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Alex master of simplicity and elegance.
Juliette apprentice elegant eroticism.
Juliette shy and uninhibited.
Juliette, I think, is the prototype of how it should be done a pretty girl.

Very unique woman that I can say is very beutiful as well. I would say she most certainly should be on the top ten list if not at the top. I will have these images of a stunning lady embedded in my head for long time. Thank you for making such a great impression of your beauty !!!!! Kudos to the photographer for highlighting every one of her assets !!!!

The eroticism Meets the Art 10++.
Juliette wonderful, delicate actress of the all female beauty.
Two masterpieces in a day: Feeona and Juliette

Wow! WAY different look for Juliette than her set with Offlin!
Like night and day....

You are so right. I like both sets, but they are so different. Something I like is the opportunity to see the same model shot by different photog.

Definitely, kilroy!

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