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Lovely girl, horribly pointless gynecological exam photo set. What was the photog thinking?

Very monotonous set, repetitive posing, uncreative photographer's work.

Great set, loved the open bottom shots, perfect Anus!

Love those lips!

I am late to the party here on this discussion, but since I traveled the world for 25 years getting paid to shoot pictures, I do know a thing or two. The term "grain" comes from the days of film. High-speed film had more and bigger dye clouds and silver clumps, so you got that grainy look. Funny thing is that in the digital era, the same effect emerges when you electronically bump up the ISO. With the megapixel wars not being a moot point, Sony and others are blazing the trail of super-high ISO without the digital noise that we see as "grain". This shoot has some sort of softening technique used, I'm guessing a diffusion filter, since the blacks are not really black. The brighter areas "bleed" into the shadows when you use diffusion. And you will NOTICE grain more if contrast is low, as in this set. Not my cup of tea, but Jill certainly is!

oops, meant to say "with the megapixel wars NOW being a moot point..."

OK. Maybe I am confused. I am certainly vexed. I don't think we are all on the same page with the meaning of focus. "glamour shots", high school photos, and nude photography from the mid 80's frequently had a fuzzy "halo" effect. This is what I think of as soft focus. It is the sort of thing that now causes eye rolling. That is not what I see here. Then there is just plain out of focus (88). There is "grainy", which seems to me to be a question of resolution. Then there is exposure, and other effects of light that I know nothing about.

I would hate to see the application of a dogmatic rule deprive us the opportunity to appreciate an offering like this one. ["I discussed the soft focus with K and she said that will not allow it any more"]

In our photographer's words from "Ricanta":
"Hi Hipshot131! Thanks for the tip! In fact, on a dark background, it would have looked worse because would be a strong contrast - white on dark. Like a ghost) And I love bright colors, lots of natural light and natural beauty of the girl)"

I hope our artist continues to challenge herself (and us) with her love of bright colors, lots of natural light.

That is one beautiful popka.

@ Чебурашка 71:

Я согласен 1000% о Джилл; ы попка

YA soglasen 1000 % o Dzhill ; y popka

I admire a young woman who is confident enough of her sexuality to try off-beat, outré, unconventional looks. Lovely Jill is definitely such a confident young woman.

Note to Flora: pussy rules! #88 had the potential to be a classic. Abysmal soft focus ruined any chance of that (K advises that she has spoken to many of the photographers about soft focus and asked that they not continue with it). I hope you will consider this in future photo shoots, and when the current inventory of your work in MET's vault is eliminated, so will be your 100% use of soft focus.

Thank you Jill for posing. Thank you Flora for discovering Jill and seeing beyond the stereotype of what constitutes a beautiful woman; however it is time for you to up the quality of your contribution to this collaboration. Focus and cropping come immediately to mind.

i discussed the soft focus with K and she said that will not allow it any more.

Wow. I wish I could discuss head chops with the same results.


When u c a world class model like this revealing her natural goodies, (oh yeah 'Jill" I've seen u on a runway or two, who could 4get those lips); it makes u realize MA has it all. Drop Dead Gorgeous beauty 'Barb Princess', masterfully presented by Flora! Thumbs up!

White on white on white on white... Couldn't you have found just a little contrast?

Bra and panties, eyes, eyebrows, lips!, nails. Definitely don't need more contrasting nails.

Jack and Jill went up the hill,
they each had a quarter.
Jill came down with 50¢,
they didn't go for water!

That's close, but you must be from the "poor side of town"! Where I came from it goes "Jack and Jill went up the hill, each with a buck and a quarter, Jill came down with two fifty, I bet they didn't go up for water!"... However you want to say it, it's more than a bit inappropriate in this situation... I see no hill and I see no Jack!!

He's cumming.

@ Rock:

Nor do I see a rapper.

@ Baggy...

I'll bet you don't see a banana either... What's your point??

