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Why are the beautiful models sacrificed to the worst photographers? What's with the whorehouse set? Garish sets completely overwhelm the natural coloration of the model and turn the whole shoot into a circus act.

This is the second models that I see and she is beautiful. Now when it comes to the sex part......it shows meaty vagina. Does anyone finds that beautiful? and what causes it? I am sure we all have seen a normal vagina and what it looks like. Is it too much intercourse causes it? Just wondering.......Feed back please if you got an answer. I am not saying is bad but why it is like that.

She is delicious

Oh boy, Jennifer is so much like Koika .Drop dead gorgeous with a beautiful sad face .Love her.xx

I've never been a fan of blondes or large breasts but she could make me change my mind. She's stunning.

Jennifer is one of the top ten on Met Art! Jennifer, me gustaría que usted tumbarse en la cama, extendió tus hermosas piernas y dame un bastante sonrisa. Y luego simplemente relajarse, cariño... Y justo dejar
que tus coño labios rizar abrir y revelar el secretos adentro tus bastante, rosa coño! Ahora cariño, eso sería increíble para ver!

This girl has a sexy body but her personality is not showing through. Please start enjoying showing off your lovely body, or put your clothes back on and model hat,jewlery! :)

Beauty is more than a hot body, it is a whole person and sparkling eyes and a smile can make a man hard before the clothes come off.

Glad I was able to help her. :)

Give the girl a bloody chance please:) It's her 5th only, set.

Some models can, and do come on set, throw their clothes in a corner and be ready to show all, to all. Not all can.

By the time Jennifer gets there, you and I will both be chomping at the bit, and if #76 in this set is any indication, she'll knock our socks off!!

Patience, my friend.

It's Jennifer.... That's all that matters.

I like the set and the changing lights.

But please, less pouting, more smiling!

The pout is Brigette Bardot SEXY:) Not old enough to remember Brigette???:) She's 78 now, but boy, oh boy, in the 50's & 60's she was every schoolboy's wet dream. She was only in her 20's even THEN. (25 when I first learned about her in 1959)

Men need to drop to their knees and worship this beautiful goddess. Aphrodite has finally returned to walk the earth. Wow, what a beauty!

She's a beautiful girl, that is for certain.

But kneel before no woman. Ever.

In their hearts they will lose all respect.

Make THEM kneel... it's what they want.

I strongly agree

If you don't kneel before them, how do you eat their pussy? :) Oh I am sure I could figure something out.

This girl needs to lighten up and laugh and smile, being beautiful is fine, but come on babe, enjoy showing that beautiful body to the world or put your clothes back on and model hats or jewlery. :)

I'd just LOVE to see you in the same position - centerfold for which, Cleo or Playgirl. Take your pick. After 5 takes, YOU show the world, and everyone on set, how great is, no heating other than the lights, you tell us how you get all cheered up, smiling non-stop for three hours, if you're lucky enough to do the shoot in three hours. Most of these shoots go for 8. And days at a time.

I do agree though, kneeling before the fountain is the less messy way to drink;)

LOL.. Thanks Dr. Phil...

I was about to say "thanks Mel"...(Gibson...) ;o)


Your welcome!

Jennifer has fantastic eyes, a great bum, neat tan lines, and now and then some delicate body hair. I'd like to try to suck the creases out of her nipples.

Join the queue.

Message for the guys who call the shots on met:

What about a nice video featuring Jenny?It would be great to watch this
beauty in motion.Would be OK McKay.

We've already done passionfruit, oranges,apples, grapefruit (whole and segmented), pomegranates, greengages, grapes, lemons, plums, mangoes in syrup, and cherries (red and black). Not to mention strawberries umpteen times. Cue the 16 ton weight.

She is gorgeous, and I LOVE that last picture!

Excellent armpit shots. Too bad she's all smooth from my perspective of course.

Un poco de pelo en el coño es bueno, pero lisa en las axilas es mejor!

Jesus you are a freak.

You could add to that, a very sad, insecure individual, poorly educated, low self esteem, with no ambition and even less self-respect.


Jennifer Mackay is stunningly beautiful, I have a soft spot for beautiful blondes and Jennifer is certainly that. Those eyes are amazing. Jennifer's body is also amazing, perfect in every way.

More Jennifer Mackay please.

I agree in everything but just one thing, she is not a natural blonde, anyway she is a goddess

Who was giving a shit? Who cared? Who DOES care she's not a natural blonde? And says Who? Jennifer is just Plain Fucking Gorgeous, whether blonde, brunette, red-head, brindle or bald!!

Who cares? Must admit though, I've been too busy studying her lips, eyes, breasts, nipples, navel, legs (etc), to care about the color of the roots of her hair. There's just too much more to take delight in:)

So who mentioned "natural"??

latinlover. Check it. 3(?) items above??

Jennifer is beautiful and hot!!! This isn't my favorite set of her. I didn't like all the strong sunlight in the opening photos, and I'd luv to see her smile more!

I agree about the lighting - in some shots it is particularly annoying. Regarding her smiling, I find her tentative, nervous look to be very appealing, and I think that too much smiling would destroy that effect.

I agree, I would like to see Jennifer smile more.

L-L-C I fully agree, NOT her best set and by a long way.

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