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Over used retouching is a common issue of all Rylsky's photos. Sorry.

Awesome set! Jeff M is looks so sweet, juicy and adorable! Would love a lot more of her. Please and thanks.

OMG! WOW! She can cum and do my ironing any day! :)

I am confused and conflicted.

When beautiful Jeff stands, her shapely breasts nearly impossibly defy gravity. Yet when she reclines or lies down her breasts splay to the side(s) as breasts are supposed to. What's up with that?

No need for a mass hissy fit, it's just an observation.

She doesn't defy gravity. She is young. She is defering the effect of gravity until she is older. ;)

This girl is so beautiful that I don't know what to look at first !

Her eyes? Her face? Her bod? Her hair?

My gawd !

I just TILT.

Dear Jeff,

Can you do me a favor, and help give me my breath back? It's completely gone after seeing your newest photo set. Thanks.



Ha, now that my senses are slowly coming back to me, after seeing the sensory overload of beauty that is Jeff Milton in this photo set, I must say that I'm happy to see Jeff wearing a bikini to start the picture thread! I've been requesting for months on RA for her to wear some sort of outfit/clothing to start her photo set, and now, here it is! Very sexy! Thank you!

I really like the summer theme of this set, and Jeff must be the cutest woman I've ever seen at the beach! So many sexy poses, nice combinations of playful/innocent and more serious facial expressions, and great overall camera angles/photography. More photo sets of her like this, PLEASE!

Just yesterday, I was thinking that it had been far too long since we've been blessed with a visit from the lovely Miss Milton and now, here she is. If that's the trick, I'll be sure to have that thought more often.

Although Jeff is as cute as a newborn kitty, too much of a "good" thing, can make that "good" thing into a very "average" thing...and that's not "good". Kinda like this phoney California beach set....very average.

@ Rock:

There is something eerily familiar about your first sentance after the comma.

Hmmmmmm... What could it be?? What COULD it be!?.....

As usual, some subscribers get themselves in a tizzy about the setting of the photo shoot. All I know is that Jeff is never looked prettier and her delicious body is totally enticing.

Surf's up...so's my libido!

WOW. Wow golly bikini wow gee whiz tan lines wow wow naughty gee whillickers windblown hairstyle golly golly wow wow Jeff Jeff JEFF.

"10" is not a high enough number to properly rate this set.

To me, this sits alongside Tapjoa as the best Jeff set.

Mmmmm hmmmm to ALL that. ( :

If I got hit with a computer virus tomorrow, and it was going to delete every file on my computer but I could save one folder of my choosing, I would pick the folder where I keep Jeff's photo sets.

This set puts an awesome spin on the tired beach set and gives it new life. The incorporation of the surf board was brilliant.

Jeff is one of the most charming models on this site. She seems so sweet and innocent,but then she can turn into a hot ball of smoldering seduction that makes you want to spend hours locked away alone with her.

Thank you Rylsky for bringing us this sweet, tantilizing beauty. You always do wonderful work with Jeff. Please bring us more of her soon! Especially images like #114.

Jeff Milton, surfer chick. What could be better? And we have shots of her pretty back to go with her pretty front. Jeff is always so sweet and innocent that any set with her shot by Rylsky is a masterpiece, absolutely a 10+ infinity.

It seems she needs some help with her gential shaving routine.

I gladly volunteer. I even bring my own razors.

Time for a video, so we can see Jeff's playful personality in action.

September, 14th, 2014
on Rylskyart.com

That's a Sunday. Good. I won't have to worry about being late for work. Thank you, Rylsky. : )

Today's life lessons, as taught by the scrumptious Jeff:
1) Yes, bikinis are still sexy.
Though I felt that Rylsky could have exploited this one more, Jeff had indications of a lovely cameltoe that we didn't get to explore adequately, IMO.
2) Life is, indeed, better at the beach. Esp. when a cute surfer chick like Jeff is there. ( :
How, you might be asking yourself, would it be possible to see five ~ yes, I said five ~ new sets of Jeff Milton in one single month?
The answer, as RylskyArt members know, is when it is "Jeff-tember" on RA, and Rylsky has given us four sets of Jeff on RA, plus this set here on MA.
Life is indeed good, in Jeff-tember... thank you Jeff and Rylsky!

And you know, Jeff has the cutest tan lines ... too bad she didn't sunbathe/tanning bed in the altogether - no tan lines (definitely NOT a bad thing) and she could get her skin color to match those oh-so beautiful areolas of hers.

I'm one of the ones who likes tan lines. I think of them as a reminder that little Jeff is sharing something special with us.

I'm glad that Rylsky is not "Hogging" Jeff to RA and throwing a bone to those of us not fortunate enough to be on RA as well.

kilroy, I've been a member of MA since 2010 and tried subscriptions to various of the "family" sites, and over the years, occasionally they have offered me a really good deal... such as the first time I subscribed to RA it was still a new site and they gave me a very low promo price. But over time they gave me more and more promotional "specials" like that. Perhaps they will do the same for you?

