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its a pity there are no videos of this wonder... at least I can't find them

One of the most beautiful girls on the internet today, could we please have some open bottom shots to show off her Anus.

Jennifer is in the top ten of all the metart models this girl is incredible she has it all beauty perfect body she should have new pictures once a week

Jennifer Mackay is totally hot. I can see why she uses a stage name, otherwise she'd have fans coming out of her underwear

pretty, but dull

Big disappointment. Terrible setting and worse lighting. One of the updates that I most look forward to is Jennifer's, but file this one under "hardly worthit". Even Jennifer's incredible beauty can't redeem this one....imo.

Ukrainian Dream:-)

Jennifer has always puzzled me. She's undeniably one of my Ukrainian goddesses, a truly beautiful woman. But she has also mastered that blank, nobody-home expression that fashion models seem to be born with. She just makes her eyes as big as saucers, fixes a vacant stare at the camera and lets her wonderful body take care of the rest. A kewpie doll with a pussy to die for.

Is anybody home? I don't know. But until she produces expressions that suggest real intelligence and personality—life—behind those saucer eyes. I can't put her among the top MetArt models. 9 tops for me.

She saved today for me. 10's all around for this set. Gorgeous woman, a butt to die for and a lovely pussy. Add to that Arkisi's beautiful background and great photography and you have the winner for today's sets!

Have to agree with Fer_realz Jennifer surely brings it out with both her sex appeal,sexy poses specialy the background lighting it really highlights Jennifers lovely body and sexy poses that long blonde hair of hers she got my 10 for this set that's for sure have to agree with the lack of her smiling though !!!!

Glad to see you back rags...

Jennifer has never smiled much in all of her sets that I have seen. She is still very appealing though - some in the past have said she is too perfect - but I don't believe in such a thing.

Here's a smile for ya, rags, tho it's nowhere near as pretty as Jennifer's would be... LOL
( :

Jennifer is like legendary Narkiss and Koika who hardly smiled but were incredibly beautiful and hot.

It's been a great day on Met, Mika, Michelle, new girl Selestina and now Jennifer, all stunners. Jennifer always looks so beautiful, but I do think she looks more beautiful when she smiles.

Jennifer brings it in this set... pure, high octane sex appeal. OMG that gorgeous hair....
A smile or two would be nice, but otherwise this is a powerful set.

Fantastically beautiful.

I find Jennifer Mackay undeniably appealing (she has a stunning body and a very cute face with lovely big eyes) but I wish that she would smile more.

Picture 73 is the closest that this set comes to giving us a look at her smile, and it is a mere suggestion of a grin rather than a full on happy laughing smile that can enliven a face. This is the only thing that prevents her from being among my favourites.

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