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Jenya is and always has been my favorite lady for many years now. She always keeps it classy and absolutely gorgeous. Love you

For all the galleries that she has done, she has never given us an on all fours, arse in the air cheeks apart shot to give a view of her Anus... please .. would love to see it.

My only problem with this set...Those ugly assed shoes should have been gone early on in the set! Jenya still rules, but the shoes were weak!

What a bunch of grumpy old farts ...

Sex on a stick!

Being fairly new to MetArt, I didn't know she's been modeling for so long. Maybe she is aging, but if in some of your eyes out there she's gotten to be an "old bag", I will gladly step up to take the poor old thing under my wing! I should be so lucky, haha.

I agree the shoot overall is not very inspired, it does seem like she relies on the instant appeal of her fabulous assets, and it does come through that she's not really flirting with the camera. This is fantasy after all, a little seduction (other than being naked) always helps.

Also concur feeling disappointment that she's somewhat stingy about showing off her pussy, which is too bad.

It looks like Jenya's past glorious days are fading away.. She is still great though, but I already sense her aging slowly taking away from her beauty.

She is my favorite of all time for so many reasons. But I have to agree, we can see the end of the younger, ageless, glorious, tight body and the beginning of a wonderful new bountiful, curvaceous, Jenya. Bring on the new era!!

The MetArt Queen is back. She looks absolutely stunning in this set. Pure class.

Another fantastic set with the radiantly beautiful Jenya (Yevgenia). For the next set (hopefully there will be more) please can we see Jenya barefoot in the classic pose, i.e. laying face down with her legs up? Jenya's beauty is ethereal and doesn't look a day older than her early Met-Art sets in 2005. When Jenya eventually chooses to retire Met-Art will be poorer.

Does any Eastenders fan here agree she looks like Lauren?

She may already be retired. Who knows how long these sets sit in the Met-Art closet before they are posted. That may explain why she has not aged a bit.

Yes, I believe she has retired from nude shooting. If I remember correctly, the Met-Art content manager even mentioned this under the "comments" of another set.

If that were the case I sure hope they are sitting on a large amount of unreleased sets.

Luuuuv Jenya!! Nice to see yet another set of such beauty.

Thank you so much for the sophisticated look of the high heels.

For the critics among us -- If that passed you on the street in New York, you would probably wind up in the hospital after walking in front of a taxi while staring in wonder at all that beauty.

Don't write her off just yet -- she's still waaaaay too hot for that.

the most boring, arrogant model on this site. thinks she's marilyn monroe and is to good to show that pussy....and she's old as the hills. time to retire to the kitchen!

No, she is the most beautiful, elegant model on the site and somehow manages to become more stunning as she gets older. If she is to retire to the kitchen then I will be volunteering to help with the dishes!

I agree. I really pay to see all of the model. So, forget this model and photog.


High heels, breasts almost melon, black hair in the wind, swollen lip, trimmed pubic hair, and there are all the signs of more fetishes.
But in the end beautiful are the things they like.

Jenya is a very beautiful girl by the statuesque body and divine legs.
Just out of the shower is definitely more beautiful than here is with makeup.
Jenya is a girl all natural and, thankfully, not the daughter of the silicon valley.
One criticism I do: shaved or unshaved but, please, not trimmed.
That trace of pubic hair disfigures the mount of Venus giving it a an scabby aspect.

Agree with all the compliments above. Jenya is awesome in every way. Incredible tits. Gorgeous face. Seductive, lovely eyes. Shapely toned body. Great attitude. She is a work of art and is proud of it, as she should be, and obviously enjoys creating art. Amazing.

Jenya is so totally hot it is unbelieveable. Shots 26 to 100 are Jenya threatening to set the world on fire. and in shot 128 she is explaining how innocent she is (yeah,right). She doesn't look her age at all. According to her personal website she will be 31 this coming march, and she keeps threatening to quit as she promised her husband she would have kids. I personally think she likes the money too much. As long as the bod holds together. She has her own erotic site as Katie Fey (look it up) and she works for Playboy eastern European edition as model, photographer, and editor and has sold three movies to Playboy PPV in the U.S. as Jenya D. She uses her full name in her personal site, Yevgenia Diordychuk. Yevgenya is how they spell Eugenie in Ukranian.

I was a member of her personal site for a couple months and she never added to the portfolio. :(
I figured it was just a place holder for old stuff and she was just to busy with working on other sites and photogs.
Don't get me wrong, she is my favorite women on the internet and is the reason I keep renewing my MetArt. I will be very sad when she's gone from our viewing pleasure.

She is super hot, but as many have stated, she does not reveal or show very much. I happen to feel that one of her many fine attributes are her sexy feet and she rarely removes her shoes.

The whole shoot looks like it took less than 5 minutes. Sure, some totally great shots, but plenty more could have been "revealed" by taking some time and thought. As mentioned above, the shoot lack intimate shots, and that is something that is only "accessible" by the connection the photographer makes with the model. Such a beautiful face, she's very easily allures you to want to be closer…..

Jenya is awesome, I never tire of this beauty, she's absolutely gorgeous.

Like many others though I would like to see her pose in a more intimate fashion, although if you check through her archive there a few shots where she shows her full majestic beauty unabashed.

Why is every pic of her pussy covered? WTF??? This is BS.

Leonardo does not often take closeups, nor does Jenya even show her vulva explicitly and rarely in entirety. That's just how it is and always has been.

then tell her to go to playboy i hope u didn't pay her


Jenya is pure MetArt Gold. Sometimes the word 'great' or 'legend' are overused. In Jenya's case they are entirely appropriate. This is an awesome set, displaying her beautiful curvaceous body in all its glory. Long may she continue. A true gem.

Great rack. Awesome butt. Pity we don't get to see much of her pussy.

She has a beautiful ass but never really shows it

Hi ohiogary- I think that its because when she first started her Katie Fey site, her butt was kind of skinny(she was 18 ). At thattime she was also wearing her faithfull black thong, never took it off. It took Voronin to talk her out of it.

In the past for a while, it was even difficult to find a photo of her that even just showed a frontal with her clitoris peaking.

Jenya's best set here @ MetArt and the Best photo set of the year. Incredible beauty from Jen; supremely sexy, playful and seductive. Leonardo does not waste a frame. Wish I'd been on that set; better still, wish I'd been Jen's blouse she's sitting on in the last frames.

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