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Perfect, one of the hottest women I've seen anywhere. Not just at Met, but anywhere.

Sexy as hell. And dayum... look at those feet... I gotta change my pants.

Please do not cover her feet in any future sets.

100% agreed....

this set made me very happy. Her nice feet, the not covered up tattoo, her lovely legs... and going further up it even got better.

I hope to see a lot more sets featuring this model.

Josephine is very attractive, she is also petite enough to resemble Night, another pocket rocket from Team Rylsky.

I find her eyes intriguing, today I even see interesting flecks of brown. Shapely breasts with great areolae and rigid nipples are always pleasing, I prefer ample butt cheeks, butt Josephine's smaller bum is very nice too. I like Josephine's eyebrows and lovely long wavy hair (long enough it seems that she could tickle tickle her bum with it).

The couch is perfect for Josephine to strike appealing poses in comfort.

Great collaboration fromTeam Rylsky, a 10 for all involved.

Lovely, creative, distinctive, elegant, well done.

lovely model I would have wished the clothes had come off much earlier

Such beautiful feet! Please continue.

I am very surprised it took so long for someone to mention the feet. She has lovely feet and nice long toes. It isn't a thing high on my list but hers are quite delectable and I noticed it immediately. She is truly a very pretty woman, head to toes. I really hope to see her blossom into the lovely goddess she could be. Maybe she could spend some time with Jeff or Fee to develop the personality that Rylsky girls are known for.

not every girl's feet makes me want to show it to you, but Josie's are excellent gift for any man... you know why

Can't believe I missed her debut here and on RA. Very cute girl. She has the potential to join my imaginary harem of goddesses: Irina J, Zelda B, Aaliyah, and Jeff Milton.

Josephine is a very pretty model who does not smile much, but whose smiles art woth it. I gave her a 10++,she needs to loosen up alittle. I could be spoiled by Alexandra's update on RA,but I don't think so.

P. S. Speaking of updates, Jeff Milton has given a current update on what we can expect in August

I might be completely hypnotized by those bewitching eyes. Just breathtaking.

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!

THIS is a beautiful girl! I'm very happy she came to "the big leagues". Her debut here was very nice and I like this one a lot too! Putting her in a black top was genius! Blending her hair and the top of her body, emphasizing her gorgeous butt and legs! And a very heartfelt thank you for not removing her tat. I like this seat(?) also. My favorite shade of green and a classic "Rylsky Canvas". Great job Jo and R! Don't pay any attention to the nay-sayers...this is a VERY nice set IMO! May we have more please?? ;o)

It IS repetitive in places, but I think that's R trying to capture just that right expression on Jo's face, and of course if he doesn't let her know what he's looking for, she can't cooperate, so we get a record of the attempt... Of course this may not explain the 31-41 sequence...lol But Jo is so damn cute that who cares!? I like ALL her expressions! On both "faces"! I like ALL her photos! Thanks R...;o) And Thanks K!! XOX I think I'll spend the entire day with Josephine...:oD Her sets on RA are very good too!

Very pretty girl with a fantastic body, so I'm not getting the sub-8.0 score. Even if you're only here for the pussy shots, we got some excellent evidence of Josephine's qualifications for the Perfect Pussy Club. I'm not the biggest fan of "doggie-style" photos but 83-85: yummy.

Two thoughts here ... Josephine, in my tastes, is a beautiful, beautiful, sexy girl ... I give her a 10 as a highly desirable, very lovely young woman, and I'm always grateful to both Met-Art and the photographer for bringing us such great beauty and sensuality, and I never want to stop appreciating that.

But this particular shoot itself feels uninspired to me, even uninterested. The lighting is far less than ideal, the poses do not portray the model at her best advantage, and so I understand the lower scores. Even basic things like framing and composition are way off in quite a few of these shots, and that's not the model's fault. This is an example of the photographer "phoning it in" and not giving this shoot his best efforts. Maybe he wasn't feeling well that day. It happens.

As for the model not coming out of her shell more, I put a lot of that on the photographer (or if there is one, director) too. It's our job to help put the models at ease, make them feel great about how they look and tap into their inner desire to be seen and appreciated. Similarly, she may have been having an off day too.

I really do enjoy and appreciate this shoot, but I can't see it getting high scores as it could have been much more effective than it is.

One thought here.... I fail to understand why so many members choose to discuss or comment on "what could have been", instead of enjoying(or not) and discussing "what is"... Almost every set on the site "could" be better than they are, but they are what they are! Why pine about what they "could have been"?? Could it be that, like doug, everyone feels that their comments/suggestions will change things more to their liking...??

"Inquiring Minds Are Mildly Curious"...;o)

Well, there's a big difference between suggesting minor improvements and advocating a major change in the direction of the site. Nothing wrong with pointing out places where things could be a little better. Enough complaints about something - from more than one member - will get noticed.

Lovely little lady but she needs to increase her range of expressions. When she works up to that sweet smile in 114 it is quite nice but this set was very slow to develop and pretty repetitive. She should have shed that black blouse much earlier or gone with white or some other color. The black blouse was a mistake because in combination with that full head of black hair it all blended into a cocoon for her to hide in and IMO really killed the set. Especially since she was so shy and reserved and inanimate throughout the set. All of which is a crying shame since this girl has a great body and a delectable set of breasts which we really didn't get to see much. Way to many feet over the head shots. It is one sweet pussy and the creamy girl juice is awesome but one view does not make an interesting set.

In short she needs to come out of that shell or she just won't make it. I love her visually but the personality is holding her back.

Horse poop.

Malarkey! Poppycock!


The very beautiful Josephine is back again and this time she introduces her small tasteful. Nice. But this beautiful young women's best features are her captivating and enchanting hazel eyes and her raven black crown of hair. Of course, her gorgeous feminine figure is very nice too.

The green chaise lounge is the perfect throne for the beautiful young woman with the name of an empress.

"introduces her small tasteful."...??? lol Are you referring to her small tasteful 'tat' Neil?? If so, I couldn't agree more..."Nice"! And you may or may not see that we agree on the chaise also...;o)

Such a pretty girl... pretty face, very pretty breasts and girly bits, and gorgeous long hair. She's a little stiff... it's obvious she is not a professional model. Hopefully she sticks with it and warms up to the process over time.

Maybe this is simply her "style"... I think she's doing just fine.

what a lovely round bottom this young lady has

What excellent eye sight you have sir!! ;o)

And very good taste in butts I might add...lol

Yuk, tattoos, hate them!

I am sure she did not get it for you.


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