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Mpre pussy shots and spreading anuss

Jenyaaa !
Perfect style again.I see her first "Intimita" Set !...That style.Absolutely 10 Plus again.Thanks Jenya

Yes, poor and not exciting BORING as never. Looks kind of like Spencer Gifts catalog page

Jenya has done some sets as some people like them, try "Cappelo" or some of her sets with Liza B. You have to remember she is married now, and in sets she's not planning to sell to her American Playboy site she often does wear her wedding ring, since Europeans don't seem to get bent out of shape about it. I guess what I'm thinking about is that being married has caused her to dial it back a little.

One of the most gorgeous Met_Art models whose beauty was wasted in this photoshooting. I am extremely disappointed.

30 years young and still a 10 in my books

Jenya has the most perfect face on all of Met-Art. She can be sexy, alluring, girl-next-door, innocent, and flirtatious all in the same image. She knows how to pose and tell a sexual story. Her breasts are amazing.

But she's pussy-shy to my great sadness, and this set never advanced to the next point. We never even for to see her TUMMY.

I won't give it bad marks, because I'd rather only give good marks to good sets. But... please.

I agree, I think this is and old set. After all she has been on the web as Katie Fey since she was 18,and she is now 30 and married.

Jenya's mere presence is enough to redeem this set. The most beautiful woman I've ever seen!

As many shoots as she's done, and if you look around the web the woman is prodigious, I'm betting she's bored as hell with the usual T&A stuff. She gets to work with a female photographer who maybe understands that and they experiment with light and shadows. Just a guess, and I could be wrong, but I'll be damned if I complain about getting to look at one of the most beautiful women in the world regardless of what she deigns to show.

Nothing against varied photography but why has Jenya to wear clothes, stockings and shoes etc. in almost every set? And often this nonnatural poses like in some magazines.Ok.Matter of taste, but watch img.103-152 of set "Tempore". She didn't stand for that.

old, washed up, boring as usual. spread the pussy of go get a real job!

Looks like an old, previously rejected set. Poor stuff, for reasons everyone else has already mentioned.

Agreed. Jenya has retired, that's the general opinion. Any "new" sets are likely to be old ones.

Maybe its not the best set, but if it was it would probably have been posted 4 years ago.

Why cover her legs through the entire shoot. Take off the stocking at some point please. Also, she has an amazing ass and there are zero shots that showcase one of her best assets. ;)


This girl deserves to be shoot by better photographer

It's obvious this is a old set. It's a pity. Major dissapoitment.

This set isn't what I pay for on MetArt.

Try again after viewing the sets on this site with high marks.

Not being mean, just telling it like it needs to be told. :(

This set isn't what I pay for on MetArt.

Try again after viewing the sets on this site with high marks.

Not being mean, just telling it like it needs to be told. :(

This set isn't what I pay for on MetArt.

Try again after viewing the sets on this site with high marks.

Not being mean, just telling it like it needs to be told. :(

Awful set, all I remember of it is a huge bed sheet of a dress that dominated the whole thing.

Toujours égale à elle même:melodramatique, théatrale, compliquée presque torturée ( mais pas par moi , sans doute par son photographe!)


If ever there was a set with way too many nearly identical photos, this is it!!! I find these sets quite baffling. What is the purpose of having numerous stretches of 5 to 10 consecutive photos that are nearly identical? Is it that difficult to select one or two to submit and/or publish on the site? I'm not sure if this is the fault of the photographer (in this case I think yes because the variety of poses was lacking), or the fault of Met-Art's editors (because ultimately they select which photos are published on the site). This set looks like it was shot in about 5 minutes, with almost no thought put into the posing (and since the photographer should direct the model in her posing, I place the blame on the photographer). I counted maybe 50 different poses in this set, but many of those were repeats of earlier poses, so its probably much less than that. Why no rear view shots? Why not at least a dozen fully nude?

I think it would be a very good exercise for both photographers and editors to limit the sets to 40 photos. At least try it for a few days or a week. That way, every photo selected has to be different. And good!

As an alternative, at least give us a custom zip file feature so we don't have to download a set that is three times larger than what it needs to be.

