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Absolute perfection.

Welcome Kantata :-) xxx

Great debut, lots more, very soon, please!.

Holy Wow!

Albert, what is your secret? Where do you find all these beautiful women you bring to us?

Wow! What a beautiful new face. This young lady who calls herself Kantata is gorgeous. Mr. Varin has a wonderful talent for finding beautiful new models. I love the black bra and panties and I love the way Kantata artfully removes them to reveal very tantalizing feminine features. Kantata's face is really quite special. Her wonderful expressions can make young men dream and old men fondly remember younger days. I love the deep, rich shade of blue in her eyes and I love each perfectly placed freckle on her nose and cheeks. As my wife used to tell our grand children, freckles on a girl's face are proof that angels gently kiss her while she sleeps.

This is one of the best days here in a while. Four absolutely beautiful girls, all presented in "Met Style"!! Great job K! ;o)

Today's photographic excellence is brought to us by the letter K and the number 10.

Another precious little treasure Albert has found for our viewing excitement!! Now all he has to do is produce a gallery that is equally as attractive... The whole "sepia" thing is ok, but the "framing" is terrible in too many shots(head chopping!) Overall, a good "debut" set, but I look forward to much more of this sexy little kitten!!
Welcome Kantata... You are 'beautiful music' to my eyes! I like everything about you! That sweet little butt is very inviting! XOXOXO ;o)
Great stuff Albert, just please watch the "cropping" a bit closer...;o)

Kantala is perfect! I hope she stays with us and appears often I gave a 10++++ to both

Pretty girl. Set would have been great if the images looked like they were taken in 2014 and not with that soft effect that makes them look like grainy images from a century ago....

Holy crackers, instantly one of the site's most wonderful faces. Feel free to bring back Kantata as often as she's willing.

I'm wondering what other pseudo-musical names we might see soon. Simphonee? Sunata? Overcher? Koncherta? Floogelhorn?

"Flooglehorn" def sounds like a winner, tho it sounds like a potential photog's name, not a model's... :D

Sounds like a takeoff on the Looney Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn.

"Please welcome our newest photographer, Flooglehorn McAperture"

THAT sounds like a moniker of Goucho Marx.

Lovely, just lovely. Welcome!

Luscious! Adorable portrait in 122. Kissable freckles, suckable toes, and everything between. Welcome, angel!

@ Myshkin:

What sort of device did you view 122 on? It (the device) is much better than my 27" iMac.

For me, the image is so horribly cropped that Albert or someone should be scolded for wasting bandwidth and Members' time.

The cropping *is* bizarre.

Kantata is DEFINITELY a winner.

Holy cow, this young lady is dynamite. I am impressed. ( :
Such a pretty, expressive face, and such a toned, shapely body to complement it. I very much look forward to this young beauty's meteoric rise in the MA pantheon... ( :

I fully agree! Hope to see much more of Kantata in the future!

Imbecility: The slip goes down but doesn't disappear eternally! Why???
This is absolutely not sexy or exciting!

U mean her thong, uuusssee?
That was very deliberately done, IMO... probably for people who have a lingerie fetish.

What a debut, wow !! :-) .xxx

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