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Who am I to disagree with Rags25? Karina is a beautiful, all-over tasty young thing who could wear my t-shirts any time. She's eye candy of the nicest sort. This isn't the best-photographed set i've seen, but photographer and (especially) model deserve a far higher rating than 8.06.

Karina has an excellent figure, and poses like 50 & 54 show it off well just standing there. I always enjoy Karina's beauty, and today is no exception. She has a lot going for her. This is a good set, shot by Koenart, as all of Karina's have been so far. Not saying anything negative about Koenart, but I wonder how another photog would bring her to us? Just curious...

As for my own professional evaluation as a female By Score of 1-10

Model/woman :10

T-Shirt :10 so very true another great night truely well gone

Model in photos :10

Photo resolution :10

Setting :10 plus

Models/Womans Beauty :10

Models/Wonans body :10

Models/Womans poses :10

Models/Womans lack of lingerie :10

Models/Womans Face :10

Models/Womans breasts and nipples :10

Models/Womans Cute Derriere :10

Models sleneder thighs,legs :10

Met-Art has'nt got a rating high enough to post greatest site on the web :)

So Karina scores 10 then? ))

PS I cannot disagree.

Interesting amendment to your usual style of comments rags25.

Now tell us what you really think of Karina; arrr, arrr, arrr.

Wonderful, not Karina !
(karina in Italian means cute).
Platinum blonde, blue eyes, perfect body beautifully naked.
Baltic girl very Californian.
Velvety in the style of "Playboy" a few years ago.

A set "liberl chic".

Professional Evaluation: By score of 1-10

Model in Real life: 5 {Estimated}
Model in Photos: 4
Poor Photo resolution, poses and use of Lingerie (if any): 2~3

This set is almost perfect! This is the reason why Met-Art is the finest. Great poses and setting.

Nice colors Koenart in this set:-) Karina is a very nice Doll, as always:-) The skin of this Beauty, is totally Sweet... Her perfect Body deserves kisses all over, from Her Head, to Her Toes, Miau:-)

K, A great day today. It says a ton about the quality today that Karina was the last one I picked. All 4 are top notch and nicely matched.

Another couch set. That's two today...

At least this one is INDOORS !

Dreadnought aeems to me by your comment that you don't like outdoor series much !!! and corret me if i'm wrong but as you well know by now MNet-Art has a great range of both indoor and outdoor series to suit one taste :)

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