Do water and quarter rhyme in northern New Jersey?

Absolutely!! ;o)

Nothing rhymes in NJ.


Pleurisy ?

The once was a girl from New Jersey,
Hacking and coughing with pleurisy...

LOL That would have to be "Jeresey"... lol ;o)

Very exciting set of a lovely uninhibited young lady. VERY nice Flora!

Her beauty is breathtaking

jill is perfectly gorgeous but think id like her nails natural a lot more than this mixed color mess...and she needs to hook up with a better photographer soon...I really hate the "artsy" film grain look (as an amature photographer myself I would consider this set a failure if i had shot these pics)...moreso since jill seems to have a body at least equal to liza b and also even more rare...feet that seem to be just as beautifully shaped as liza's...still kinda hard to call that one as these photos make me feel like im viewing her through a sheet of plastic...still I think i'll upvote her and hope for some pics that are crisp, clear, properly exposed and focused

I have to agree on not liking the mish-mash of nail colors. As a life-long Pittsburgh Steeler fan, I've seen plenty of ladies with a mixture of black and gold (yellow) fingernails, so that doesn't bother me so much, but adding red toenails into the mix is one step too far. She would have looked a lot better if she went with straight black on the toenails.

There nothing "grainy" here. Nearly every tiny hair on the skin is crisp, clear, and focused. Which with this light elevates tis series to the extraordinary. Our artist sometimes seeks and achieves this effect with more or less success. This is definitely at the top of the "more success" column. If I were an amateur photographer, I would consider this series proof I had long left "amateur". Aspire to brightness, good fellow.

to imply that I am dim and should "aspire to brightness" because I consider a clear and sharp subject I:E the model...to be the most importance aspect of a successfull erotic photoshoot is a bit out of line...maybe I expect more from someone who is getting paid for the results that show up on this site...I believe he handled the light very well...and the model and her poses were good...but im sorry there is a grain issue here...at least when viewed on a 39 inch sharp aquos...maybe that's the trouble...but I know my own photos while lacking great locations, professional lighting and top of the line models are much sharper even though im using a camera with lower MP


I did not mean to imply what was inferred. Rather than the functioning of the brain, I alluded to both the issue of light and the talent of our photographer.

emmm.... this whole set looks like high iso or 'grain' - and a lot of details are lost.

Which is a trademark of Flora.

thanks vger...for the backup...glad im not the only one who can see this

If you "hate the artsy", you're on the wrong site.

please...if you are going to quote me...please use my entire statement...I never said I hated "artsy"...what I posted was..."I hate the artsy film grain look"...this site has a fair share of crisp clear photos that are quite artful without being grainy...and I totally enjoy those sets for their look...as my name states I happen to be a fan of liza b's photos...some are disappointing but not due to any artistic aspects of the shoot...my disappointment usualy stems from wardrobe choices


Good fellow, a lightly tossed snowball does not generally cause a great deal of bleeding.

The orange bra and panty looks beautiful on that amazing body.Very nice set.

I admire the color effect even more on second viewing.

Those lips - WOW

Wet and Other Worldly.

A profoundly beautiful set of an insanely gorgeous young lady... I am impressed. ( :

A hand on a beautiful rear is so distracting especially if the nails have multi-coloured varnish on them .

Gratuitous hand parking is maddening regardless of nail color.

I admire the use of light here. It is not my preference, but it works well here, especially with the snow outside. Nicely chosen bra and panty set -would like some nicely chosen poses to show them. The well toned form of our model is well displayed, whether it be navel, nape, or nose. I didn't even mind the nail polish this time. 13 is angelic.

Jill is a gorgeous girl. i love her small boobs, her neatly shaved pussy. i love Jill, but i love more that sweet photographer that captured that beauty. Flora, you are great, i love you, i love you.
see you back very soon

Small? You must come from a family like mine, where hugs from aunts were intimidating.

i prefer medium boobs. but Jill's boobs are just lovely

love you jill your so perfect

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