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Redundant frames!

Very pretty girl with a really cute smile... Not bad for a beach set.

Kamlyn is an absolute doll baby! More please!


Exquisite deliciousness in so many ways.


One word description of set: "Peachy".

Kamlyn is perfectly adorable without pants, she has the figure, selfconfidence, and and beauty to pull it off, I do wish Leonardo would stop taking pictures at night, or learn to do it right. If he could do it as well as Voronin, for example , it would be great Try Jenya D in "Darkness "or "Jixel "by Voronin. Or Luis Durante de la Rosa with Idoia A (Who is the only Basque model I know of) in "Viento " Kamlyn gets a 10+++ as she is not only very pretty without pants, she's lugging the set around by herself.

5seadog, I always look forward to your suggestions for movies or sets. How do you remember specific sets? Photographic memory or do you download every set and have them cataloged? Those sets are from 2006. Lucky if I remember where I was living in 2006 let alone that 3 sets from two models were shot dusk/night. Keep the suggestions coming.

Gorgeous smile and glorious hazel eyes beautiful natural medium sized breast cleanly shaved pussy marvelous model at home with her nudity

I find myself liking Kamlyn a little bit more each time she visits. Its really nice to see a model who seems to genuinely like posing for the photographer (and us). Thanks to both Kamlyn and Leonardo.

...was someone talking about a "PP" club?
I believe our delicious Kamlyn more than deserves to join that honored sorority...

Kamlyn was elected in on the first ballot.

Indeed! She is right up there with the best of the best.



Ever the contrarian, Rock...
( :

I just have a different idea of what makes a "perfect" pussy...;o)

Kamlyn is pure unadulterated goddess material! that oh so cute and expressive face, that fantastic tan, and the cutest little pussy anywhere. She is top drawer all the way and so cute she lights up the screen. She is one that makes it hard to get a bad shot.

Another excellent set from Leonardo. Nice closeups of that lovely pink flower, excellent composition and use of light and someone finally realized that a beach set is 100% better if you provide a mat so sand doesn't get into all those places it has no business being. Bravo, That wins my artist award for the day!

Beautiful Kamlyn is back to light up the room with her smile and my libido with her perfect bottom (and breasts and pussy and everything else). This set suffers from the same overexposure that plagues most outdoor shoots, but it makes up for it with loving attention to that delicious tush on the first couple of pages and the rest of our goddess thereafter. Kamlyn is just ridiculously beautiful, inspiring equal parts romantic love and blind lust. Wowzers, as fer_realz likes to say.

...I am just imagining what fun it would be to be Leonardo some days... especially, in this set, shooting sequence # 99 - 112... ( : ( : ( :
Good, clean dirty fun. The best kind...
Wowzers, indeed!

(I have to admit, however, a particular weakness for # 15... a rather unguarded/unacted moment from Kamlyn... quite powerful in its understatement)

Are you sure it is overexposed or is it the glare from the magnificent smile?

Hmmm. Hadn't thought of that!

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