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A beautiful woman indeed, but alas- we don't really see that much of her. Grateful that her clothes finally came off, but overall a bitterly disappointing set of photos.

Beautiful Karina, really nice, with a brat baby face.
Beautiful and glossy as a model of PlayBoy.
Set anonymous without the Champagne bubbles.

Love the model hate the poses are there 12 full nude shots in the entire set?

This set is ordinary and not up to par for this web site.

Unremarkable is the word I use. I like Karina, it's not her, but this is just 'okay' for overall appeal.

Exact same bra and panty on the last model Koenart shot two days ago, Vanessa J. I certainly hope that somebody at least used some Woolite to clean this lingerie.

The lighting in this set is better. Karina's skin tone is better. Beautiful woman.

WTF, the last three models have been in the same set. Valeria was shot in the same bra and panty set. Hello, some variety please?

  • 2 years ago:

Maybe its a contest to see who wears it best? Or maybe he's conducting a controlled experiment to see if anyone is paying attention to the underwear? Congratulations! You noticed. :)

Could be he's just CHEAP -- right?

you guys actually click on the pictures where they still have clothes on?

Part of the fun of getting a present is unwrapping it.

I must be in foot-fetish mode today, because I find Karina's lovely feet irresistible, absolutely mouth-watering. But then, so is the rest of her, and those eyes are hypnotic. A beautiful woman.

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