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Beautiful and very elegant model! So many great shots, too! Thanks!

OK McKay

I don't think you'd get a more beautiful girl taking her clothes off on the internet than this girl.

I don't think you'd get a more beautiful girl taking her clothes off on the internet than this girl.

Jennifer is a hauntingly beautiful girl with amazing eyes and a wonderful sensuous mouth. Her smooth rounded body, full breasts and nipples are a joy, to say nothing of those generous buttocks and thighs hiding her inviting pussy & large dark anus.

Definitely to girl you would like to cuddle up with on a cold November night..! More of this beauty please...

The seductive beautiful eyes, the long blonde hair, the luscious curvy body, the perfect golden globe breasts, the cute sexy feet, the delicious smooth pussy..... This is girl is an amazing beauty. Even though this may not be the best set of her, Jennifer is masterbation heaven!

Show us more of your nice butt hole

Absolutely beautiful woman.

Nice set! I liked it. The ones in the window (that everyone describes as "washed out") make me think of an angel floating in the clouds...;o)
As for Jennifer....I have a hard time getting past those gorgeous eyes!
But once I do, I melt into that gorgeous body. I don't think she CAN do a "bad" set! It's just that some are better than others...;o) For this one, No.93 was all I needed to give it a 10! YUMMY!!

This was not a good photo shoot. I hate it when they play 'hide the pussy'. It is the most unique body part a woman has and she shaves it completely so they can 'hide' it?! This is not the Arkisi I have loved in the past. Jennifer, you have a lovely pussy, don't be shy!

Hidden pussy!? Seriously? I thought No.93 was a pretty good look at it. And several others also. This isn't Twistys. You're not gonna see a lot of "spreads" here, although you will see a few. I like some pink as well as the next guy, but too many girls get too carried away with stretching it out to their cheeks! I don't need to feel like I'm about to fall into it! The "outer parts" is where the differences in beauty are. Nice to take a peek inside, but don't need to see the uterus, or the labia spread like a pancake....;o) But I guess we all have our own preferences.

I am in the pancake camp, but I do like them to build their way up to a pancake in stages.

This was not what I expect of Arkisi! A gorgeous model washed out by overexposed back lit photos. There seems to be an epidemic of these types of sessions lately. This model has a light complexion and delicate features which calls for much more subdued lighting. This set was a fail for and artist I consider one of the best.

Jennifer is great but the photos lack thrill, impoverish her, are a waste.
Inside a room is boring and the positions harm her pretty body.
She needs another photographer with a sense for feminine beauty.

I do not like dark or dim light photo shoots. Likewise I am not overly keen on photo shoots which are so bright that you need to wear sunglasses to view it. I like this photographers work, but not on this occasion.

Jennifer is fantastic! But this is by far the worst photo gallery Arkisi has put out with her, I mean really a doorway as a location setting? This is why I am not a fan of models being photographed by one photographer all the time. Jennifer deserves better than this.

Just when I thought we were going to make it all the way through the shoot without any fruit - there it is! What's with this guy and his fruit fetish?

I totally agree with this. Jennifer is a very beautiful girl, and I was very disappointed with this series !!!

Arkisi taking lessons from Leonardo in how to destroy a photo set with brightness and washed out images as well as uninteresting poses and composition?

Great model, crap photography. Stop churning out pulp please and start supplying quality professional work. This goes for all photographers for MetArt.

poor picture quailty

I'ts true.

There is no "truth", there's only "opinion".

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