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This woman is an exquisite blend of allure and sauciness!

forget this girl! look for much better once like anna S

  • 2 years ago:

Beautiful pussy....hm...

Stunning girl, well photographed and OMFG a Smile... Pure madness, a smile on a model at Met-Art.

Kalina is totally hot as well as extremely beautiful, and Mr. Helios has caught her perfectly

Beautiful girl. I just don't understand the need for some photographers to use that "softening" effect. This set would have been amazing if the images were crystal clear and high resolution.


In almost every photo, what he chose to make sharp is --very-- sharp. Now, you may not agree with his choices about what part of her body should be "crystal clear" in any given photo, but that's a different discussion. But there's no "softening effect" going on here.

Oh to suck those perfect lips and sink my tongue deep into that perfect pussy.

This is just plain mentally disabled. This is not the place for adolescent little boy fantasies. Nobody wants to read this, get a clue.

The set was failing badly until #67 when she got rid of those shoes then her whole attitude changed and the sun came out. This woman has a spectacular body and fabulous looks but without the smile it just doesn't work. Once she let that awesome smile through it was as if they had changed models and the grumpy one had gone home. :) She has one of the most perfectly conditioned bodies around and for me that is a turn on. I worry about her being so tanned but for now it sure look good!

The shoes are OK, but lose the stupid fan!

Keep the shoes ---

We ALWAYS get barefoot -- a touch of class doesn't hurt.

Now that Kalena has become of the subject of what is some truly amazing photography, we are able to see her true beauty, both inside and out (a true credit to Luca).

She is undeniably one of the most beautiful fresh/new models MetNetwork has discovered in recent years, and Kalena is very quickly becoming one of my favourite models. I hope we continue to see more of her, right across MetNetwork.

Agreed Hayley. Kalena is top 3 on my favorite model list for sure. Everything about her is amazingly beautiful. Do girls get any more perfect then her??? I dont think so..

Kalena deserves my favorite tag of all: "Lickable all over." When can I start?

As soon as you close your eyes and go to sleep....;o)


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