They have, I get the offers all the time, but time is the issue, not money. I would love to subscribe to RA, SA and ED, in addition to that off-network site that we are both on, but I'm afraid I wouldn't get anything done.

I hear ya... I would at a minimum subscribe to RA if I were you. ( :

take 5
just take five...

my recommendation is : performed by Al Jarreau, recorded live.
rare 1976 (German TV)


Of course , seeing this , I had to write about "our Jeff " . Has she moved to California ? I hope not , we don't want her to get involved with any of that Californian porn shit . Silicon boobs etc . We like our Jeff just the way she is , pretty and sooooo sweet.

once again


"LIFE IS GOOD AT THE BECAH"...says the small placard behind JEFF, especially if you are enjoying it together with a sex-doll like JEFF MILTON, which open nice and wide her beautiful legs while displaying such a sexy, enticing smile. She is simply gorgeous, please come back soon love!!

"LIFE IS GOOD AT BEACH" Says the small placard behind JEFF,... especially if you enjoy it together with a sex-doll as JEFF MILTON, which opens nice and wide her legs, displaying such a sexy and enticing smile...if only I had the chance to f*** her once. Anyway thank you love and come back soon.

Life would be good anywhere Jeff is!

The background is fake but Jeff is the real thing so who is looking at the Fake beach shack? Jeff never fails to bring her A game and a big smile. Gotta love her. She is just too cute and cuddly to resist and the closeups say she is all woman and as sexy as can be. I like the fact that here she can play in the sand without it getting in all those sweet pink places where it should never go.

Agreed, Jeff demonstrates the right way to play with sand in the nude.

I can't agree that there is ANY "right way" to play in the sand while "nude"!! To me, nudity and sand are like sugar in your gas tank! IOW...not a good thing...;o)

Wow....That is all I can say.

Looks like it's all you needed to say...lol

Saturday morning, and the love Jeff is here to greet me.

Our incredibly beautiful lady named Jeff. Always so very sweet, so very cute and so very precious. You got to love her darling face and her perfectly sexy body. Every inch of her body is absolutely gorgeous.

The background setting for this set seems artificial to me. I did not know that there was much surfing in Russia. I mean, are there a lot of big waves in the Black Sea. I really like photos 116, 117 and 118. I like how Rylsky caught the sand in the air. Its not particularly erotic, but it is a nice effect.

Neil, haven't seen you post very much lately. Hope all is well.

It does look like a phoney set, but Jeff is there, she's not phoney and that is what I focus on. The theme is secondary to the model, and Rylsky is good about keeping it that way. The sand-captured shots are a testimony to his talent.

@ Neil:

I obviously have to get up earlier.

I swear that this is the second instance in very close proximity where we have had the same idea - your comment on the sand frozen in air and another one.

It's is spooky how we remind me of a hockey game featuring 3 and 4 years old players. One brain shared between 10 or 12 players.

One goal - get the puck, beat it to death until it surrenders or miraculously escapes; track it down and repeat.

Not much skill but a ton of fun to watch. (the spooky part is the one shared brain inference only).

I am not sure if you are telling me that I am three or four years old or are you telling me I have a half a brain. Or do you mean I share my brain with four year old hockey players.

@ Neil:

None of the above my friend. I just started at how much your opinion of the sand frozen in air mirrors mine.

I have often thought that in a "game" between little Jaspers, it seems like their minds are so focussed on getting the puck; and then what they ALL do when they get there is priceless! The rest just typed itself.

Have you ever watched really young kids play their version of hockey? It is done sideways on a regular rink so you could have three games going on at once; actually you could probably do 20 at once and nobody would get hurt.

For me the best Rylsky photo set ever! A lot of excellent pictures!

Many good ideas realized. Much inspiration. No repeats. Many different camera angles.

A multitude of wonderful & tasteful poses. Last but not least a flawless lovely model.

This set leaves nothing to be desired. That's exactly what I want to see more often!

10/10 for both Jeff and Rylsky!

"Yes, he can!" - if he wants ........

I'm afraid it was not Rylsky's best set, it was just good weather around you and no headache or pain indaass + good TV show in your area and perfect dinner (breakfast?)... or how can it be real: 8 years thousands of stupid members eat 1000 sets from this ugly Rylsky before see today finally 1 good set...?


Very good, sir.

Rylsky, That's 1,224 sets (MA only), if I counted correctly.

+ EB + RA
yes, this is first good one, all of you was fooled.

Hey he is positive for once. Take it before the real uuusssee comes back! ;)))

I am scared :)))))))))))))))))

Don't be scared, take it with another cup of coffee!

"...be afraid... be very afraid!" LOL

Jeff Milton with Rylsky. Always a winning formula!

Thank you both :)

Thank you too.

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