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Jennifer, your boyfriend must feel like he hit the lottery as he licks your sweet pussy and then proceeds to come deep inside you.

One of these days, I'll be looking at Jennifer's latest photo shoot, and I'll just explode. Or spontaneously combust.

If she's not my #1 model on Met right now, she's damned close. A pure goddess, with the face of an angel, and a body made for sin.


Blonde dream Girl:-)

Absolutely lovely... supremely gorgeous.
In this set, Jennifer looks like the prom queen every guy wished he could bring home...

If there is a heaven, it must be the pink color of her pussy. For men at least. Wow, what a stunning woman! I'm grateful to at least see her in pictures.

Another great set. First Sharon D and now Jennifer Mackay. My computer is overheating! I think my heart is racing, too. It is a very good day today at MA!

My favourite photo is number 108. Shows off Jennifer's perfect figure.

Well .. of course Jennifer is a stunning beauty. Maybe it is a matter of taste but I am still not so happy with this set in terms of photography. Too overexposed and milky yellowish even if she is a blond one.

I agree. She looks pretty washed out in this set. Too bad as she is such a gorgeous model!

A very interesting thing just occurred. My personal attitude on ratings is becoming apparent. But today when I looked she was a 9.22. I reviewed several of sets and gave her a 10 since I agree with all the good comments today. Her rating jumped to a 9.23. What is interesting is that while a couple of her sets have been in the 9's her last couple have been in the 8's. The votes for her personally are higher than the average of her sets. I have no idea what in he hell that tells us. But for me she is a 10, and I seldom give it out.

swplf2, sometimes if I feel that a new model has wonderful potential that has not yet been shown in her sets, but I really want to see her back again, I will rate her more highly on her personal page than the rating I give to an individual set. I think of it as my signal to MA and to the photogs that I want to see more of this model.
I think that that might be one reason for the phenomenon you are observing... it is obvious from the remarks here that we love Jennifer, but perhaps many members have been relatively disappointed with her sets thus far... but very much want to see further sets in case she continues to "evolve" more in a direction we like.

I'm with you, I don't give out too many 10s. Today is special.

No disrespect intended to others elsewhere, but, I believe she is more attractive than any of Hef's PMOY in the last five years. Absolutely beautiful.

Gorgeous lady!

The title of this set "Ofereix" is a Catalan-Spanish word; "Offer". Jennifer sure does have A lot to offer! Oh! ¡Sí! ¡Sí! Tomaré un poco! Gracias, Jennifer! (;

She's very beautiful, I agree, this is her best set due to her showing more of herself. I'd like to see her break away from her shyness and show us more daring poses.

All pastel and no vibrant colours ,yet a stunning set . Even Jennifer is smiling on two photos . A work of art indeed . Wow !!

The eyes have it! How could you possible look into those deep blue eyes and not give her a 10? And if the face isn't enough That moist pink valley of joy is so tantalizingly perfect only a fool could walk away.

Jen you are AWESOME!

Not about this, Did you look at ANNA AJ yesterday. Would love your input on the issues that we went trough yesterday....

???? Which issues?

What has happened to the rating system and my quest for a HALL OF FAME, you are regular commentator with good opinions. I would like your opinion "if" there should be one. The details can be put together later. And how you feel about the current rating system.

Jennifer is a glamour model in the old-fashioned sense of the term, an off-the-charts gorgeous pinup girl. This is an excellent set, one of her best. Thanks to her and to Arkisi.

Gorgeous girl and gorgeous photography.
And... We're starting to see a hint of Jen's personality, I hope this continues to evolve. I love it.
And Jen, you have a gorgeous smile. I could tell you felt a little uncomfortable smiling for Arkisi (and us), but, for the life of me, I don't know why. You have a really sweet, and gorgeous smile.
This is my favourite set yet Jen. Keep up the good work. And keep smiling :)

Totally agree, hayley. Jennifer's personality really shines through when she smiles!

There's only one word to describe Jennifer and that's 'stunning'.

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