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The set is monotonous. Close up is terribly over used. The model was not shown head to toe a single time. Photographer's work is amateur, unprofessional.

pic three is shows everything that is wrong. Flora, why? Cheap lens? Camera from the digital stone ages? Processed to death? Please enlighten me.

Jill slips off her knickers very elegantly. You can always tell how classy a girl is by the way she drops her knickers: slowly push them down with two hands, pausing for shots of them around her thighs and ankles. Jill does this to perfection and it is made even better because she is wearing a great pair of high-heeled shoes.

Such a pretty tight pussy and feet! Please add a lot more!

Not gonna lie... that is one beautiful pussy.

Anyone who is voting down this set because of the shoes and undergarments, that is just wrong. Jill has a fantastic body and PP. She was also very open for a debut set. I think the shoes were supposed to be kinda whimsical. Loosen up a little.

It sure isn't because of her apparel.

Another good set by Flora and another gorgeous girl, Jill. I liked the previous set by Flora displaying Lucy. I liked Jill’s gorgeous body, but I disliked her makeup and her underwear. Flora knew well what to show us in Jill’s body. Jill was comfortable with her nude and gave us an excellent set with most of her shots open legs displaying her gorgeous, hot, and deliciously bald pussy.

The model is pleasant and has a really nice body but the bra fits terrible and those yellow and black fingernails and those funky shoes are awful. They are so distracting they spoil what otherwise could have been a great debut. There is great promise there but next time take the bra all the way off and tame those nails down some and your score should soar.

i fully agree with every word. her underwear and shoes are terrible.

You guys that are here looking at underwear and shoes really ought to try victoria's secret website... There's a much better selection there.

I have to agree with you on her shoes. Those shoes are a bit of a distraction.

Ah... but, in case you didn't notice, Rock, those models don't take their lingerie off... ( :
That's OK as an exercise for the imagination, but I'm lazy, which is why I have this subscription. ( :

Pure sexual vibes came from these photos of Jill. Jill I could suck on your lips all day long. Hopefully there will be another set soon so I can explore the other exquisite beauty you radiate!

Nice Flora... VERY nice! Beautiful new girl! Great posing!

Great old school appeal. Please, Sirs, may we have more? And more...

Ah yes. Our old school. The mascot could be a leopard with red tubes of lipstick for feet.

"ELEGANT" is your friend --

Hello, Jill...

Sexy, elegant, with a slender, statuesque body. A girl to beckon soon.Maybe the shoes are not the best for a nude modelling set, but the desplay of Jill's nice, tight pussy is awesome. She has a very beautiful labia. please let`s arrange another set wearing real stiletto shoes and sexy underwear. She will let us breathless!!!!!!

Wonderful set of this striking, sophisticated blonde beauty

Love the panty removal sequence and the sexy shoes...Jill has a superb, pale skinned, slender body and the most sensuous kissable lips imaginable!

Look forward to more of this beauty & well done to Flora

A very extraordinary girl and photoset!
A lot of exceptional ideas are realised in this set.
The first set shot by Flora I really like.
Remarkable debut of Jill!

Pretty girl. Poorly posed.

The current 7.13 rating is a vast under-rating, her lips alone ... fwoahh

and when she let's her hair down in the next set, it's gonna be a breakout for sure.

Eagerly awaiting that day!

Underrated (7.71 when I showed up) for sure, but that does not diminish my enjoyment of this newbie.

I'm a fan of Jill's pouty lips, her PP, and her quirky fashion sense. I can't wait to see what she's got for us next time... ( :

Fer I will take that as a nomination to the PP Club and second it.

When looking at the tags so early this morning, I must wonder if a 12 year old got a hold of his dad's computer (which had his password stored on it).

Does anyone actually use those tags? There are so many of them, and they're so repetitive, I just can't see them being useful.

I mean, who really comes to this site and wants to sort sets by "lickable asshole?"

Exactly Checkers....who even thinks these "things" up???

I don't, never did. They are worthless and a waste of screen space.

An ENORMOUS waste of screen space !!!

If you must have tags -- three would do nicely :


The rest we could find out for ourselves --

I rarely disagree with you Dread, but I do on this subject.
The tag system is potentially very useful, in my mind.
Tags such as
Pale skin
Tan lines
etc. etc. can be very useful in terms of looking for particular sets.
The system currently is being badly abused IMO, but potentially there are many tags that could be quite useful, if people used them to "sort" sets by type and by setting and kind of model/type of physical attributes, etc.

I look forward to our model being presented to us again soon.

The cover image did nothing for me, however I'm certainly glad that I persevered, Jill is gorgeous and those legs, so long they go all the way to heaven, and what a beautiful heaven it is too.

Wonder if her make-up was really poorly done for a photo shoot. Have seen some in the past who looked like someone involved in stage productions produced the wrong look.

Just as the saying goes about books, the set was much better than the cover would allude to.

A beautiful woman

Very, very elegant xxx

Who wear those shoes take the piss out of people!

I would love to see her use 'em to put her lipstick on :-P

That would be.... fascinating.

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