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Dat ass.

Josephine is a gorgeous model I love all her body. her boobs, her legs’ her ass and shaved pussy. A goog set. But, I refer to http://www.rylskyart.com/model/josephine/, where Josephine’s gorgeous boobs are correctly classified as medium, whereas MetArt classifies them as small.
Why does MetArt constantly mis-classify model’s boobs?
K, please clarify.

I love how Josephine's thong partially disappears between her superb butt cheeks in 19 and 20, and then reappears in 20 et al.

Also noteworthy to me is her lovely, long and cascading hair, complete with bum tickling in 21 to 24. Wrinkly areolae, glass cutters, and an innie always please me.

Josephine has more physical features that make me happy when I see them. I will keep my opinion to myself on those. I prefer to continue seeing them.

I think I'd want to move to the Ukraine if I was a photographer of female nudes or a heterosexual male. ...wait a minute. You were beautiful Josephine. Many happy returns.

It's getting so that the comments section of many photo sets, is "entertainment worth the price of admission"....(LMAO!)

Yes, and guess who's a major contributor to that?

Uhhhhhh... lemme think.....uhhhhhh....Doug!

LOL Is that who? Is it? Is it? lmaoa!

Josephine is a very lovely girl who has turned in a beautiful modeling session on her first appearance here. Much of this was achieved by allowing Josephine to set her own pace when disrobing. Bravo to Josephine and Rylsky, Josephine makes a 10++++ her first time here, and much is due to Rylsky's skills

And I may point out that Josephine is a total mind-wrecker on RA.

You may....and may I totally agree with you....this time...;o)

Gorgeous brunette.
Excellent presentation.

Excellent comment! Much better!

This set my friend is a masterpiece! I love the first few portrait shots as the perfect introduction to this lovely Ukrainian beauty. I like the nice mix of portrait and landscape shoots and I like the fact that you did lots of facial close in work to give us the full impact of her lovey face and those wonderful eyes along with the wonderful personality. She has just the right mix of shyness and serine confidence to make her very easy to fall in love with. I found this to be a very excellent introduction to a most interesting and endearing new girl. I cannot understand the low score unless it is the Rylsky haters club intentionally "fixing" the score. There is certainly nothing in the model or the photography to deserve the low marks it would take to drag the score this low.

It's a 10+++ for both in my book!

It is a great set (IMO) for many of the reasons you give, hip.

I was also puzzled by the score, but that didn't keep me from enjoying it. I know Rylsky doesn't care about the ratings. He knows he did it right. I appreciate his talent and how he brought Josephine to us today.

I can let you know some secret how to count right scores even with using usual "votes in 1-10 scale". But sure, we can talk about it privately: you know my email, sir.

Josephine is has such delicate beauty. I'm in love.

Social commentary is a delight, views from every angle teach us how to be "civilized?". Garner the truth from each comment made.
Josephine, lovely woman are you, mature in the eligance which is shown in your first set, please....

Thanks for bringing this adorable girl to MA! This is a beautiful set, and I appreciate the increased number of pics of gorgeous Josephine. I'd like as much of this girl as I can get!

Gorgeous little beauty, with really nice boobs, and yeah, she's got a perfect pussy too! Yummy!

This entire set could have been nothing but close-up shots of her amazing, bewitching eyes, and it still would be more erotic than 88.4% of what you find on the web.

bewitching eyes

Really like the "aerial" shots with Josephine's hair splayed out against the white sheets. Makes a nice counterpoint to her fair skin & white background.

Also like the cropped shots of #s 88-94 - shows of her glorious nipples quite nicely!

Even though Josephine has only just begun appearing on MA and has only recently begun appearing on RA (two sets there) I believe I can confidently predict that if she continues, she will be counted among the ranks of classic Rylsky beauties.
Furthermore, I hereby nominate her to the PP Club. Do I hear any seconds?

Whoops, I wrote this before seeing your nomination, Hipshot! ( :

BTW, have a great weekend to all!

Thank you kind sir!... And may the "Sprites of Spring" bring Magic and Happiness to You and Yours...for the weekend and beyond! ;o)

Thank you too! Yes, this spring call us for work! And we will shoot first outdoor sets/vids on this weekend. +25C and new model with us.
I hope you'll see it on RA very soon.

Oh wow, almost 80 F ~ it is supposed to be in the 60s (F) here in Madison all weekend, but next week it is supposed to creep up into the 70s. I'm very much looking forward to that!

You as well, Rylsky!

In fact a nice debut.

Sensational: Rylsky didn't cut off the legs in the photos ## 72 - 75!

where is the school where you 're Professor? So many times you judge and teach me, I feel like I am your student.
Professor, it's really time when you must make your choice (1 of 3):
1. Show us your perfect and landscape format photos.
2. Stop teaching your daddy kiss your mother.
3. Be useful.

I think he was complimenting you...

Josephine! The beautiful little lady with the name of an empress. Such a perfectly gorgeous woman, with a beautiful noble and sophisticated visage. She wears her luxurious long raven black like an imperial crown. Gorgeous! And such a perfectly lovely feminine figure. Excellent! .

A lovely woman and a great debut, I particularly like the ass shots with thong.

Wow! Another young goddess from Rylsky! 5'3" and 99lbs of pure treasure. Josephine is a super cute little package of feminine perfection. Huge cute factor, Lovely hair, pretty eyes and perfect little breasts and all the other things we love to look at. Without a doubt 100% PP material. That is the sweetest most perfectly formed little kitties I have seen in a long time. Sweet, dainty, and perfectly balanced and picture perfect. This little dream is an instant hit on my list. The members on Rylsky art have already enjoyed 2 sets from this little doll and she is already receiving rave reviews over there and I wouldn't expect any less from the Metart members. IMO we have another sweet little dream to titillate our fancies and create lots of fun fantasies. ;0)

Voting is confirmed - Josephine has been inducted into the PP club.

A nice addition to our MA ladies as well.

Welcome sweet Josephine, May the force be with you!

I agree, and I second your nomination to the PP Club!

Nice debut, I'd love to see a lot more of Josephine, beautiful girl.

No problems! Right now you can see 2 more sets of her on RylskyArt


Fiscal problems, unfortunately, as much as I might want to I can't be a member of all these fine sites.


Sorry to hear that.
But I really wanted you to be informed about you request. Josefy (same as all new Rylsky's models) was presented on RA before (or long before) MA.

I might get round to a membership again some point in the future, MetArt is a constant for me as we get both great quality and quantity but I do like an occasional look elsewhere. In addition to Josephine I could certainly entertain a lot more Loreen, Janelle & Gemma to name but a few. I don't need the sales pitch when these girls can pitch the tent so well ;P

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