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THIS is the girl I've been waiting for!! Please don't continue to avoid her tat... It's part of who she is!

There is nothing better than seeing a beautiful eighteen year old girl slipping off her knickers for her first nude photo shoot. Hope to see a lot more of Jessica in the future.

Welcome to Jessica.
You are a new flower in the garden of MetArt.
It is a shame that you've been hidden until now, but now we hope to see you often.
Paromov, a set exemplary.
Ambience, furnishings, dressing, lights, colors : perfect.
Lighting very complex and very snappy and expressive.
Maximum cum laude

gorgeous girl. i love her body. delicious boobs

Very nice welcome to Jessica.Her body is simply awesome.

Jessica is an all-around beauty that I want to see come back. She has a sexy confidence to her that I like. She already knows we will love her.

This set goes to show that Paromov can produce decent sets with wider appeal without all the elaborate sets and costuming. A few closeups thrown into the mix and I would like him better.

I echo the comment on closeups. Metart is becoming soft. I really would like to see all of the models.

I echo the comment on closeups. Metart is becoming soft. I really would like to see all of the models.

Jessica is one seriously sexy woman. Confidence is always sexy, and being gifted with a come-fondle-me-ass and sly smile on a beautiful face makes for great photos.

Beautiful girl. Great debut. Hope to see much more of her. Just wish the photographers would stop using that "softening" effect.

Paramov brings us another stunning beauty, fantastic.

Beautiful girl with all the right curves....in all the right places...awesome

  • 2 years ago:

A strong debut from Miss Jessica, and a solid set from Paromov--his best yet. Great shot of her ass to close the set!

And to whomever went nuts with the feet tags ... You are hilarious and made my morning brighter. As the resident hand and foot fetishist I appreciate the humor. :)

I'm not a fan a tatoo's

????? What tattoo?

The easiest image to see it is #67....on her neck (right side).

And #70

Not my favorite thing either but it's not to bad. At least it's in a place where it's easy to hide. I cannot understand the urge to permanently disfigure yourself. 76% of the people who get tattoos eventually come to regret it. I personally don't see any art in this supposed art. It is a leftover from our barbarian past that serves no purpose outside of tribal ritual.

That's ridiculous!! You've obviously talked to EVERYONE that has a tat to come up with that meaningless number of 76%...

Sorry for nit-picking:( I must admit I strongly dislike (bordering on hate) tattoos.

Then be sure you don't get one, but please don't join the ranks of the bashers who think they understand the motivation and/or pass judgement on others.

Welcome Jessica. You look wonderful in these pictures. Come back soon.

Gorgeous girl! Lovely face and eyes. Great body, just enough meat on her bones, lovely breasts, lovely natural bush, fabulous butt and legs. I love the angel fuzz on her back and butt! That always drives me crazy. Good poses. A great start!

Nice work Paromov, Beautiful rich colors, great white balance. I felt that the focus on was not in the right place on many of the shots and I am not wild about the tilting camera bit but I think it was some of your most impressive work. Way better than the costume sets.

Looking forward to more of this lovely thing!

This is a very nice debut! Jessica is slender and toned. I love her eyes and bubble butt for starters. Here's hoping we receive many more visits from her. Kudos to both Jessica and Paromov.

Two words to describe this model Fine Hotty...and I love her backside truly gorgeous she is..I sooo wanna see her in a thong:)(pervie me)

Isn't that a thong she's wearing at the beginning of the set?

A beautiful girl with a veteran's confidence in front of the camera. Welcome Jessica. Come back soon. xoxo

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