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Hey People,so Jenya is 30,so what. So are other top models, like Sharon E, Liza B and Inna Q, there are models here who didn't Start until they were 30 or so.As to Voronin and Jenya working together, look at Jenya in "Darkness", "Jixel"or "Mixos"all with Voronin. Jenya is as much of an artist in front of the camera as Voronin was behind it.In fact,I'm surprised she didn't set the camera on fire,cause she was really workin'it.

Hey people,look at Jenya in Gova by Leonardo.She is wearing her nipple piercings,her wedding ring(like most European girls,she wears it on her middle finger), and a necklace.She loves her diamonds now that she can afford them.


ok fellas, what am i missing here? Jenya D a former top 10 model
now #57, what gives? this beautiful lady is light years in front
of many of the other 56 top models.

WTF, Jenya is retired??????


If not retired, can we get like about 100 photo sessions so we can enjoy for the next several years???


She is the women, where alle dreams get reality - Thank you, Jenya!

Also hiding her pussy and anus. Never a "no secrets" honest pose... like lovers see of each other.

Incredibly beautiful and feminine woman who clearly doesn't trust the viewer to see ALL of her and that lack of trust comes through her photos.

This is MetART --- sure you're not looking for a website called "MeatFART"...??

This is the photographer's fault. Leonardo seldom ever shows intimate closeups.

....you didn't hit the target this time, either!

She's the reason I found MetArt also, and not only MetArt, but a whole world of photography erotica with astounding beautiful breathtaking women for me to stare. I still remember being astonished by her beauty in mistero when I was browsing through llookk. I hope one day I can find someone as beautiful as her... such a fiery personality and sexuality.

Jenya does not always wear the nipple piercings,they were a failed attempt to make her nipples stand up. Also I kind of think that since she doesn't have Voronin as a photographer,she is just filling a contract.She promised her husband she was going to have children and retire.

Scouring the interwebs a bit harder would reveal that Leonardo is Voronin's pseudonym.

Love the girdle...when did she retire? Is this an old set not published before?

Jenya has a lot of old sets on line,she's had her Katie Fey site since she was 18.She didn't start posing fully nude until she started working for Voronin,and didn't start posing with other girls until Liza B (Who has a clit piercing by the way.So does Tim Fox's old model Ennie.Jenya was 30 this month,and has promised her husband she will have children

Aging appears to have taken its toll.

gravity will always win!

....have you never seen birds or aircrafts??

Let's just get to the point, she is a goddess. Jenya is the reason why I came to MetArt. I would agree with all who have written, any chance to see her is a better day!

This would be one of the greatest picture sets of all time on Met Art if Jenya wasn't wearing her granny panties. Too bad.

This is very good work, Leonardo -- you deserve a clean "10"!

Another outing from the gorgeous Jenya, there are some great shots in this set but they do feel hidden away amongst repetitious filler.

Considering that she is now retired, I believe, every glimpse (even "repetitious filler") can be excused as a precious opportunity that will not be coming again.

What is not nearly as excusable is the disturbing regularity with which her nipple piercings are edited out of the photos. Especially when the user gallery pages state: "Clean Photos: MetArt does not alter its photos with airbrushing techniques or other photo altering practices. Enjoy the models with complete immersion." What ever happened to truth in advertising?

As for the nipple piercings Metart policy specifically forbids such adornments so if they are Photoshopped it would be expected and well could have been done by Metart staff. I for one hate piercings so I have no problem with hiding them. The same goes for Tattoo's. The think the female body is a work of art and should not be defaced by such crude methods.

You must be privy to editorial policies more deeply hidden to common members than the promise of "clean photos."

Your point appears to be that crude defacement is perfectly acceptable as long as it's digital in nature and in line with the whims of some third party, with little consideration for the artist's original vision of his subject.

Just another nonsensical and hostile comment from "soph"...!

Umm, no. Look at the pix in high-res and there's no sign of any "photoshopping" going on. Nobody's that good at editing.

It doesn't apply here, but in general folks are too quick to scream "Photoshopped!". If anything is hidden, it's more often due to well-applied make-up.

(Not that editing is always a bad thing - removing tattoos (as has been done with some of Malena Morgan's photo sets) is a very good thing.)

Actually there are signs. Most obvious are #97 and #136 where the jewelry was casting a shadow which wasn't entirely removed at the edge of her fingers.

Regardless, it isn't a secret. There are a handful of unretouched photos floating around that show her wearing the jewelry before post-production swallowed it up.

Pete, I'm not seeing what you do. The photos look unaltered to me. Maybe they might have filled in any remnants of the piercing holes, but no way they photo-shopped out actual jewelry on all of these photos. I have seen some photos with obvious photoshopping on Met, but not in this set. And I should add, when you look at these photos up close you realize just how beautiful Jenya is!

Her piercings was removed long time before this set was produced -- for medical reasons...!

There's NOTHING wrong with the actual pics whatsoever --- her necklace/"jewelry" and corresponding shadows are all perfectly natural and UNMANIPULATED!

Jenya's pictures has been examined, and they're NOT altered/manipulated in any respects!
It's also possible to see small piercing traces when some of the pics are magnified...!

Au contraire, mon frère. A close examination by a practiced eye reveals that ever since Capello in '11 the magnificent Ms. D only seems to have physically removed her ornamentation twice, in Prostasia and Busto. All other times, their low visibility was the product of mediocre photoshoppery.

Jenya D is identical with "Playmate of the year" in 2009, Ms Eugenia Diordiychuk, and we know most things about her!
She is not a stupid girl, and some years ago she studied at the University of Technology.
Jenya D has a higher general IQ than "Voight-Kampff" and "soph"....so; just drop your stupid and false accusations against her and Leonardo!

I don't think anyone's accusing model or photographer of anything. I'm sure it would have been much easier to simply remove her jewelry on the spot if either of them didn't want it to be featured.

Met's questionable post-production policies are another matter...

There's nothing wrong with her necklace/"jewelry" and corresponding shadows etc whatsoever --- it's all perfectly UNMANIPULATED!

MetArt should be aware of false accusations launched by business competitors et al...!

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