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This may well be the best met-art set ever, in my opinion. The perfect combination of grace, uninhibited posing, romanticism, personality of the model, high-voltage eroticism, peaceful and relaxed setting, lightning, focus... and Jenya's way of looking at the camera is something that punches straight through our hearts with such power.

I just wish some of the shots had her lovely flower in a fuller state of 'bloom'. sigh..

Yeah!...doesn't she know it's Spring!? ;o)

WOW! Stunning girl! The set's a bit repetitive but this girl is so sexy I didn't hardly notice. Lots of great shots of her gorgeous body! I sure hope that Jenya is here for a while..I'm looking forward to much more of her....such a beauty!!

I love this girl.... She seems so natural with her soft curls and lovely sly smile just so tempting. She has had so very few sets I'm happy to see her back and hope to see much more of her.

Why no armpit shots?

These comments are getting very tiresome. No one wants to hear any more about your weird little fetish.

These comments are getting very tiresome. No one wants to hear any more about your weird little fetish.

Because the photographer wasn't doing "tequila shots"!! ;o)

Bcause nobody else shares your fetish or cares about your armpit comments.

A great set from a model who is happy to be photographed with her legs open in nearly every picture and all in focus too! I wish we could see more contributions from this photographer.

Lovely set ,as you say few more of her delicious rear shots would have been nice.

I luv how cute Jenya shows us her hot body!!! Some more rear view shots would have made the set even better!!!

this may not be her best set, but she looks so innocent and beautiful that i just can't help but want to see more of her. thank you jenya!

I thought the first set was a little weak but she was brand new. I think the second and third are on the same par. Both are good for different reasons. I just wish we saw MORE updates from miss Jenya because she really is stunning.

I think this IS her 'best set' yet... I can't put my finger on the exact reason, but this girl fires up my imagination like no other! Everything about her is just perfect!!

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