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And I must say that I really liked the first two sets that Paromov did. So maybe this was just a bad day or something. As I said earlier, I know that Paromov knows way more than I do about photography.

Jessica is a soberingly beautiful girl. But I felt this shoot did her no justice at all. The first few photos are way too far away........you don't get to see her up close, the way she should be seen. I never criticize the photographers, as they certainly know more than I do regarding their work. But this set had no imagination to me. And that's a shame......because Jessica is gorgeous and should not be phased out, because of a substandard photo session. Just my opinion. Doesn't make it right.

While I don't even pretend to have the skill, flare or talent of Paromov, .... shot number 5 of Jessica makes her look short and dumpy with a rather large Arse ..... Not that there is anything wrong with Jessica ... the camera just lied.

No one noticed that the tree was a perfect set of legs?

Oh c'mon! Everyone knows a dryad (wood nymph) never goes far from her tree! ;-)

Sand ... again sand .... boring, boring, boring, boring sand.

Paromov is one of my favorite photographers.
Jessica is a wonderful girl

I like Jessica,she is very self-posseset,which is great in a model. I'm glad to see this shoot in the outdoors,this is the way it should be done I think posing Jessica is a good contrast with the texture of skin,tree,sandy soil, complementing each other.I would have liked a few more landscape shots,but then I'm a sucker for landscapes.I gave a 10+++

5seadog has blessed us all with his drivel yet again, ..... so pleased you like texture of skin, tree, sandy soil complimenting each other yadda yadda yadda ... and so pleased you like the outdoors and landscape shots .... Yawn!!!

Jessica, I absolute LOVE your hair !

It is sexy, feminine, healthy and gorgeous.

A very delicious girl, shot in a very inappropriate location!

The "disposable camera" quality is perfect for this set! The only disappointment of the day. Jessica is a beautiful girl, and I'm anxious for a "MA standard" set of photos of her! Many girls bounce from one artist to another...hopefully Jessica will bounce Arkisi's way...;o)

Agreed. It will be interesting to see how Paromov does with Nensi's shoot tomorrow. She is another one I would like to see bounce over to another - Arkisi, DeltaGamma or Albert would suit me fine.

Any of those three couldn't shoot a set this bad if they tried!! That's a fine list! ;o)

This set is very interesting for me as a photographer of women (often outdoors, sometimes in forests) as it has some obvious challenges, but also some irresistible charm, appeal and undeniable impact. If it were mine (which it's not :) ), I'd be both pleased by the final result and looking for ways to address some of the challenges in the future. Not all sets we shoot turn out exactly as we envision, which doesn't necessarily render them unusable or un-enjoyable, but which does present the opportunity to learn. I often find in my own work that it actually helps to call out those aspects of a shoot that didn't quite come in on target and discuss them openly as learning points.

Beyond that there's the fact that, as pointed out by others, tastes vary and what's good for one might not be for another, and that's just part of life. I've seen models select favorite images from a shoot that I'd have discarded as unacceptable, and vice versa. Thank goodness we don't all like and dislike the same exact things. Despite what our egos sometimes suggest, that would be a dull world indeed.

"Babe in the Woods"

Get away from that fucking tree for Christ's sake, NOT sexy in the least!!!!

mhmm.. outdoor... I like that. Especially with pics like 49 or 109 mixed in.

The tress look ugly.Jessica should be in a bedroom.

Tastes differ, I suppose, but for me this set was just about perfect. I liked the setting, and Jessica really comes alive in it, and seems to enjoy herself immensely. She's amazingly attractive under any circumstances, but this just fits her better. More spontaneous than the indoor sets, more of a sense of Jessica's personality, and less generic lighting.

Yes, her obvious enjoyment is what won me over. That smile looks so genuine and luminous...

Who wants a a dozen or more shots of a model in a tree a hundred or more feet away??? Too much scenery shooting and not enough of Jessica. I don't see where a gorgeous woman naked in a harsh scratchy tree is supposed to be sexy?

This set is a joke!

I was all set not to like this set because it is an outdoors set, but Jessica won me over with her smile and her wonderful creative posing. And it didn't hurt that we got to see her labia nicely butterflied. ( :
I like the symbolism of the forked tree for a woman to pose in too. ( :

The model & colourings are so nice but the posings are rather old-fashioned. The area ratio of model/background is out of my tastes.
Among MAs, I wouldn't to see such "good scenery in the world".
-Tokyo Sukimono-

A poor set of stunning Jessica G .Paramov's work is much better indoors.

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