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After all the complaints that Leonardo can't shoot closeups, he shoots closeups and nobody says HOORAY!

#45 where should the focus be? Leonard you disappoint.

I give both the photographer and model an 11 for this set. Kamlyn you look fantastic and Leonardo you did an excellent job capturing her in all of those various poses. Loved every photo.

Silky smooth perfection!! Goddess

Kamlyn seems very much to have been channeling Marilyn Monroe in this set. I like it!
She is more than beautiful enough -- and her smile dazzling enough -- to completely distract me from the fact that this is a beach shot. And, as already noted, at least the sand has not encroached on her tender bits. ( :

Normally I'm not a huge fan of outdoor sets, but Leonardo, you did a very nice job balancing the natural light and the fill light (I'm assuming you used strobes) Kamlyn is flawless, what an amazing woman. The shots where you can see her lubrication oozing out put me over the edge, OMG how hot is that? (Answer: very very hot indeed!)

Agreed! Decent outdoor set, and of course Kamlyn is dynamite! Blonde hair/brown eyes is a great combination.

What an adorable smile!

I agree that it is a joy to see a beach set without having to suffer through shot after shot of the model's skin encrusted with sand.

Kamlyn A looked in-process Platon Averin .Video very pleased,and a photo is not present,and a model put,on weight very evidently !

Kamlyn A, I love your dazzling smile.

Excellent set. Excellent photography. Very beautiful and sexy model. 10.

Kamlyn is a total hottie, who is very beautiful. I like beaches, but as a rule I prefer giving the model a blanket to lie on.

Amazing; a set with sand without it being stuck in every orifice. Very nice

My God this woman is glorious, perfect! I want to taste whatever part of that wonderful body is closest to the camera and stare at that beautiful face by the hour. Kamlyn, this is the best set you have ever done in my opinion. Kisses all over. 10,000.

And of course she is what nationality?

Need I mention?

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