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Really stupid posing.

Nothing like a beautiful sexy woman pulling her pants down around her ankles to get my attention. A wonderful set with a wonderful young lady. Excellent! She is definitely Meltin' my Pot'

An absolute "10" model that becomes very evident in her next set with
Goncharov. He is one of the 3 best photographers here at Met-Art and
Kalena, when paired with a talented lensman is very high on the list of models. Stunning facial beauty.

lot of wasted shots, what does the photographer have against nudes? very contrived & boring set...sexy model capable of much more..

For me this set went off track at the point where she decided to squat with the jeans below her knees and then follow that with a whole page of pix with her in this position. The subject that this evokes has nothing to do with sexy and is more like stopping in an isolated spot so she can pee. from that point on the poses are boring bordering on ridiculous. This is a magnificent woman with all the right stuff but spending half of the set with her jeans hanging below her knees and her blouse draped around her waist is not the way to introduce some one of her caliber.

Normally, I am not a fan of slowly removing clothes in still pictures. Leave that to videos. But, this set is extremely erotic and although many are disappointed in not seeing Kalena's totally nude body, this set makes for so much more anticipation for her next set. There are times when a partially clothed woman leaves more to the imagination. This was tantalizing! Great lighting. Great model. Classic Slastyonoff.

Kalena looks really beautiful and I am sure she will come back often here. I am going to shoot with her by the end of this month, so you may see her again in one of my sets. I have read many comments about this set by master Slastyonoff, some appreciations and some critics too. If any of you wants to tell me their preferences I may take them into account when I shoot with her. I am planning to do an indoor shooting with mainly natural lighting, a simple setting, few clothes and accessories. I guess you would like to see her naked most of the time, radiating her beauty all throughout the set. Am I right?

Not necessarily all the time but we do want to see her nude at least half way through? and intimate closeups are a must have. I am not a fan of outdoor shoots simply because they usually limit the exposure and I and not talking F stops. Do us and her a favor. Take a blanket or pad so she has something to pose on that doesn't limit her to upright poses.

I found the jeans quite attractive on her. but once below her panties they need to go away! A white men's shirt and white panties, no bra with jeans would be awesome. Nothing frilly or lacy. I hate it when a photographer puts a girl in an outdoor setting then dresses her in spike heels and lacy underwear.

I agree, she must show more of her magnificent body and have several close ups to show her intimate beauty in detail. Anyway I am not gonna shoot her outdoor for now, it's still cold in Prague right now. It will be indoor, so plenty of options to lie down in more comfortable poses. I will consider the option of the man's shirt and he panties, not sure about the jeans. I did a similar shoot with Margot A, with a white shirt, a tie, glasses, panties and high heels, but it hasn't been taken here. I found it sexyt though. I also agree with the fact that outfits should fit the settings, to avoid ridiculous matches. So, come back to to check for my photosets with Kalena let's say starting from may.

This girl is amazingly beautiful and i love the slow undress. I think you should shoot her leading us to the bedroom, slowly pealing off her clothes and getting naked on the bed for us to enjoy. That would be a wonderful set. and have her for sure keep that beautiful bush!

I have done this kind of sets, I think it's one of the most effective ways to generate sensuality and provocation, while the expression of the model must not be too serious to maintain that sweet innocence which is typical on Metart. Be sure that I will ask the model to keep her hairy parts as they are.. I always do (at least I shoot a last set where the model shaves herself totally.. but that's the end). To you too, check back in may to see if the sets are published, then I'll be curious to know your comments.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this wonderfully arousing girl and the way you decide to share her with us. I will for sure keep an eye out for the set you shoot with her. Cheers!

Nice Trimmed Muff, small nice Clit, perky breasts, big round nipples. Photo set average...

Once again, a beautiful midriff hidden for almost the entire shoot by that last piece of clothing. It's getting old, especially when the girl is so gorgeous and her tummy so lickable!

such beautiful women paired with almost no imagination behind the camera at all. it takes a monstrous talent to make all this loveliness boring.

this is supposed to be a nude set. i thought i would see Kalena totally nude to appreciate the beauty of her body. i gave Kalena 10 but i gave tis set 6

I agree with kkronful, except I only gave this set 3.

Yet another incredibly desireable beauty from ours friends in the "Chick Republic"... This one is mighty tasty but this setting and the clothes never coming off, doesn't work for me. I look forward to her next set with great anticipation. Great face and awesome body... VERY welcome Kalena!! I think I love you!!

"fit to hit" Definitely 9

Gorgeous and very sexy,welcome Kalena.hope to see you a lot more of you.Agree re lighting ,tad too harsh for my liking.All in all an excellent set .9

great set, beautiful woman.

Very cute girl, hope to see a lot more from her. I loved the trousers around the ankles for most of the set.

Totally agree! LOVE shot # 88 where she's squating w/ her jeans down around her ankles with her pretty puckered asshole and cute hanging PP lips peeking from between her gorgeous ass cheeks! Yummy! Excellent monkey spank!

Slastyonoff has experimented a little with the lighting in this set -- and this is perfectly OK, of course, but in my opinion the settings are way too simple for a clean "10" in this case. Nevertheless; the pic quality is generally high....and -- if possible -- I should allot the mark "9.5"!

Slastyonoff has experimented a little with the lighting in this set -- and this is perfectly OK, of course, but in my opinion the settings are way too simple for a clean "10" in this case. Nevertheless; the pic quality is generally high....and -- if possible -- I should allot the mark "9.5"!

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