.... ( : ( : ( :

shes hot love this set

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