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Some nice reclining poses. Only from the front (alas, and as usual). Also some nice forward leans.

I love it that Leonardo did not airbrush her. I do not like Kamlyn's face makeup - completely artificial eyebrows are a turn-off. And as usual I wish she would grow her pubic and underarm hair. This is a European site, so give us a European look.

Check her eyebrows at hi-rez. These are not artificial.
Think about it... why would a woman go to the trouble of bleaching her hair ~ and then drawing on brown eyebrows?

Bombshell smile, pretty face, beautiful bod

Agreed. Wonderful smile and I love the pale, almost invisible areolas - their color just matches the current color of her skin tone (somewhat tanned). While I like blondes, this near-Platinum coloring seems a bit "over-the-top" for my liking but at least, if it isn't her natural coloring, it's well done and nicely maintained.

I adore Kamlyn, but this is not her most interesting set. As all of her photo sets thus far have been outdoors, I say it is time to change things up and take it inside, at least once.

minor correction - her very first set last year was inside, but it was the only one.

At least Leonardo didn't have to lug his lighting gear out with him. Kinda hard to mess up Nature's own lighting system - sunny, overcast or dark - unless you deliberately plunk your models down in the deep shade or fail to use some sort of bounce reflectors to soften the facial/body shadows in full, bright sun.

Too, it shows that he's either set his camera to automatically increase color saturation - especially the greens and yellows - in camera, or has done it post shooting.

At least we weren't subjected to the usual "pitching deck" framing of the shots ("Titanic framing").

It IS however, kinda typical of most of his sets - shot kind of "far away" from the model and inclusive of lots of background.

Not bad - but not all that great either.

Probably the most boring and unimaginative set ever put online at MetArt. I need something we wake me up at 6am not put me back to sleep.

Short memory.

I'm not much of a fan of outdoor sets, (the muddy creek is a strange one), but the beautiful Kamlyn's disarming smile, and wonderful body make this one work.

It looks more like a lake than a creek to me.

"Muddy Creek"? Wasn't that a famous American jazz/R&B musician? Ooops ... that was Muddy Waters. And, if you'll look closely enough, Kamlyn's hands and feet show clearly when they're in the water so it can't really be all that muddy.

But I agree that he smile and body do bring quite a bit to a really straightforward set.

An amazingly cute, perky girl with amazingly cute, perky breasts. Seriously, pics 1, 5 and 6 took my breath away... good gracious, those breasts are marvels of nature!
Later, she shows us her PP is just as marvelous... ( :

Like her playing "Hello Tokyo" in #14. ;-) She DOES have a really cute look about her - especially her smile.

Mighty fine, almost makes me want to go fishing, almost, I doubt you find a catch as fine as Kamlyn though.

Kind of gives you an incentive for "catch-and-release" ... leave a little something for the next guy to enjoy.

Pin-ups. Bah!

Humbug! ( ;

Cute girl. Boring set

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