The only part of this comment I agree with is the custom zips. I'd prefer to make my own editorial decisions, not havesomeone else deciding which photos of my favourite models I get to see.

Oh Jenya you always leave us panting for more! Your so gorgeous but please get that pussy and arse in close up view - please please!

This set is pure "art". Nothing wrong with a set like this every once in a while. Jenya is beautiful and looks good all the time. She has so many sets to choose from, I don't understand all the boo-hooin' over this ONE. Appeciate this one for "what it is" and find pussy elsewhere today...;o)

The only "tag" so far, strikes me as hilarious..."no underwear"!!

Jenya D is awesome, especially her breasts. Her face is beautiful also. This set has too much clutter. Show the model more and costumes less.

Such Brilliant Beauty, but without HER BUTT'S PERSPECTIVE, this seems quite pointless, incomplete, and all but redundant. Why is she SO BUTT PARANOID? She has NO REASON what so ever to be soo ANAL about showing her other AWESOME ASSET of this NETHER region. Please, reconsider and expand your PROFESSIONAL portfolio!

No if's, no and's And... no butt's. Pretty face, though.

I agree! Jenya has an amazing ass but for some reason its hard to find many pics of it throughout all her sets. I cant figure out for the life of me why such a beautiful asset of hers has been so blatantly omitted by the photographers that have shot with Jenya. Can anyone explain the lack of ass shots in Jenya's sets to us?? I have wondered this for years while looking at this model's work.. ???

Very, very disappointing. Boring, repetitive, and lacking in imagination. A big step backwards for the model and the site. I love Jenya, but Alesha's work belongs elsewhere.

if you are expecting " gynecological " photos of this model, it is better if you look for someone else, as you will be always wasting your " time "

Show some of that beautiful ass

Was Jenya 'frozen' for this set of photos?
I have never seen a set of 142 photos where the girl moved so little!!!
Come on, Alesha and Jenya.... you can surely do better than this!
A little imagination would go a long way!!!!!

Your idea wrong jack.Somany people and you too;your feels only for SEXY,HOT sets...
First of all she.Her style dont FROZEN.Because her perform dont to be "HOT" or "SEXY".Her style "EROTIC(a)".What is this site name.metART.ART.Her drama style for this word.EROTICA.I hope understand me or i tell my idea..
Thing again than look of set's all shoots.

Artistically interesting. High contrast lighting with high contrast clothing and high contrast Jenya (dark hair, pale skin). But obviously not gonna score high with the guys who are only interested in one body part ;) You may not like what's being shown, but to call her a "lousy photographer" is way off-the-mark.

Not the greatest of sets. This is the first one from Alesha since 2009. Jenya's hair looks like it did in the old sets ... so I guess that the set is from then.

Jenya is always gorgeous, but this set isn't the best by a long stretch, given that it has been four years since Alesha last presented Jenya I think we are just looking at a previously unpublished set c.2009.

You took the words right out of my mouth :)

Yep. I think so, too.

Great Model, one of the best on MetArt. Redundant photos, unfortunately.

Jenya D is my favorite model on MetArt.

I can't believe we had to wait for over a month for these lousy photos.

Crappy, repetitive poses.

One of the most disappointing sessions I have ever seen on MetArt.

Lovely model, lousy photographer - maybe this is not your game, Alesha!

I see this as an "art" set. Maybe this is not your site, Poul!

Artsy, fartsy, but she's not very "tartsy" in this set. Oh well.

gorgeous set!

Very monotonous set, rather boring. This is classis Jenya set ,all breasts. Tedious.

I agree. Another load of tat in the extreme. I nearly dozed off after picture 60, and as it so happens I might just as well have done so. Yet another one point score from me. If this photographer wants to know where it is all going wrong I would suggest compare this set with the set from Catherine which was also listed on this site today.

Have to agree I'm afraid. Although a fan of Jenya this could be any one of a dozen or so of her very similar sets.

My words...! It's not longer enough just to be sensual... guess it may be shown more bodyparts as in a bikinishow by Calida...

show some vagina.

She's very, verrry shy about that. She wants to go slow, get to know you, before you see "that"!

Shy?...after 10 years of posing nude? Are you high?

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