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Kai is a beautiful model. Thanks to Catherine for presenting her to us. While Kai is gorgeous, I would have appreciated more variety in the poses. Many shots were of her standing in the kitchen. That became a bit mundane to me. Nonetheless, Catherine presented to us a bright and shining new model, who I look forward to seeing more of. Thanks again, Catherine. Oh also........great choice in the blue lingerie.

I got curious and checked her bio. It's very interesting to know that this blue-eyed stunner from Russia do sports, specifically sports walking and cycling. That must explain her tight body and beautiful svelte limbs. :)


kai is a wonderful model with a gorgeous hot body. good posing but poor contrast and colors all almost washed out. please remember Kai has a very pale skin and she should be the main feature of the shot.

hi Katya
beautiful model. good poses, but no contrast and the colors almost washed out. please remember the color of Kai's skin

Great model and terrific variety of poses from multiple angles.

Catherine, I know you don't shoot videos (at least not yet), but do you know if this beautiful model has any other pictures and videos from other websites? Has she done other shoots outside of met-art?

What a beauty. How do you rate those lovely breasts as small?

Thank you very much JCNC)

Another beautiful new model Katya!! Great debut set. Looking forward to what you have planned for this beautiful girl... And even if you have no "plans", I'm anxious to see what's next for her...lol ;o) XOXOX

Hi rachsback) I am glad to read your comment) I hope long-term cooperation with this model, I also hope that you will soon see these new sets.

Devious dog that I am, I love the pics of Kai on all fours! ; )

Me too, those FDAU poses are absolutely magnificent.



Great job on discovering Kai! She's like a rare gem that's just waiting to be discovered and polished to perfection. Looking forward to seeing more lovely sets with this delicate, fresh beauty.

Hi Jannice) I will fulfill your wishes, I think, ahead of a lot of interesting work with this model. Thank you)

What a lovely little robe-like thing she's wearing. I especially liked the shots of it whispering down her body as it slipped off. Lovely set, and welcome Kai!

Thank you very much Checkers) I gave your comment to Kai, she liked it)

Well, she brought a smile to my face, so I'm glad I could bring a smile to hers!

Nice to meet this beauty. Thanks Catherine for the discreet use of image editing.

Thanks hspl) I'm glad you liked my work)


Typically I am disappointed with your sets. Your style tends to only show parts of the model and not the entire model. This was very well done.

Hi Ingoodtaste) I will consider your suggestions for future work.

Well well well... darned if Catherine hasn't gone and found another stunningly gorgeous model who shimmers with serenity and well deserved self confidence.
Kai is incredible... good job, Catherine!

Thank you very much fer_realz) This model I liked it, I didn't immediately get it to photograph well, but in the end I solved this problem and now I like it. I think it will be a good model.

I think she will be, Catherine! ( :

Catherine, this is a wonderful photoset of a beautiful new model. Kai is gorgeous, with a perfectly beautiful figure and lovely face. I like the background, but I would have perfered some more color. That is a very small matter. This is a very nice set and Kai is lovely. My warm regards and best wishes to Kai and, as always my warm regards to you.

Hi Neil) I also really like the model Kai. I think you'll see quite a few new works with this model. You're right, in this set can add saturated color spot in the background. Thank you very much)

Every photographer has a pattern of photography B and Catherine is no different .look at the works of Arkisi,Rylsky,Flora ,Matiss etc. They all have their own style and pattern.
I have always found Catherine's work stunning and erotic .
Keep up the good work Catherine. Love you .xxx :-)

Thank you very much ergo) Thank you for high assessment of my work. I send you my love in return)

Catherine, congrats on another great find...

Kai, you are lovely. Welcome to Metart!

Thanks very much to both of you. :)

Hi aesthete2) Thank you very much for your praise. I also think that this model has good prospects as the model.

Catherine, I have not been a fan of yours. I've found too much sameness in the poses and the layouts, but I
must give credit where it's due. You did a helluva job here. Kai is beautiful, and your work shines.

Hi Benjy) thank you very much. I'm sorry that not all of my work was a pleasure for you. I'm glad I could please you.

Hi Benjy) thank you very much. I'm sorry that not all of my work was a pleasure for you. I'm glad I could please you.

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